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Happy Easter, Happy Spring, Happy New Year to all my dear Readers. Today is truly a red-letter day, as your Angels have blessed me with a wondrous dream, which I am to share with you as the Earth awakens in the brightening sun.

Things started innocuously enough. As I lay sleeping in the early morning, I was suddenly alert to an odd scene that appeared before my eyes. I was standing on the west bank, the Buda side, of the Danube river as it flowed through Budapest, the capital of Hungary. My father stood a little diagonally to my right, his back to me, looking over the river, toward the east bank, toward Pest. He was watching the progress of my sister, Zsuzsanna, as she was gently floating on the surface of the water. What was unusual about this entire scene was that she was lying on her back in the water as my father directed her toward the far shore, and she was moving purely by the power of thought. As my father told her what he wanted from her and in what direction to float on the river, she was propelling herself solely by her own thoughts, in order to follow his directions. In watching this scene, I was of course not in the least surprised at what was going on, accepting all that I saw as a matter of course. As I stood on the riverbank watching Zsuzsanna’s progression across the river, suddenly a Presence made itself felt.

Before writing about the Presence, I am guided to tell you in detail all the impressions that I received from it and to set the scene specifically, all the better for you to picture it, my dear Readers. The Danube runs north/south through the portion of Budapest that contains the Parliament Building, a confection of architecture located on the Pest (east) side of the river (this building is worth a trip to The city of Buda lies on the west side of the river; the city of Pest on the east side, hence Budapest. I was standing on the grassy west bank as it sloped down to the water, so I was facing east, with the light behind me, although it was a cloudy day. My father was also standing on the west bank, southeast of me and nearly at the water’s edge, looking across the water, as Zsuzsanna neared the eastern shore.

I could feel the Presence in a northeasterly direction from us, up in the air, invisible in the cloudy, gray sky. This Presence was definitely otherwordly, angelic, female (!), and radiating energy, lots of energy, although I neither saw nor felt any Light. My impression of it was that it was kindly, nurturing, present in an educational capacity, showing me a scene, and then using both the scene and my thoughts about it to delicately guide my interpretations toward what was to become an extremely important conclusion.

As Zsuzsanna’s feet touched the bank, the Presence transmitted the thought to me that Zsuzsanna was doing this bit of water floating out of gratitude to our father for having helped her out so much in her life. Also out of gratitude, she had chosen to dedicate the remainder of her own life to being with him and serving him in whatever capacity he required, putting all her own needs aside and trusting him to whatever he asked of her. That was why she had willingly obeyed him when he had her drift across the water. Absorbing this bit of information from the Presence (and having no idea what all of that information meant), I once again became engrossed in the scene of Zsuzsanna floating along the water’s surface, ignoring the Presence and concentrating on the scene in front of me. It seemed that Zsuzsanna’s motion in the water was by her own power, but the scientist and observer in me wished to test this hypothesis. Toward this end, I suggested an experiment to my father.

“Let’s bring her across the river into the shallower part and ask her to just float in the water. The shallow part will be better, so if she sinks, we can rescue her and she won’t drown.” I suggested this experiment to my father to see whether Zsuzsanna was really propelling herself around the river and floating purely via her own thought power. He agreed to the experiment, especially to being careful not to hurt her. While we were pondering on how to proceed with this idea, my mind was turning, with the gentle guidance and aid of the Presence. I reasoned that Zsuzsanna must be floating across the water solely on the power of her own thought. My father had given the request, and she had fulfilled it by launching herself out onto the water on her back and propelling herself across the water without any physical means. Now, we were going to have her return across the river toward a shallower portion and see what she could do. I contemplated having her float not on top of the water, but above the water. As I pictured her being able to do that, suddenly the insight came to me (with obvious guidance from the Presence) what exactly is occurring when we pray. When we pray, we usually picture a powerful presence outside of ourselves who, if we can be convincing enough, will grant us our wishes. This presence is rather like a genii in a lamp, infinitely powerful, the keeper and distributor of all the goodies we can imagine, if we can only persuade him/her/it to look our way. If we have had a Christian religious upbringing, we usually picture this outside presence as an old man with a white beard (in the image and likeness of an elderly Jewish rabbi), a little touchy, but amenable with enough flattery or bribery: “I’ll be good if you’ll only give me a new car”, you pray, or “I won’t pick on my brother for a year if you just help me pass this test”, and so on. The point is that we focus on a force outside ourselves who can grant us our wishes and desires.

