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Have you ever lost your keys/cell phone/nail clippers/mind and looked everywhere for them to no avail? Then you found them at a later time in a spot that you had previously searched? This uncanny experience happened to me just recently and it was so unusual that I must report it to you, dear Readers.

Several months ago, I used my nail clippers in the car on the way to work. They were in a particular pocket in my purse. I found them, used them, and put them back in that same pocket. A few days later, I needed them again and looked for them in their particular pocket. No clippers. I searched in every pocket of that purse. No clippers. That seemed very odd because I was so certain that I had returned them as I have described to you. I thought no more about it until the next time that I needed them on the road. Once again, I could not find them.

On arriving home, instead of just feeling with my hand, I turned each and every pocket of that purse inside-out and there was not a nail clipper to be found. I would have sworn on a stack of bibles that I was 100% confident that no nail clippers existed in my purse. By now, the clippers had been gone for several months and this was most inconvenient at times. Occasionally, I briefly lamented their loss and wondered where they could have gotten to. It seemed most strange, particularly since I knew that I had returned them to my purse.

One day, a few weeks ago, I came down to the kitchen, saw my purse sitting in its place and wondered idly whether my clippers had shown up yet. Walking over to the purse, I put my hand into the particular pocket that was the home for the nail clippers. I wasn’t even surprised when they popped right into my hand. So, after several months of absence, reality had shifted and my nail clippers came back.

This interesting experience helped me recall a previous similar one that occurred almost fifteen years ago with my car keys and a different purse. There, too, the keys had been in the purse and just a few minutes later, were nowhere to be found. I turned that purse inside out, too, to no avail. Beside myself, I called on my Angels. After another few minutes, I put my hand into my purse and the car keys fell right into them.

Several interesting ideas have come out of these experiences. Why, for example, was my idle thought connected with the idea of my nail clippers “returning” rather than of “being found”? My idle thought was most specific: I looked at the purse with a slightly bemused smile on my face and thought to myself, as I pictured the clippers, “I wonder if they’ve come back yet?” Then, on a whim, I put my hand into the purse and came up with the clippers. Perhaps my Angels are instructing me in other facets of what we call “reality” to help me understand it better. Perhaps when things are “lost”, they are not truly lost in the sense of having changed position, rather that they are in the same position as before, but the space around them has shifted so that they are not accessible. Once the space has shifted into our reality again, then we have access to them again. What exactly is occurring with this movement into and out of our reality is unclear and I invite any of my Readers to enlight us.

The other interesting idea here is that things can return without directly asking for Angelic help in finding the “lost” object. With these nail clippers, I had never asked for Angelic aid—very uncharacteristic of me because I am all about asking your Angels for help. Even though I had needed those clippers for several months, somehow I was never inspired to ask for help in locating them. Part of my latest Angelic instruction may be learning to regard reality differently and I needed direct experience to bring the message home. Whatever the Angels are trying to teach us, having my nail clippers return in this manner was an interesting and educational surprise.

As one who had never been interested in or aware of the power of crystals, my first contact with Lemurian crystals came as a shock (see April 11, 2011 Crystal Surprise) (see also Links, Diana Cooper). Today came another shock. While visiting a new acquaintance, Selma, she brought out a basket filled with crystals of every size, shape, color, configuration, and texture. Shiny, rough, smooth, purple, mauve, rose, white, they nestled, humming softly. From the first, my attention became fixed on a large obelisk, which I immediately identified as a Lemurian crystal from the characteristic horizontal markings on one faceted face. To refresh our memories, these horizontal markings are etched into the crystal with such fine precision that they appear to have been done by a laser. This particular crystal was approximately 6 inches tall, with a hefty weight, and a solid “feel”. Holding it in my hand, I looked in the basket and noticed several more of these crystals. The others were not as large as this, but of a good size and heft.

In conversation with Selma, I wondered fleetingly whether I would have any reaction to this crystal (see Crystal Surprise, April 11, 2011). There was no immediate sense of warmth, pulsing current, or sound, but suddenly I received the unmistakable impression that this crystal needed to placed upright so that it could begin its function, which is the transmission of energy. The message was strong and it was urgent. Unfortunately, Selma was not listening. As I reached for another crystal and began to tell her what the large crystal had communicated to me, she interrupted me with words, whose specifics I do not remember, but the gist of which was that these crystals belonged to her, that she would be the one deciding what they would and would not do, and that she was not the least bit happy with my interference in her crystal affairs. Of course, I immediately retreated, apologizing for my intrusion, telling her that I had only been repeating what the crystal had told me. Thinking to myself, “Well, that’s that!”, I prepared to listen to Selma expound on her other crystals.

