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Have you ever noticed, dear readers, that Angel messages are contained in many of the most trivial of conversations? How can we know that? By listening with all of our senses. By tuning in with our “other” ears. By paying attention not only to the words being said, but to the potential larger message contained in the words. By staying open to that larger message and not getting caught up in the story itself. I was fortunate to be in the presence of just such an event today and your Angels wish me to share the story with you.

One of my sisters has a friend, Jane, who had been looking for just the perfect pieces of granite for her kitchen counter tops. She had been looking for 1 1/2 years, trying this one, trying that one. She and my sister had shopped from Kalamazoo to Grand Rapids and in-between for 1.5 years. Sometimes Jane thought she had found the perfect color, sparkle, and heft, but in the end decided that something just wouldn’t work in her kitchen. The process seemed both endless and hopeless. Finally, she found three beautiful pieces of granite with just the right look for her kitchen. She bought them and contracted with someone to have them put in. The perfect granite pieces for the perfect look for her kitchen counter tops. Granite pieces she had spent 1.5 years in finding.

As my sister tells the story, Jane picked a workman to install these pieces who had substance abuse issues, a fast talker with a smooth tongue and a winsome manner, but one who either did not understand details or did not care about them. Before Jane engaged this workman for the job, my sister tried to address the substance abuse issue, asking Jane whether she really trusted someone with his history to work with this granite. For reasons of her own, Jane replied “yes”.

My sister was present when the workman told Jane what he intended to do with the granite. Not being emotionally involved with the workman, my sister was horrified at his proposals. The workman wanted to cut the stone. My sister told Jane that the stone was long enough not to be cut where he intended cutting it. Jane told her that she wanted the stone to be cut as the workman described it. My sister mentioned to Jane about the pattern in the stone; that this pattern must be followed in the installation so that the right sparkle would be seen upon entering the kitchen. Jane ignored her.

It seemed that Jane was totally caught up with the personality of this workman and was willing to trust him to everything concerning the installation. Now the installation is complete as he had described it. He installed those three wonderful pieces of granite in a slipshod manner, making unnecessary cuts in the stone, but not cutting around the sink where cuts were needed; not bothering to match up the pattern in the stone; and generally butchering the entire operation. He has totally ruined the three beautiful pieces of granite that she spent 1.5 years in finding. Guess what? Jane is upset at the look of the counter tops. Majorly disappointed. Duh.

It would have been very easy to become totally caught up in Jane’s sad experience, but my ears didn’t need to throb to smell the Angel message in this story. So what is the Angel message for us in poor Jane’s bitter experience? Awareness, dear readers. Awareness and alertness. If Jane had been practicing awareness, every day, as you are doing, she would have been alerted to destructive patterns she might have. Perhaps her pattern is to have beauty and function before her and then to destroy it. Perhaps her pattern is trusting her welfare to smooth-talking men. Perhaps her pattern is an inability to pull herself out of an emotional situation to see a larger picture. Whatever her pattern is (and perhaps it is all three), this serves to create chaos and disorder in her life. Had she practiced awareness and pulling her ego out of situations, she could have been alerted to a pattern and then chosen to act differently.

It is telling that Jane was so caught up in her pattern that not even the voice of reason in the form of my sister could pull Jane out of her headlong rush into disaster. This shows us how strong our patterns can be. We don’t really want the results of our ingrained patterns, but we seem incapable of pulling out of them. It’s almost as if we are sleep-walking through life and need a good cold bucket of ice water poured over our heads to get us to wake up. It can be done, dear readers. Practice being aware of your personality. Become both the doer and the observer. Watch what you say. Watch what you do. Watch your accustomed reactions to situations. Step back. Take your customary emotions out of an interaction. Do you see a pattern? People close to you probably do, since they are not caught up emotionally as you are. Ask their opinion. Take note of their answer. Incorporate it into your growing awareness of the world around you.