As these images rolled through my mind, I realized in a flash that the purpose of prayer was not to persuade an external supernatural being to take on our cause, but to convince ourselves that we are capable of manifesting our wishes in our lives and giving ourselves permission to manifest our wishes. Since we constantly create our individual universes with every decision we make, we, not some powerful external source, are the ones who manifest (or not) our wishes and desires. Prayer, then, is a way of “softening up” our own innate lack of self-confidence in being able to manifest our wishes.

Have you ever noticed that you receive some things more quickly through prayer, other things seem to take longer, while some things do not manifest at all, no matter how much or how long you pray? Now, at last, we can understand just why these seeming blocks occur.

That which we believe we can achieve is manifested the most quickly, because at some level we know that we are able to manifest them without any difficulty whatsoever. As an example, I know (truly believe) that I can very quickly find items that I have lost, if they are “findable” (not discarded or destroyed). So, when I pray to my Angels to find that doomaflotchy that I lost yesterday, I already expect it to turn up, and it always turns up in amazing short order. Each time, though, I am amazed and thank my Angels profusely for returning it to me. Yet in truth, it was my own knowledge (belief) and expectation that resulted in finding the lost item. In believing and expecting, I kept myself open to the idea of finding the lost article and find it I did. If I had not believed or expected, the article would still be lost, no matter how long I prayed to my Angels, because I would have put myself into a state that did not allow receipt of the lost object. When we neither believe nor expect, no amount of prayer can penetrate that state of non-reception.

That which we have some trouble believing we can receive manifests more slowly, because now we must take time to convince ourselves that we are able to manifest, or that we are deserving of this particular manifestation. Sometimes we have real and long-standing areas in which we have blockages or complete lack of self-confidence, so it can take a very long time before we can believe in their manifestation in our lives. Sometimes we cannot even make ourselves believe that these wishes of ours will ever happen. It is then that prayer seems to become useless. It is not that “God” or the Universe has turned a deaf ear to us. It is that we simply do not or cannot believe that we can/should/will ever have this wish. At these times, prayer seems useless, or that “God” or the Universe has decided not to grant us our wish, when it is only our own fears or other blocks that are in the way of manifestation.

Every minute of every day we create our individual lives based on our beliefs and expectations. Now that you know the true purpose of prayer, use it to soften up your beliefs so that you can begin to manifest the abundance that is your birthright.

The Presence leaves these messages of hope for you:

You will see it when you believe it.
“Therefore I say to you, all things for which you pray and ask, believe that you have received them and they shall be granted to you” (Mark 12:24)
“Prayer changes things” Edgar Cayce

Lest you think that dreams are meaningless, dear Readers, allow me to share with you a most interesting “dream”. Having moved to North Carolina last autumn, I was desirous of securing a job so that I could keep living here. After many false starts, I was offered a job at the Medical Center in Greenville; a condition of hire was to pass a test measuring one’s physical capacity. This involved isometric measurements while straining against stationary weights. Despite my physically fit condition, I did not pass the test. I was offered a retake of the test, scheduled for five days later, again, though, with the understanding that passing the test was a condition of employment. All this transpired on a Friday, with the retake of the test to occur on the following Wednesday.

Distraught and confused, I called on my good friend, Jean, who obliged by showing me how to use the nautilus equipment in the gym. I spent two days alternating between worrying and straining, as I sought to strengthen muscles I had thought to be adequate for the tasks I was to perform. In a panic of cold sweat, I lay down to sleep on Sunday night, trying to picture my success. Very early Monday morning, I began drifting up from a very deep sleep. Still asleep, but being internally alert, my first thought was, “Oh, thank heavens. I’ve passed the test.” With this deep sense of “knowing” came a sense of relief, as well. As this thought penetrated, my relief became greater, knowing that I did not have to worry about the test anymore. Nearing the waking state even closer, I thought to myself, “Wait a minute. What day is this? Why, it’s only Monday. The test isn’t until Wednesday. What do you mean I passed the test?” Confused, I fell asleep again.

