We first met Nancy and her terminally ill mother, Zelda, in the post Heavenly Helpers (4/29/13) when Angels aided Nancy in removing her mother from a fragile, solid glass coffee table. Not long after, Zelda passed on. A day or so after the event, Nancy was idly thinking of her mother and wondering whether Zelda would try to contact her. Meandering to the master bathroom with this thought in mind, Nancy went to the sink to wash her hands. What should appear right in front of her face but a teensy weensy brown spider, lowering itself on a silk thread. Nancy leaped a mile and disposed of the spider. “Ma, is that you?” she asked, laughing.

At this point, Nancy interrupted her narrative to give me some background information. Zelda, her mother, had something of a quirky personality, which manifested itself in strange ways at time. Nancy had never been very fond of spiders, and she avoided them at all costs. One day she was outside when her mother said, “What’s that crawling on you?” Immediately, Nancy began screaming, “Get it off!! Get it off!” and brushing her arms, head, and back. Zelda just laughed, despite knowing her daughters hatred of spiders.

Having disposed of the little spider in the bathroom, Nancy went back to her tasks. A few days later, she was in the kitchen and saw another tiny brown spider on the counter. She got rid of that one too, then turned to a different counter. There, on a plate, was yet another tiny spider, crawling away. Nancy had had it. “OK, Ma,” she said, “that’s enough.” From that time onward, she never saw another spider in her house.

What an inventively humorous way for Zelda (who had passed on) to get in touch with her daughter! Nancy knew immediately on seeing the first spider that her mother was behind it and was trying to communicate her that she (Zelda) was still around and in a good place. It is not uncommon for “deceased” relatives to contact us in this manner, using specific cues known only to the family to both substantiate an identity and to unambiguously call attention to themselves. No one outside the family knew of Nancy and Zelda’s earlier incident with spiders, so Zelda’s choice of subject satisfied both the use of a specific cue and that of calling attention to herself. As Nancy said, she knew instantly that her mother was behind the spider phenomena, and she tired of it after the third incident. On hearing Nancy’s thought, “Ok, Ma, that’s enough”, Zelda knew she had made contact and so was free to pursue her next adventure in the Other World. Although we no longer have them in their physical bodies, our friends, relatives, and acquaintances who have passed on are nevertheless in perfect health and in a much more real environment than we are, for they have gone Home.

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