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Dreams–positive thoughts–arrange your present to make room for your dreams.

You have decided to expand your world with a new goal, perhaps one just slightly outside your comfort zone, to stretch your “wings”. You focus on achieving this goal through faith and daily affirmations. You align your positive thoughts. You take small steps toward your goal every day to bring it to fruition in your physical world. All of these steps in the right direction require one very important state of mind: you must be ready for success immediately and at each instant of your life—because you knever know when your goal will be realized. Sometimes the Holy Spirit moves very quickly, presenting you with your goal much sooner than you expect, often sooner than you might be ready to receive it. From the instant you decide on your goal, then, practice being ready for it to appear in your world now.

What steps can you take to be ready for success in your stated goal(s) on the physical level? As always, your Angels are ready with illustrations. Let us say, for example, that you wish your ideal mate to come into your life. Begin immediately to create the physical environment you would want him to see. Clean up your house. Get rid of the clutter. Wash the dishes. Put away all of the laundry that has lived in the clean clothes hamper for the past three months. Mow the lawn. Make the bed and keep it made each and every day. If you sleep in a double bed, use only one side, making room for him on the other. Clean out that extra bay in the garage so that his car can fit into it. When you sit down to supper, set a place for him, imagining how it will be when he’s there, sharing a meal with you. As for your physical appearance, dress and groom yourself as if he will appear any second. Who knows? He might have had a flat tire on his way home from work and ring your doorbell to use the phone (his cell phone is currently dead). Would you want him to see you in scraggly hair, a threadbare pink bathrobe and bunny slippers, with a sink full of dirty dishes and a reeking cat litter box? You’d probably rather that he see you as the ravishing beauty that you are, with sleek, shining hair and an outfit that accents all the positives, in your gracious home—the one with the spotless floors and the uncluttered living area. Dress as if he were coming to the door this minute, because he just might! Act as if you have already achieved your stated goal of having your ideal mate in your life.

Or let us say, for example, that you have as your goal a rewarding job, one that reflects your interests and showcases your talents. Read about the demands of this kind of job. Cultivate people who have interests in this area. Begin a file of names for networking. Contact people who are in this line of work. Introduce yourself, stating your interests and talents; and ask them their advice—then follow it. Keep the conversation going by calling them to let them know how their advice worked for you (yes, shameless, but sincere, flattery can carry you a looooooong way. :)). Notice how people in this line of work are dressed, how they carry themselves, their priorities. Imitate them. Dress and carry yourself in the same manner. Act as if you have already achieved your stated goal of your dream job.

This might seem like a lot of work to you, to create your ideal physical environment in its ideal condition and then maintain it at each instant of your life. Your Angels remind you that the physical environment is vital, if you choose to be prepared for success. To paraphrase a folk saying, “if it’s worth having, it’s worth working for”. Start today, then, to set the physical stage for the realization of your fondest dreams. They may be ringing your doorbell, even as we speak.

Yesterday’s post (September 8, 2010, Living the Dream) presented the idea that everything we see in and around us is the result of our dreaming. Your Angels then suggested an interesting exercise in awareness: to look at your own environment dispassionately; to actually see what you have manifested for yourselves in your dreaming. They asked, “what does this say about that person? If you were to take charge of the dreaming, what would you change? What would you keep?”

One of my faithful readers did, indeed, look critically at the environment which she created and decided that it was an absolute mess. Your Angels found this outlook humorous and the comment to be tongue-in-cheek. As with any humor, though, some truth may be found in it. While “absolute mess” is a rather harsh way to describe the situation, no doubt the reader, as many others, could benefit from re-thinking some parts of her dream. Perhaps overwhelmed by what one sees, though, one could be tempted to give up immediately, deciding that re-thinking this particular dream would be too much work. Fear of changing the dream could result, too, as judgment is made that so many past choices had proved wrong.

It is at this time that the concept of the eternal now becomes so valuable. We are continuously only ever in the present moment, and that present moment stretches endlessly before us. Therefore, the present is all that need concern us. We change the present and thereby change the future. If re-dreaming seems like too much work, remember that you brought each of those knick-knacks into your home, one piece at a time. You can re-dream them out of your life one piece at a time, as well. That settles the question of re-dreaming being too much work. Clean up your environment one dream at a time. Take your time. You have all the time you need, as the present stretches endlessly before you (see Reading, One Small Step Can Change Your Life).

An eternal now also lays to rest any fear of making a wrong choice in dreaming. Here, in this dimension, you are at play in the fields of the Lord. You are learning of your ability to create. Children sometimes make horrible messes of sculptures or paintings or drawings or figurines. If they do, they trash them and start anew. No one worries about the lumpy bird or the weirdly carved bullfrog and no one decides that those misshapen figures were wrong choices. They learn from the last one so that the next one will be better. So it is with your re-dreaming. You have accepted your environment up to now. Becoming aware, you have decided to re-think it. You can laugh at some of your childish wants, like those jeweled cat’s-eye glasses that were just the latest thing back in the ’70’s or the avocado flocked wallpaper that you just couldn’t live without. Without need to criticize yourself, you can gently, lovingly lay the past to rest and repaper your walls. Quickly.