As I awoke on Monday morning, this dream stayed with me, but I was a little afraid that it might not be true, so I did not tell anybody about it. Still, whenever I thought about the upcoming test, the sense that I had already passed it was very strong in me. Just to be on the safe side, though, I spent a little time each day picturing success.

I retook the test on Wednesday, putting every ounce of my effort into it, dream or no dream. During the retake, there were two new parts to this test that had not been present in the original trial, which might account for my having failed it the first time. Yes, I did pass the test. Yes, I was exultant and exuberant, and thanked my Angels who had taken the trouble to give me a peek into the near future.

Dear Readers, I cannot encourage you strongly enough to begin to pay attention to your dreams and seemingly idle passing thoughts. These can contain valuable information for directions in your life, whether as encouragement (as was my dream) or warnings. In each case, know that your Angels are in your corner, if you would only listen to them.

In my post of May 7, 2012 (Vision Board), I wrote about the abundance placed before me by my Angels in the form of a brand-new BMW. When taking possession of this amazing vehicle, the salesman took some time to acquaint me with many of its features. One feature is the connection of the vehicle with one’s cell phone through a Bluetooth interface. He punched buttons in the car, chose settings on my iPhone and voila! hands-free cell phone connection.

Delighted with this technological marvel, I soon learned to enjoy and appreciate the many conveniences of being able to speak to someone without having to dial up (a real no-no when driving), hold a little box to my ear, and punching buttons. This feature quickly became a favorite.

Then one day, soon after my return from a road-trip to North Carolina, the feature died. Suddenly, the car did not recognize my cell phone anymore. What could have happened? I called the salesman who had been so helpful earlier to find that his information was not helpful for the present. He said that the problem was most likely with Apple, that something might have been downloaded onto my iPhone that caused a glitch. In fact, he said, I was the third one to report such a finding in the last week. This disturbed me. If Apple had downloaded new software or updated something in the phone, I had no prayer of reconnecting my phone and my car. Yet how could Apple have done such a thing when I had not been on the internet with my phone, except for resetting some passwords? I tabled the subject on my mental shelf of “needs further information”–a place in which my questions have stewed and percolated for as long as 30 years before receiving answers. Interestingly, although I was disappointed in the salesman’s reply, my mind was open, thinking that some solution would come from somewhere. In the meantime, I went about my business, a little sad that my car and my cell phone were no longer on speaking terms.

Time comes and goes. It is now several weeks later. I wake up one morning with the fleeting residual of a dream so tenuous, it was almost just an impression. The impression with which I awoke was that everything was just fine with both my car and my cell phone, it required just one touch to set everything aright. Bemused, I wondered how things would turn out, since I had no clue how to go about acting on this obvious message from the Other World.

As it happened, I found time to visit my BMW dealership on another matter, involving the controls on my radio. While in the car, I told the salesman about my phone no longer being connected to my car, as it had been earlier. Absorbed, he took the phone from my hand saying, “Well, let’s just see what’s going on. There’s no Bluetooth icon showing. Let’s look.” Finding the correct window on the phone, he slid the Bluetooth function with just one touch and voila! the car again recognized my phone. Open-mouthed, I looked at him in amazement and did not tell him of the message floated through my mind, tenuous as a willow-the-wisp, and only barely perceptible. I just thanked him profusely and remembered the keystrokes to turn the Bluetooth function on and off.

