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Lest you think that dreams are meaningless, dear Readers, allow me to share with you a most interesting “dream”. Having moved to North Carolina last autumn, I was desirous of securing a job so that I could keep living here. After many false starts, I was offered a job at the Medical Center in Greenville; a condition of hire was to pass a test measuring one’s physical capacity. This involved isometric measurements while straining against stationary weights. Despite my physically fit condition, I did not pass the test. I was offered a retake of the test, scheduled for five days later, again, though, with the understanding that passing the test was a condition of employment. All this transpired on a Friday, with the retake of the test to occur on the following Wednesday.

Distraught and confused, I called on my good friend, Jean, who obliged by showing me how to use the nautilus equipment in the gym. I spent two days alternating between worrying and straining, as I sought to strengthen muscles I had thought to be adequate for the tasks I was to perform. In a panic of cold sweat, I lay down to sleep on Sunday night, trying to picture my success. Very early Monday morning, I began drifting up from a very deep sleep. Still asleep, but being internally alert, my first thought was, “Oh, thank heavens. I’ve passed the test.” With this deep sense of “knowing” came a sense of relief, as well. As this thought penetrated, my relief became greater, knowing that I did not have to worry about the test anymore. Nearing the waking state even closer, I thought to myself, “Wait a minute. What day is this? Why, it’s only Monday. The test isn’t until Wednesday. What do you mean I passed the test?” Confused, I fell asleep again.

As I awoke on Monday morning, this dream stayed with me, but I was a little afraid that it might not be true, so I did not tell anybody about it. Still, whenever I thought about the upcoming test, the sense that I had already passed it was very strong in me. Just to be on the safe side, though, I spent a little time each day picturing success.

I retook the test on Wednesday, putting every ounce of my effort into it, dream or no dream. During the retake, there were two new parts to this test that had not been present in the original trial, which might account for my having failed it the first time. Yes, I did pass the test. Yes, I was exultant and exuberant, and thanked my Angels who had taken the trouble to give me a peek into the near future.

Dear Readers, I cannot encourage you strongly enough to begin to pay attention to your dreams and seemingly idle passing thoughts. These can contain valuable information for directions in your life, whether as encouragement (as was my dream) or warnings. In each case, know that your Angels are in your corner, if you would only listen to them.