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Happy Spring to you, dear Readers. After a long winter of being out of the “zone”, the longer daylight has turned my lights back on again and so your Angels are back, brighter than ever. They started today with two unusual occurrences, which I share with you.

I was asleep, all snug as a bug in a rug, when I heard a cat meowing very sharply and insistently—it was my cat, Sadie, to be precise. This awoke me instantly. But, Sadie had gone to the Rainbow Bridge almost four years ago, so I knew that something wanted me to get up. I did not wish to get up, however, so I pulled the covers over my head and went back to sleep. Not long after, I distinctly heard two loud knocks on my side door. Grumbling, I grabbed my robe and trudged to the door, opened it, and found no one there. Okay, I thought. I get it. I have to get up and mail that birthday card to my great nephew, whose fourth birthday is April 1. Now obedient, I washed up, dressed, and mailed that apparently important birthday card.

The second occurrence had to do with work. Being scheduled to work today, my plan had been to leave early to pick up some jewelry, then go to work from there. As I headed up the stairs to dry my hair, a voice told me that I would be canceled today. I considered calling the office to check, but decided against it. Still, I dawdled over preparations. Just as I was putting the finishing touches on my grooming, the phone rang and I was greeted with the option of staying home.

On the face of things, these two incidents seem to be completely unrelated, and I confess to being in the dark as to their significance. For some reason, it was vital for me to mail that birthday card today, and it was important for me to stay home, hence the attention to my getting up and the forewarning that I would be canceled. To get me out of bed, something knew that I would respond to the sound of my cat, Sadie’s, voice. Or, failing that, that I would definitely respond to a knock at the door. As for preparing me to stay home, the voice with its message couldn’t have been more clear: “You will be canceled today”. The choice was still mine, but it is true that if I had ignored that initial voice or had hurried to get out of the house, I would have missed the wonderful opportunity of being home to share these interesting occurrences with you, dear Readers. Having learned to trust these voices, feelings, and urges, I am much more open to them than formerly, although I still fight them on occasion.

You, too, have senses, feelings, urges, intuitions, perhaps even voices, that give you information, encourage you to particular activity, or warn you against danger. Your Angels urge you to practice trusting the seemingly small and insignificant instructions given you. Even if directions seem nonsensical to you now, you will learn in time that everything is for your best interests. All is for your highest good.