As you notice your own behavior patterns and take yourself out of your usual emotional reaction to them, you open yourself to a larger world, a world where you can begin to allow the penetration of Angel messages. Being aware and alert in the midst of our interactions is vital to opening up to ourselves, to moving past our small egos to uncover the beauty within.

In many previous posts, your Angels have been giving you reasons to trust them and their divine guidance. They know you best and they have your best interests in mind. You cannot know this, though, unless you begin to trust them in the daily affairs of your life. Involving them in this way can lead you to interesting experiences, as I discovered within the past 18 hours. It started in this way:

Having gone to bed at 2:30 am after a grueling day at work, I was in deep slumber when the phone rang at 3:00 am. It was my sister, commanding me to call one of our relatives in Hungary. She would not say why, just kept repeating, “Call Brian”. Grumbling, I groggily called Brian in Hungary (it was morning there). Cheerily he informed me that he wanted us to join him and his father for four days at Thanksgiving in New Orleans. He would pay our way entirely: airfare, lodging, car, meals. I looked at the phone in a stupor, with a sinking heart, realizing that I was scheduled to work for the three days after Thanksgiving and good luck trying to find someone to cover for those days. Negative thinking to the max. I said as much to Brian, apologetically, but with regret, thinking that this would never work. Something else took over my brain, though, something light and positive. It said, “I’m a little sleepy, Brian, so let me get back to you in the morning after I’ve had a chance to talk to my sister and look at my schedule.” Brian was not put off by this, just kept tempting me with how much fun we would have, that we would stay in the French Quarter, and so on. In other words, preaching to the converted. I hung up the phone and went back to bed, with visions of mufalatas, beignets, and chicory coffee dancing in my head.

After a fevered night’s sleep, with all of this temptation before me and seemingly no way to indulge it, I awoke and consulted with my sister. She had the feeling that things would go well and that my Angels would find coverage for me for those three days. After a few bad moments, I told my Angels that whatever they decided was all right with me, that my will was theirs and to make my will theirs. With that, I put the matter out of my mind and went to work.

There, the matter had so slipped my mind that it was off the radar. Somehow my mind returned to the subject, anyway. I offered extra work to many people, without success. On a whim, I called my sister to say that I would be available to go to New Orleans after all, if she would so inform Brian. She laughed; she shrieked; we celebrated on the phone, anticipating the fun we would have in New Orleans on an all-expenses paid trip. We both felt as if we were princesses in wonderland, with such good fortune before us. Keep in mind, though, that I still hadn’t found coverage for those three naughty little days after Thanksgiving. But, I was acting as if this mini-vacation would actually occur. Then, suddenly, one of the per diem nurses appeared before me. I offered her those days and she accepted! In a heartbeat, my desire to participate in this adventure was realized, going from earlier despair to ecstasy that someone would actually work for me. All because I trusted those crafty Angels. Now, I just have to decide what to pack…..

Let us examine this little story for all of those vital elements which made for success:

The offer came quickly and suddenly, out of the blue—this is a hallmark of the movement of the Holy Spirit. An opportunity will appear before you quickly, an offer you can accept because you are ready for success at every moment, because you are accustomed to trusting your Angels.

You recognize the opportunity because you have experience trusting your Angels and they have given you solid advice in the past.

You act as if the opportunity is truly yours, trusting that your Angels will work out the details. It was a real act of faith for me to instruct my sister to contact Brian with a “yea” when I had not yet found coverage. I decided, though, to trust my Angels. I acted as if I had those days off and, within the space of a few minutes, did, indeed, have those days off.

You move through the fear and doubt; you act in spite of it. Yes, I was the teensiest bit nervous that no one would work for me, but I acted in spite of that fear and my faith was rewarded.

