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In my post of May 7, 2012 (Vision Board), I wrote about the abundance placed before me by my Angels in the form of a brand-new BMW. When taking possession of this amazing vehicle, the salesman took some time to acquaint me with many of its features. One feature is the connection of the vehicle with one’s cell phone through a Bluetooth interface. He punched buttons in the car, chose settings on my iPhone and voila! hands-free cell phone connection.

Delighted with this technological marvel, I soon learned to enjoy and appreciate the many conveniences of being able to speak to someone without having to dial up (a real no-no when driving), hold a little box to my ear, and punching buttons. This feature quickly became a favorite.

Then one day, soon after my return from a road-trip to North Carolina, the feature died. Suddenly, the car did not recognize my cell phone anymore. What could have happened? I called the salesman who had been so helpful earlier to find that his information was not helpful for the present. He said that the problem was most likely with Apple, that something might have been downloaded onto my iPhone that caused a glitch. In fact, he said, I was the third one to report such a finding in the last week. This disturbed me. If Apple had downloaded new software or updated something in the phone, I had no prayer of reconnecting my phone and my car. Yet how could Apple have done such a thing when I had not been on the internet with my phone, except for resetting some passwords? I tabled the subject on my mental shelf of “needs further information”–a place in which my questions have stewed and percolated for as long as 30 years before receiving answers. Interestingly, although I was disappointed in the salesman’s reply, my mind was open, thinking that some solution would come from somewhere. In the meantime, I went about my business, a little sad that my car and my cell phone were no longer on speaking terms.

Time comes and goes. It is now several weeks later. I wake up one morning with the fleeting residual of a dream so tenuous, it was almost just an impression. The impression with which I awoke was that everything was just fine with both my car and my cell phone, it required just one touch to set everything aright. Bemused, I wondered how things would turn out, since I had no clue how to go about acting on this obvious message from the Other World.

As it happened, I found time to visit my BMW dealership on another matter, involving the controls on my radio. While in the car, I told the salesman about my phone no longer being connected to my car, as it had been earlier. Absorbed, he took the phone from my hand saying, “Well, let’s just see what’s going on. There’s no Bluetooth icon showing. Let’s look.” Finding the correct window on the phone, he slid the Bluetooth function with just one touch and voila! the car again recognized my phone. Open-mouthed, I looked at him in amazement and did not tell him of the message floated through my mind, tenuous as a willow-the-wisp, and only barely perceptible. I just thanked him profusely and remembered the keystrokes to turn the Bluetooth function on and off.

Dear Readers, I wish I could tell you how and why I receive these messages, some of which seem so trivial, nay, banal. In the scheme of things, why would my Angels, who, in my humble opinion, have much more pressing matters to attend to, go to the trouble of floating a whisper of a thought through my mind in a dream, tagging it with the assurance that all would be solved in the mystery of the iPhone not being recognized by the car? Why would this particular message be more important than ideas for ending world hunger, for example? Thus far, I have no answers to any of these questions. For now, I continue to practice my spirituality and stay open to any and all messages from the Other Side, messages that seem to come infrequently, always in a timely manner, and always with the solution to my current insolvable problem and/or thorny situation. As always, your Angels urge you, also, to practice your own spirituality by staying open; avoiding critical thinking; acting on your intuition, gut feelings, and hunches; and listening at every opportunity so that you, too can reap the rewards of abundance, peace, and prosperity. Heaven is at your service, just one touch away.