In the space of a heartbeat, Selma did an about-face. Suddenly she became very interested in what the Lemurian crystals had to say, so I explained while placing them upright around her apartment. All six of them wanted to be upright, placed around the room, encircling it. Upright, they would then connect with each other and began transmitting energy to raise the frequency of the space and of anyone within their circle. Despite her earlier strong reaction, Selma allowed me to place the crystals for their maximum effect. We sat on the couch, encircled with the crystals, which, presumably had begun transmitting.

For a long time, I was so absorbed in Selma’s very interesting conversation that I did not take notice of the vibrations around me. Soon, though, I began to feel a force embracing me, impacting me at my heart chakra and moving upwards. I asked Selma whether she felt anything. She said that she could feel it from her third chakra, also moving upwards as if it were trying to lift her. Again, I told her how the web worked and how powerful it would be for her if she were to make some kind of permanent placement of the crystals—they would let her know where they needed to be placed.

We continued the conversation for some little time, then I bade adieu due to extreme pressure to go to visit Selma’s friend, Louise, who lived just a few doors down (see post of April 18, 2011 Everyday Wonders). Near the end of my visit with Louise, the crystals again communicated with me. Giving very specific instructions, they had me sketch out for Louise how they wanted to be arranged for maximum effect. They required little pots made of glazed clay, preferably rounded rather than V-shaped. The pots must have saucers. The pots were to be filled with small, rounded quartz stones of varying shapes and sizes in a mixture of white and pink. The white ones would amplify white light, while the pink ones would send out love to impact the heart chakra. Each crystal would be placed upright in a pot, then surrounded with these small quartz stones. The pot with the upright crystal would be placed around the room in conjunction with its sister crystals, which would then all begin transmission.

Louise and I were aghast at this information, I most of all, since up until April 11 when I had my first encounter with Lemurian crystals, I had considered all crystal work to be bogus hocus-pocus. Dear Readers, there is nothing like direct, undeniable experience to convince those willing to keep an open mind. As you can imagine, I am now on fire to acquire large crystals—it feels like six—to place in my own sunroom in little pots filled with white and pink quartz crystals. At present, I do not know where this is leading and with what consequences, but the journey is fascinating. I would appreciate hearing from any of you who have crystal experience or who have information about this entire process. Thank you all for accompanying me on this most interesting journey.

Most of us can easily become caught up in life’s busyiness and feel overwhelmed with all of the demands and projects that come our way. I was in just such a mind set a short time ago, feeling frustrated, incompetent, and inadequate. I came to work seething with evil thoughts and mad as a hornet at my Angels who keep piling on the expectations, without any visible aid or encouragement on their part. They don’t have to live here on this forsaken planet. All they have to do is give us orders, while they watch us struggle to carry them out, because they have no concept of how difficult life can be. I was ripped.

Grumbling discontentedly to myself, with a huge dose of self-pity, I happened to overhear part of a conversation in the corner. One of my co-workers, J, was expounding on his favorite subject: doing things little by little. As I heard the words “little by little”, I could feel my left ear “grow” toward the sound of his voice, which is certain indication that what he was saying was a message from Heaven. Stopping, then, to listen, I felt both of my ears perk up. Both ears involved has never before happened to me, confirming further that our Angels had a special message for us, which they were relaying through J. He was speaking the words that they were putting in his mouth, words which would help us in some way. Turning my full attention to his words, I eaves-dropped on his conversation.

J was explaining that most people get overwhelmed with their lives, with all of the things expected of them. Instead of tackling any project, they just give up. They vegetate in front of the tube, or escape in some other way, convinced that they do not have what it takes to get ahead.

“What people don’t understand is that they don’t have to do a project all at once. Just do a little every day and pretty soon, the thing is done.” J said that everyone has the same 24 hours in day, but it’s all in how you use those precious 24 hours.