Of course, this is the advanced trust in Angels. I have spent much time listening to them in the small things that seemed to make no sense: take your umbrella, even though it looks like no rain is coming your way; buy the green peppers, even though you think you don’t need them; turn down a different road than you normally go; drive to Wal-Mart even if you can’t come up with a reason; call your friend when you get the push to contact her, and so on. These little acts of trust on your part will put you in a position to be ready for instantaneous success when something really big comes along, such as an all-expense paid trip to New Orleans for a long weekend, or that dreamboat that you’ve been drooling over, or that new red Porsche with the turbo drive. Keep at it, my dear and faithful readers. Keep listening to your Angels, follow their advice, especially in the small things, so that you, too, will reap their rewards, those rewards that they have specifically selected for you.

Dreams–positive thoughts–arrange your present to make room for your dreams.

You have decided to expand your world with a new goal, perhaps one just slightly outside your comfort zone, to stretch your “wings”. You focus on achieving this goal through faith and daily affirmations. You align your positive thoughts. You take small steps toward your goal every day to bring it to fruition in your physical world. All of these steps in the right direction require one very important state of mind: you must be ready for success immediately and at each instant of your life—because you knever know when your goal will be realized. Sometimes the Holy Spirit moves very quickly, presenting you with your goal much sooner than you expect, often sooner than you might be ready to receive it. From the instant you decide on your goal, then, practice being ready for it to appear in your world now.

What steps can you take to be ready for success in your stated goal(s) on the physical level? As always, your Angels are ready with illustrations. Let us say, for example, that you wish your ideal mate to come into your life. Begin immediately to create the physical environment you would want him to see. Clean up your house. Get rid of the clutter. Wash the dishes. Put away all of the laundry that has lived in the clean clothes hamper for the past three months. Mow the lawn. Make the bed and keep it made each and every day. If you sleep in a double bed, use only one side, making room for him on the other. Clean out that extra bay in the garage so that his car can fit into it. When you sit down to supper, set a place for him, imagining how it will be when he’s there, sharing a meal with you. As for your physical appearance, dress and groom yourself as if he will appear any second. Who knows? He might have had a flat tire on his way home from work and ring your doorbell to use the phone (his cell phone is currently dead). Would you want him to see you in scraggly hair, a threadbare pink bathrobe and bunny slippers, with a sink full of dirty dishes and a reeking cat litter box? You’d probably rather that he see you as the ravishing beauty that you are, with sleek, shining hair and an outfit that accents all the positives, in your gracious home—the one with the spotless floors and the uncluttered living area. Dress as if he were coming to the door this minute, because he just might! Act as if you have already achieved your stated goal of having your ideal mate in your life.

Or let us say, for example, that you have as your goal a rewarding job, one that reflects your interests and showcases your talents. Read about the demands of this kind of job. Cultivate people who have interests in this area. Begin a file of names for networking. Contact people who are in this line of work. Introduce yourself, stating your interests and talents; and ask them their advice—then follow it. Keep the conversation going by calling them to let them know how their advice worked for you (yes, shameless, but sincere, flattery can carry you a looooooong way. :)). Notice how people in this line of work are dressed, how they carry themselves, their priorities. Imitate them. Dress and carry yourself in the same manner. Act as if you have already achieved your stated goal of your dream job.

This might seem like a lot of work to you, to create your ideal physical environment in its ideal condition and then maintain it at each instant of your life. Your Angels remind you that the physical environment is vital, if you choose to be prepared for success. To paraphrase a folk saying, “if it’s worth having, it’s worth working for”. Start today, then, to set the physical stage for the realization of your fondest dreams. They may be ringing your doorbell, even as we speak.

Expanding the post of September 20, 2010, Little Drops of Water, your Angels discuss further the importance of small steps and how they relate to achieving your big dreams (see also Reading, One Small Step Can Change Your Life) . To appreciate the small step idea, your Angels invite you to observe nature. In nature, it is obvious how the clustering of small objects creates large, often immense accumulations: tiny grains of sand together make the beaches, stretching for miles in either direction; small plants create huge, impenetrable forests; a multitude of raindrops falling in concert form the oceans that cover 3/4 of the earth’s surface; miniscule snowflakes floating gently to earth mass into the mighty glaciers. These physical manifestations are the subjects of everyday observations and we take for granted the importance of small objects in the formation of large masses.

