Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, dear Readers. I hope that your New Year will bring you Angel power for your best and highest good. After a long, dry spell, I am finally getting in touch and in tune with my own Angels again, with some very interesting experiences and insights. I present this one to you.

Of all the interesting experiences I have had with the Other World thus far, this one ranks as one of the most unusual, to date. On the night after Christmas, I had gone to bed as usual, sleeping soundly until very early in the morning, when I began to rouse. Lying in a half-asleep/half-awake state, I became aware of a warm bundle pushed up against my right thigh, as I lay on my back in bed. Somewhat startled, I moved my leg away, just enough to break contact with the warm bundle. It immediately extended an appendage that resembled a small thigh with a leg attached to it (no feet or toes) that moved quickly under my right thigh to keep contact with my body. Now I came fully awake and suddenly became frightened. For a few moments, my emotions fought with each other. One part of me wanted to be frightened of this experience (which was still going on), while another part pooh-poohed the fright and urged me to relax, for there was no sense of threat or danger emanating from the bundle at all. Relax I did and took in the feelings surrounding this bundle that was so interested in snuggling up against me.

Keep in mind that I was fully awake by now, yet the experience was continuing and had not disappeared as it would have, had this been but a dream. The small, warm bundle was about the size and shape of a medium-sized cat that was sitting on the bed with its paws tucked under its chest. Had it been a cat, it would have been oriented at an angle such that most of its length was pushed up against me, with its tail (it didn’t have a tail) toward my feet and its head (it didn’t have a head) toward my own head. There was no feeling of fur or skin, just a rounded body with mass, weight (about 8-10 lbs.), and warmth (I could feel the warmth of its little body). The warmth was constant, and there was no rhythmic movement to indicate that it was breathing. In fact it was not breathing, but was just resting quietly and firmly against my thigh. After a few moments of getting the feel of the situation, I got up and went to the bathroom, still fully awake. Returning to the bed, still fully awake, I climbed in, got under the covers, and there it was, smooshed up against me again. I marveled at this, that even though I was thoroughly and widely awake, I could still feel the little bundle when I returned to bed. As I said above, if this had been a mere dream, it should have evaporated, and I should not now be feeling little warm bundles against my thigh. With everyone all comfy, I fell immediately asleep and only awoke with the alarm. This time when I woke up, the bundle was gone.

With it gone and with me very wide awake and the light on, I checked the bed thoroughly to make sure that I had not been imagining all of this. Perhaps I had only fantasized the experience and instead of a bundle, I had inadvertently pushed the extra blankets off myself, balling them up against me, and then dreamed that a small warm bundle rested against my thigh. On careful examination I found the extra blankets exactly where I had left them, on my side of the bed. Where I had felt the bundle there was nothing except the bedspread, flat and unwrinkled. Indeed, that area was so flat and smooth that it was almost as if it had been smoothed out for some purpose. Seeing this, I realized that the bundle had had to be on top of the covers, level with my thigh. It was not below the covers; it was not higher up in the air and still pressed against my thigh; it was exactly in the same plane as my lower limbs, pressed directly against my thigh from the plane of the covers to the top of my thigh.

On the drive to work, I mulled over what this bundle could have been and what it was doing pressed up against my thigh. It definitely was not any of the cats I had had in the past years, since they each have a personal signature when they visit me. Rutherford usually comes as himself: thin, black, walking around. He has purred in my chest, as he did the night after the day he died, but this bundle did not feel like Rutherford. George also comes to me as himself: a small long-haired tabby, all furry and cute. Samantha, too, purred in my chest after she disappeared–so intensely that the pain of the buzzing woke me up. The bundle did not have Samantha’s signature. Her sister, Sadie, has come to me like George: a small Maine Coon cat with furry toes and furry pantaloons behind her legs. The signature was not Sadie, either. So, that left out the cats. As to why this little creature was cuddled up against me, it was for comfort and protection. Being pushed up against me, it was within the protective zone of my aura, so other astral creatures could not feed off its energy. Even though it was within my energy field, it was not drawing energy from me; indeed, it gave a little, even as it received. This I deduced from its radiation of warmth. It felt very safe and comfortable next to me, which was why it extended its little appendage when I moved my thigh away. It needed to remain in contact with my body to stay safe and protected. It gave off such a sweet radiance that I actually missed it when I got up with the alarm clock.

Even though I was able to receive much information about this little bundle just by staying still and taking in its essence, I still wonder. I wonder if this was the first time the little bundle had found me and took refuge? I wonder if this little bundle usually visits me and hangs around me for protection, but this was the first time I became aware of it? I wonder what it took refuge from?? I wonder if it will come again? I wonder what kind of energy creature this bundle is and what kind life it leads? I wonder if it is indeed living in the Astral Plane or if it comes from a different dimension? And I wonder if it will come back again soon, for its little energy was just precious.

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