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Feeling very beaten up these days by Life and after the decades of wrenching I have endured, I had been feeling very much like taking to my bed, pulling the covers over my head, and sleeping for an eternity. Occasionally, I have actually tried to do this, with amusing results which indicate clearly that my mission is not to explore the insides of my eyelids, but to be awake and functioning.

In regard to the state of sleep, I have often tried to squeeze in some extra zzzzz time, to no avail. I have awakened, then attempt to sleep longer. After just a few moments, the sound of an actual alarm clock has gone off, usually up and to my left, so loud that I jump out of bed in a rush. “Ah, Angels,” I think, as I realize that I don’t even own an alarm clock. Then there is nothing for it but to get up and face that day. Another favorite sound for my Angels is the blare of the telephone, which rings loudly in my ear, usually up and to my left. Leaping out of bed I realize that no telephone is ringing in the real world, so again, I’m up and prepare to face the day. Sometimes I hear my name called, loudly, once, and with great effect. To this too, I leap up as if stung by yellow jackets only to find that I am all alone with my current mission, which won’t get done if I am lying like a lump in bed. More’s the pity….. For those times when nothing else seems to do the trick, the sound of a cannon going off guarantees results every time. Never mind leaping. This catapults me out of bed, and I get the message totally. You! Up! Now! Inventive little creatures aren’t they, those Angels?

Meditation has become a favorite time for me. A state unlike sleep and even more satisfying and relaxing, I have become reluctant to leave it, even when I am hovering over my body—especially at that time. I have found myself attempting to stay in the meditative state when it is clearly time to be up and at ‘em. If I persist in trying to stay in meditation, I have heard the most exquisite and lovely of chimes, tinkling and bonging just up and to my left. For some reason, I respond to this dutifully, returning to my body and getting on with my life.

These experiences beg several questions: why is it so important for me to be awake when I am usually alone in my house? What is so terribly important that I must be awake NOW and not a moment later? Is my pathetic little life so vital to the function of this earthly plane that Angels would go to this kind of trouble to awaken me? And why are the sounds so different, depending on whether I am in the sleep state or in meditation?

For now, my conclusions are few. Apparently, each one of us has some vital function in our own circles which relies on our being awake and either interacting with others in our vicinity, or, in my case, the work that I am doing in solitude, not the least of which is continuing these posts, dear Readers. As inconsequential as each of us might regard herself, despite not being in the news or in the gossip columns, each one of us is important in the universal scheme of things, while we are alive and breathing on this earth. Life can beat us down, but we are still important! So important that Angels send forth trumpets, cannons, chimes, alarm clocks, and telephones just to get our attention so that we will continue with our mission. Let us accept, then, the gentle urging of our Angels and continue with our own very important private Heavenly mission.