As small objects aggregate in the physical realm, so aggregation also occurs at the level of Spirit. At that level, we deal with ideas and concepts, brought into being in Spirit through our thoughts. From an idea, generated in the mind, we take small steps in believing in that idea. These small steps in belief accumulate over time, and our idea begins to take shape and ultimately manifests in our physical dimension. Thus, it is the accumulation of small thoughts toward an idea that brings it into the physical realm. This is why our thoughts from second to second are so vitally important and why there is no such thing as a “stray” thought. Our thoughts are powerful beyond comprehension because each small thought that we entertain groups with another small thought to create our entire personal universe. That is huge. Take a moment to re-read this paragraph and allow its immensity to sink in. By our tiny thoughts from instant to instant, grouped together, we literally create our own personal universe and everything in it. Your Angels ask you: If each small thought groups with another thought to create your own personal universe, would it not behoove you to choose carefully the small thoughts which you entertain from instant to instant?

My own Angels brought the importance of thoughts home to me with some pointed guidance just last week. As you know, I am presently attempting to manifest two definite aims in my life, one of which is the appearance of my ideal mate. In this regard, I have had two vivid sleeping dreams about him, each clearly prophetic, but which left me confused as to their meaning. While relating these dreams to my counselor, I had a flash concerning the message in them. The clear message in each of these dreams was that my ideal mate has formed a connection with me on the level of Spirit, although I have not yet met him in the physical dimension. As I told my counselor–in amazement, I might add—that he and I have this connection, I also told her that while the connection was present in Spirit, the connection might not manifest in the physical dimension—meaning that I might not ever meet him, or if I met him, he might not feel this connection toward me. Before the words were even out of my mouth, my Angels interrupted me, chiding me severely, instructing me in no uncertain terms not to say or think such thoughts because “this way of thinking is counterproductive” (their exact words)! Negative thoughts, or thoughts with caveats, just get in the way and delay, or even short-circuit, the manifestation of this connection, which, apparently has already been formed at the level of Spirit and is only awaiting the right opportunity to appear in our physical world.

My task and yours, then, is to create an idea, bolster it with positive thoughts, and with each small thought added to the last, bring that idea into fruition in the physical world. Keep those small positive thoughts flowing, one into the next, dear readers, and realize your big dreams.

Your Angels have given me a small vacation for a few days, Peeps, but we are back, with more Angel stories than ever. Can you believe that even on this trip they were ever at my side? And continuously encouraging me to continue to dream big so that you can be encouraged, too? The story:

Arriving into Bradley airport in Connecticut after returning from Michigan, I headed for the baggage claim. Walking idly, in no rush, I ambled to the conveyor belt to wait for the luggage to appear. Although I was comfortable in my spot, I began idly to ramble closer to the belt and stopped, watching it. No luggage was coming, so I idly shifted my gaze and, idly looking around, idly fixed it on the T-shirt of a passenger standing close by. My jaw dropped when I idly read the writing on that T-shirt. The message:
Dream It
Believe It
Achieve It
Expect Success

Wanting to rub my eyes to make certain of what I was seeing, I read the T-shirt again:
Dream It;
Believe It;
Achieve It;
Expect Success

The message was abundantly clear. Angelic guidance was instructing me in how to achieve success in the dreaming process. First of all, a dream must be present. Pick one. Perhaps start with a small one, an easy one. Secondly, believe with all your heart that your dream will come true. Simultaneously expecting success will result in your achieving the object of your dream.

Angelic instruction in how to achieve the object of your dreams:

Dream It
Believe It
Achieve It
Expect Success

As you dream a thing and believe it, you achieve the object of your dream by expecting success. As further encouragement, your Angels tell me that if you have the courage to go beyond your thoughts, you will meet with success not found in common hours. Happy dreaming!