As you look about you at your environment, inside and out, your Angels encourage you to be gentle with yourselves. Accept your past dreaming as that of a person unaware. Your past choices were neither right nor wrong, they just were. Most of them were probably pretty good, for your not knowing your elbow from a hole in the ground. Now you are becoming aware in your dreaming. And from the present, in your newly aware state of dreaming, you choices will again be just right. As one of my faithful readers has so eloquently written, “the eternal now is the promise of a fresh start every instant”. No doubt, you will use it for your benefit, with the loving aid of your Angels.

An on-going theme of many of these posts has been that of dreaming and of dreaming big, i.e., dreaming out of your comfort zone (see Archives). I have written that your Angels have designated me as Supreme Guinea Pig in the dreaming big department as the pioneer who paves the way. Their idea is that if I, an ordinary mortal, am able to achieve the objects of my definite purposes in life (see Reading, Think and Grow Rich), then you, too, are able to achieve the same results, as you, too, tap into your divine nature.

In this journey, which began in the week of April 27, 2010, I have encountered many milestones and obstacles. An initial euphoria gave way to paralyzing fear, which lead to nail-biting doubt. Between my readers’ kind encouragement, which I acknowledge with sincere, heartfelt thanks, and my dogged persistence in following the guidelines laid down by Napoleon Hill (see reading, Think and Grow Rich), I have transcended euphoria, fear, and doubt and have entered a solid, steady driving pace, much like the long-distance runner who is in the race for the long haul.

In the midst of this smug self-congratulation, your Angels would like to point out that two of their insight flashes* contributed directly to my new-found steadfastness and aided greatly my subsequent feeling of calm acceptance.

One of these flashes contained the following message of supreme import: it does not matter what we dream because everything on this dimension is a dream (see also Reading, A Course in Miracles). For those of you who have read and studied A Course in Miracles, this statement comes as no surprise. For everyone else, this statement can seem revolutionary. Yet, even in New Age circles, it is understood that we—humans collectively—created the Universe in a dream as a joke, then forgot the joke. As an analogy, think back to some of your sleeping dreams which you create, at how vivid they can be and imbued with such detail. The sky is not just blue, but perhaps azure blue or cerulean blue, or even a hazy, pale blue; dotted with not just clouds, but with cumulous clouds or cirrus clouds. The sun feels hot. The water feels cool and wet. Riding on a rollercoaster gives the sensation of going up the track and the weightless feeling as it plummets can be enough to awaken you. As your sleeping dreams are complete to every last minuscule detail, so are your waking dreams: our own private universe, the one through which we move while we are awake.

As we feel no guilt, remorse, regret, or any other negative emotion while experiencing our sleeping dreams, we need have no qualms, then, either, about our waking dreams. Understanding that everything around us is a dream—which we have created—we can then experiment with other kinds of dreams. Just as a body builder often flexes muscles as a test of prowess and to push toward the next level, so extending the size and shape of our dreaming flexes our spiritual muscles and makes us stronger spiritually as, through dreaming, we come to recognize our divine nature.

The second insight flash has this message at its heart: everything in our immediate universe is the result of a past or current waking dream. Look around you to see what you have manifested for yourself: your abode, the articles in your abode—furniture, rugs, knick-knacks or lack of them, lamps, pictures, and so on—your occupation, your friends. Even more personally, your personality, your physical appearance, clothing, jewelry, hair-style, shoes, make-up or lack of it. As an exercise in awareness, take a look at all of the elements in your universe as being the result of someone’s waking dreams. What does this say about that person? If you were to take charge of the dreaming, what would you change? What would you keep?

Let your dreaming, therefore, be guiltless. As co-creator of the Universe with God, your divine nature will shape the future from a position of love to benefit you and all who enter your world. Play, my children, and so learn to embrace your divine nature.

*An “insight flash”, also called a “thought ball” by Robert Monroe (see Reading, Journeys out of the Body; Far Journeys) is a unique Angelic transmission of information containing sight, sound, smell, taste, feeling, and touch. I will describe this in more detail in a later post.