Inspired by those words, and understanding their full significance both for me and for you, I went home after work and began picking away at a seemingly huge project. I finished it in about a week, working a few minutes each day. What had seemed like climbing Mt. Everest, translating 28 pages of esoteric Hungarian into idiomatic American English, was done in less time than I could have imagined. Amazing. As I was tackling this project little by little and was so excited to see it nearing completion, I called one of my friends to share my joy with her. Listening to me rhapsodize, she remembered a friend who has developed the habit of tackling a project little by little. His advice was not to look at the whole, huge project, but to tackle the edges, little by little. His motto you have read above, “Inch by inch, life’s a cinch”. Small steps, consistently maintained and with persistence, result in finished projects in an amazingly short period of time.

Your Angels have addressed this subject previously through several posts (Archives). Recommended reading is Robert Maurer’s little book, One Small Step Can Change Your Life. So why must we keep re-inventing the wheel? Is it perhaps because we’re all too human and can so easily lose touch with the larger picture when the going gets tough? Especially when life seems especially tough, we can remember to work smart so that inch by inch, life becomes a cinch.

Once again your Angels have given me interesting information to share with you, the purpose of which I do not know, but those of you who read this post will know that it is for you. In my line of work, I daily come into contact with life and death, whether from my patients or from stories told to me by their family members. For their own reasons, something about me instills confidence in them. Feeling that they will receive a fair hearing, they then tell me the most amazing things, things that, by their own admission, they are unwilling to share with others for fear of being thought “odd”, “unusual”, or the dreaded “c” word: crazy.

One of my patients had had routine surgery and was recuperating before being transferred to a rehabilitation center for further work. His wife was visiting him; both were sitting in chairs, comfortably ensconced. As I chatted with them, the patient mentioned (for some unknown reason; straight out of the blue), that his wife had been in a coma for some weeks and had now recovered. In fact, she seemed perfectly fine, with no hint of aftereffects from such a lengthy period of unconsciousness. Looking at her with great interest, I gently asked a few searching questions. This was all she needed and she proceeded to tell me the story:

For several weeks she apparently had been unconscious in a hospital. She had no recollection of much of this time. Near the end of the coma—she did not know at the time that the coma was about to end—she became aware of floating above her body, which was in the hospital bed below her. She saw her father, mother, nurses, other hospital personnel, all around her bed. In adjacent corridors and rooms she saw other people, although she was not present in those areas. Her father was speaking to her. As she became more aware of her surroundings, she noticed a hollow tube that appeared in the air around her. Somewhere far down the tube she saw a light, which was bright, but did not hurt her eyes.

At this point, she interrupted her narrative to tell me that she had bargained with the Being in the Light to come back to the earth. I asked her what the Being had said to her and how she came to feel that she was bargaining with It. With that question, she continued her narrative. She said that as she moved through the tube and went into the Light, she knew that this was it, that she was leaving her body, her family, and her life on earth. Upon acknowledging this realization, she told the Being, “Oh, no. I can’t leave. I have little children. There’s no one who can take care of them!” With these words, she immediately found herself back in the hospital bed to horrible pain, which has now passed. Since that time, she has much peace, knowing that “death” is not the dreaded bogeyman under the bed, but a peaceful, beautiful floating toward an amazing Light of pure and unconditional Love.

On ending her narrative, I thanked her profusely for sharing this incredible story with me, which has the same elements of near-death experiences (NDE), as reported by Dr. Moody (see Reading). She also thanked me, saying that she was relieved that I believed her story. She said that initially she had only told her mother, who, thank the Angels, listened and believed her. Since having had this NDE, she is less reluctant to share, although she is still reticent to some extent—all the more amazing that she shared it with me, a total stranger. The peace and joy on her face is unmistakable and she exudes a calmness that only a profound experience such as this can impart.

This kind of experience, willingly shared, can uplift us all as we struggle with our little daily grind. For me, it reaffirms my commitment to staying open to guidance, to staying open to the experiences dictated by my own Angels (even though these experiences may not be very pleasant nor do they always make sense to my logical, rational mind), and to keeping the lines of communication to our Angels open by continually listening to Them. This I do through stilling my mind, stilling my thoughts, avoiding the temptation to judge and criticize others, and to roll with whatever comes my way. Some days I even succeed with all of these; some days I have to try again. My hope is that those of you reading this interesting story will find the inspiration to continue to stay in touch with your Angels.

Yesterday’s post (February 27, 2011 Heaven knows best) gave us an excellent example of the experience of someone whose path had changed from her old job. It showed how her Angels had tried to alert her to her new position and what had happened when she made the decision not to accept their direction. Today’s post continues that same thought, again bringing home how much we can get in our own way when it comes to Angelic messages.