Dear Readers, I wish I could tell you how and why I receive these messages, some of which seem so trivial, nay, banal. In the scheme of things, why would my Angels, who, in my humble opinion, have much more pressing matters to attend to, go to the trouble of floating a whisper of a thought through my mind in a dream, tagging it with the assurance that all would be solved in the mystery of the iPhone not being recognized by the car? Why would this particular message be more important than ideas for ending world hunger, for example? Thus far, I have no answers to any of these questions. For now, I continue to practice my spirituality and stay open to any and all messages from the Other Side, messages that seem to come infrequently, always in a timely manner, and always with the solution to my current insolvable problem and/or thorny situation. As always, your Angels urge you, also, to practice your own spirituality by staying open; avoiding critical thinking; acting on your intuition, gut feelings, and hunches; and listening at every opportunity so that you, too can reap the rewards of abundance, peace, and prosperity. Heaven is at your service, just one touch away.

Ponder on this:

Through expansion of our dreams we learn:

That we are the center of our universe;

That we create all around us;

That we must become responsible for our thoughts and dreams for as we dream, so we create our world;

That we must discipline our thoughts, for that which we think becomes real–what you focus on expands

In previous posts, your Angels have been encouraging you to reach for the moon and stars, expecting to receive them. They now wish to discuss the importance of persistence in your endeavors. As we have said, at the beginning of a dream it is easy to be enthralled and optimistic. When your dream is not immediately realized, nor is it realized after many months, the going becomes more difficult as doubt creeps in. Worry raises its head, asking, “what am I doing? Is this just wishful thinking on my part? Am I deluding myself into a dead-end road, wasting my precious time on trivialities when I could be manifesting something easily? Since my dream isn’t coming to me, does this mean that Spirit has something else in mind? Are the doors truly closed and the lights red, indicating ‘Stop!’?” Well-meaning friends who know of your dream, but who have limited knowledge of all parameters connected to it, may also counsel you into giving up prematurely, thinking to save you from heartache. There may well be validity in all of these doubts. Alternatively, the time of the worst doubt may be precisely the time to dig in your heels and hang on, despite appearances to the contrary. Let your Angels elaborate:

Very importantly, your Angels just now are telling me that the idea for the dream most probably came from them in the first place. How many times have you had a sudden inspiration, complete with flash, that seemed to come from outside yourself? If the idea originated with them, does it not behoove us to trust them and follow their guidance? All situations presented before us on our sojourn on Earth are opportunities to expand ourselves as beings of Light and Love. In presenting us with the idea of dreaming big, our Angels are encouraging us to stretch ourselves in a positive direction, allowing us to recognize our true nature as co-creators with them.

Often, in dreaming very big, much must be cleared away before the dream can be realized, that is, manifested on the physical level. Working every day toward the dream, despite no obvious results, may simply mean that much is being accomplished behind the scenes, setting the stage.

For one example, let us say that you wish to move from an apartment to a house. You set the intention, then mentally and physically work toward this goal. Imagine all of the details that must come together: a house that is congruent with your mission; availability of that house for you to move into; a means of livelihood that will allow you to afford this house; all of the financial elements involved with obtaining a mortgage; perhaps you, yourself, will need some mental and emotional adjustments to be successful at your new life style; and a myriad of other considerations of which we may be unaware, but which are of vital concern to your Angels. Thus, a delay in realization of your dream—living in a house—would undoubtedly occur, dependent on how much groundwork must be laid.

For another example, let us say that your Angels have prompted you to believe that you will acquire one million dollars within 5 years. Almost unbelieving, you set your intention to receive this amount of money, then expend mental energy every day in believing it. How much undercover preparation would you guess would need to occur before this money would be in your possession? Initially, you would have to convince yourself that this money can truly come to you, remembering that there is no order of difficulty in miracles—it is as easy for your Angels to give you one million dollars as it is to find you a 20-dollar bill on the street. You may need to address feelings of self-worth. You may need to develop the self-discipline to handle this amount so that it does not evaporate in your hands simply because you cannot believe that it is real. What must occur, then, is the fashioning of a mindset which allows attraction and possession of an amount of green energy out of your comfort zone. This all takes time. Sometimes the bigger the dream, the more undercover work that must be accomplished before its manifestation can occur.

Be gentle with yourself, then. Persist in your convictions. Persist with your steps toward your goal, one small step at a time. If it’s worth having, it’s worth waiting for, because all things come ’round to her who will but wait.