Your Angels have given me a small vacation for a few days, Peeps, but we are back, with more Angel stories than ever. Can you believe that even on this trip they were ever at my side? And continuously encouraging me to continue to dream big so that you can be encouraged, too? The story:

Arriving into Bradley airport in Connecticut after returning from Michigan, I headed for the baggage claim. Walking idly, in no rush, I ambled to the conveyor belt to wait for the luggage to appear. Although I was comfortable in my spot, I began idly to ramble closer to the belt and stopped, watching it. No luggage was coming, so I idly shifted my gaze and, idly looking around, idly fixed it on the T-shirt of a passenger standing close by. My jaw dropped when I idly read the writing on that T-shirt. The message:
Dream It
Believe It
Achieve It
Expect Success

Wanting to rub my eyes to make certain of what I was seeing, I read the T-shirt again:
Dream It;
Believe It;
Achieve It;
Expect Success

The message was abundantly clear. Angelic guidance was instructing me in how to achieve success in the dreaming process. First of all, a dream must be present. Pick one. Perhaps start with a small one, an easy one. Secondly, believe with all your heart that your dream will come true. Simultaneously expecting success will result in your achieving the object of your dream.

Angelic instruction in how to achieve the object of your dreams:

Dream It
Believe It
Achieve It
Expect Success

As you dream a thing and believe it, you achieve the object of your dream by expecting success. As further encouragement, your Angels tell me that if you have the courage to go beyond your thoughts, you will meet with success not found in common hours. Happy dreaming!

One of my good friends has given me permission to post a very interesting dream she had not long ago. This dream validates the idea that angelic messengers come to us in dreams. They guide and soothe us in times of turmoil; they give us direction and promote peace, if we will only allow their message to reach us.

My friend, Kate, had been having marital relationship difficulties of several years standing with her husband, Joe, and seemed to be at a crossroads. Joe had told her that the direction of their marriage was up to her, the choice was hers to stay or divorce. Despite past stresses, much love was still evident in their relationship, so Kate felt no clear answer as to the direction their relationship should take. One afternoon, she was cuddled up against Joe as he was watching TV. She fell asleep and had the following dream:

Kate, Joe, and Kate’s cousin and his ex-wife were in line to go into a big auditorium, to see something special. In this huge auditorium, they found seats toward the middle, in row seating. They were excited, having come to hear someone speak, someone who might be able to help Kate’s cousin with some points in his life. While in the seats, they realized that they had to stand in line again because, though they were in the right auditorium, they were in the wrong seats. In the process of getting back in line, Kate got separated from the other three. She was not concerned, however, since they needed to do something together without her, so while they were thus occupied, she would find seats for the four of them.

Back Kate went into the auditorium, with the same stage a little ahead of her and to her left. At the front of the stage, on the floor, were strange half-moon booths. These were VIP booths, with the two sections of each half-moon facing each other. All the booths looked as if they could twirl round. Before each booth was a 6-inch step up into the booth. Kate seated herself at the left in the first booth, facing another woman in the booth. Seven women were on the other side, women from varying ethnic groups—a real international crowd. Kate began getting comfortable, putting her purse down and easing into the booth. Other women began coming into the booth to sit, upon which Kate asked them please not to sit down as she was holding the seats for her family.

As this commotion was occurring, another woman was walking toward the booths to greet those in the VIP booths, a common practice. As Kate watched the woman approach, she became aware that this woman was the one everyone had come to see and she was walking around, greeting her audience. This was to be her show, and she was greeting her public. On reaching Kate, the guest speaker greeted her with “hello” and sat down next to her. For Kate there was no surprise, rather a knowing that the guest speaker will speak to her. As the speaker sat down she said to Kate, “I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, you know we have to talk. I have a message for you.”
“Yes, I know,” said Kate, wondering whether they would have a private conversation. The speaker leaned forward toward Kate and began whispering in her ear. She said things like, “things are OK”; “trust”, and so forth.

Suddenly, both women start moving out of the auditorium, backing out the door and into a passageway with windows, backing toward the windows to talk. The feeling was that the speaker would like to schedule a private reading for a later time, but a message was coming through immediately, which must be conveyed. This was unexpected for both Kate and for the guest speaker, who apologized to Kate, saying, “I’m sorry, it’s coming now. This is what has to be said now”, and encouraging Kate to go with the flow. Elements of the message involved moving forward, being calm, and trusting.

With this, Kate moved back from the woman. “There is something I need to know first before I can move on. I really, really, really need to know,” she said. The woman looked at Kate, expecting the question. “Does Joe really love me?” The woman just looked at Kate and said, “Absolutely. There’s no doubt about it. He loves you very, very much”, no longer whispering into her ear, but speaking aloud.

At this point, Kate awoke, reeling from the dream, which had given her so much information. Upon awaking she felt calm and at peace. She looked over at Joe, watching TV, and thought, “I suppose I love him.” Joe, seeing that Kate was awake, kissed her on the forehead.

For the present, Kate has made no decisions based on this dream in her relationship with Joe. It is a tribute to her open mind and the love of her Angels that she has been given a dream so rich in information.