Another friend, Paula, like Daphne, had received a sweet, sweet job offer at another company. At her old company, which she frankly described as dysfunctional, Paula was well-regarded, but, as with many companies, had interpersonal and financial challenges. In this new company, Paula, as with Daphne, was offered more money—$100/week more; a kindly, fair, considerate supervisor; a congenial work environment; less stress. In addition, the person presenting the offer told her that Paula had been specifically chosen because of her maturity and experience, which would be an asset to the corporation.

Wouldn’t anyone accept such Heaven on earth? Not Paula. She interviewed, then went into intellectual mode, in a clear quandary as to her next step, apparently unable or unwilling to hear or accept her Angels’ crystal clear message. She talked with some of her friends and solicited their opinion. She said that she prayed and fasted, asking to be shown the path when it was glaringly apparent before her. In the end, after much tortured soul-searching, she declined Heaven’s offer.

In hearing of this, her Angels went into commando mode, setting me on her with a vengeance. I was pushed to call her and then they talked to her through me. Instead of listening, she threw words at me, seeming to have come to a conclusion that her Angels wished her to stay in her old position. They tried to explain through me that her work was done at her old job and new people were waiting for her to interact with them for their continued growth. This made no impression on her. I actually apologized for being so forceful, letting her know that these words were only coming through me and were not my own. For me, I fully realize that people’s lives are theirs to live and their decisions are theirs to make, without my interference. In every way, I tried to convince her that it was her very interested Angels who prompted me to contact her and who were now literally haranguing her.

Her Angels tried every tack they could to help her understand the importance of her decision. They spoke sweetly to her. They spoke sharply to her. They employed her own scriptural words with her. They sat quietly and listened while she rambled on, but they were unremitting in their insistence that she move to her new position. After nearly an hour, her solid veneer began to crack. She finally admitted the real reasons why she had declined the offer. First, she was afraid that she had been chosen for the position to serve as a mentor in an area in which she was not comfortable. She was afraid that she would be found wanting and so be judged harshly by her fellow employees. Secondly, she admitted to me and to herself that, exactly like Daphne, she was comfortable in her old job, despite the dysfunctionality, and did not want to start something new. She, like Daphne, looked only to her own wants and desires and did not consider that she has a larger role to play than to comfortably amble through life, collecting a paycheck and avoiding perceived unpleasantness.

With these admissions out in the open, for her to plainly see, speak, and feel, the Angels lightened up. They discussed with her the baselessnes of her fears. They sought to give her personal strength in speaking to her in phrases and images with which she was comfortable, telling her to “put on the armor of God”, to be invincible to the slights of others. Again they sought to appeal to her higher Self, pointing out to her the importance to the world of her accepting this new position. In the end, she was still not as convinced as was Daphne, but she was listening. Since this story has not yet been resolved, I only pray that Heaven does not bring out the stick, because it will be a complete shock to poor Paula.

Looking to what we can learn for our own lives from this example, we can clearly see that fear and the “comfort factor” are large factors in decision-making. We are afraid to trust our Angels to our future, thinking that if we do not control it and cannot see down the road, the future will not go well. We are uncomfortable with not knowing, when all is on a “need to know” basis. Our Angels will keep us safe and let us know all we need to know as we need to know it.

Also very much to the point, it is all too easy to become comfortable with our routines, no matter how deleterious and stultifying to our personal growth. Ignoring our Angels’ clearly transmitted messages, we look to our own petty wants and desires, allowing vast riches in all areas to pass us by. If we could only look up from our tiny opinions for a brief second and attempt to look at a bigger picture, we would clearly see that Heaven’s wishes are exactly our wishes. If we could look just a little farther up the road, we would see that the one we are on either comes to a complete dead-end in a filthy garbage heap or drops off sheerly into depths of despair and hopelessness. If we could pry our fingers off our own personal opinions and listen to a wiser voice, we would agree wholeheartedly that our present course is complete and a new road awaits us.

Luckily, the situation is not hopeless. We can train ourselves to rise above ourselves by diligent effort. Our Angels are always available for help and guidance as they speak to us directly or through others. Practice listening to a voice other than your own. Practice following those little hunches and gut feelings that seem so trivial and inconsequential. Practice getting out of your way by saying, “Your will be done; make my will yours”, then acting as if you actually believed this statement. Practice every day at every opportunity so that you may find your true path to the Light.