All of us have a multitude of Angels/Guides/helpers at our disposal. These divinely guided helpers have been assigned to us to aid us in our earthly sojourn so as to stay true to our earthly mission. We are in contact with them through our intuition and they help us stay on track. Because of the unique pressures present in our earthly environment, though, many of us forget our mission or stray far from it. At these times, our helpers often employ others to help us get back on track. Your helpers communicate through me. They let me know where you are and how you can return to spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional health and well-being. Depending on your needs, I receive information from all areas. Sometimes the information is presented in pictures, sometimes I hear words or snatches of sentences. Often the information comes through feeling or impressions. All is geared to the individual, since all information comes to me from your very own Angels.