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Happy Easter, Happy Spring, Happy New Year to all my dear Readers. Today is truly a red-letter day, as your Angels have blessed me with a wondrous dream, which I am to share with you as the Earth awakens in the brightening sun.

Things started innocuously enough. As I lay sleeping in the early morning, I was suddenly alert to an odd scene that appeared before my eyes. I was standing on the west bank, the Buda side, of the Danube river as it flowed through Budapest, the capital of Hungary. My father stood a little diagonally to my right, his back to me, looking over the river, toward the east bank, toward Pest. He was watching the progress of my sister, Zsuzsanna, as she was gently floating on the surface of the water. What was unusual about this entire scene was that she was lying on her back in the water as my father directed her toward the far shore, and she was moving purely by the power of thought. As my father told her what he wanted from her and in what direction to float on the river, she was propelling herself solely by her own thoughts, in order to follow his directions. In watching this scene, I was of course not in the least surprised at what was going on, accepting all that I saw as a matter of course. As I stood on the riverbank watching Zsuzsanna’s progression across the river, suddenly a Presence made itself felt.

Before writing about the Presence, I am guided to tell you in detail all the impressions that I received from it and to set the scene specifically, all the better for you to picture it, my dear Readers. The Danube runs north/south through the portion of Budapest that contains the Parliament Building, a confection of architecture located on the Pest (east) side of the river (this building is worth a trip to The city of Buda lies on the west side of the river; the city of Pest on the east side, hence Budapest. I was standing on the grassy west bank as it sloped down to the water, so I was facing east, with the light behind me, although it was a cloudy day. My father was also standing on the west bank, southeast of me and nearly at the water’s edge, looking across the water, as Zsuzsanna neared the eastern shore.

I could feel the Presence in a northeasterly direction from us, up in the air, invisible in the cloudy, gray sky. This Presence was definitely otherwordly, angelic, female (!), and radiating energy, lots of energy, although I neither saw nor felt any Light. My impression of it was that it was kindly, nurturing, present in an educational capacity, showing me a scene, and then using both the scene and my thoughts about it to delicately guide my interpretations toward what was to become an extremely important conclusion.

As Zsuzsanna’s feet touched the bank, the Presence transmitted the thought to me that Zsuzsanna was doing this bit of water floating out of gratitude to our father for having helped her out so much in her life. Also out of gratitude, she had chosen to dedicate the remainder of her own life to being with him and serving him in whatever capacity he required, putting all her own needs aside and trusting him to whatever he asked of her. That was why she had willingly obeyed him when he had her drift across the water. Absorbing this bit of information from the Presence (and having no idea what all of that information meant), I once again became engrossed in the scene of Zsuzsanna floating along the water’s surface, ignoring the Presence and concentrating on the scene in front of me. It seemed that Zsuzsanna’s motion in the water was by her own power, but the scientist and observer in me wished to test this hypothesis. Toward this end, I suggested an experiment to my father.

“Let’s bring her across the river into the shallower part and ask her to just float in the water. The shallow part will be better, so if she sinks, we can rescue her and she won’t drown.” I suggested this experiment to my father to see whether Zsuzsanna was really propelling herself around the river and floating purely via her own thought power. He agreed to the experiment, especially to being careful not to hurt her. While we were pondering on how to proceed with this idea, my mind was turning, with the gentle guidance and aid of the Presence. I reasoned that Zsuzsanna must be floating across the water solely on the power of her own thought. My father had given the request, and she had fulfilled it by launching herself out onto the water on her back and propelling herself across the water without any physical means. Now, we were going to have her return across the river toward a shallower portion and see what she could do. I contemplated having her float not on top of the water, but above the water. As I pictured her being able to do that, suddenly the insight came to me (with obvious guidance from the Presence) what exactly is occurring when we pray. When we pray, we usually picture a powerful presence outside of ourselves who, if we can be convincing enough, will grant us our wishes. This presence is rather like a genii in a lamp, infinitely powerful, the keeper and distributor of all the goodies we can imagine, if we can only persuade him/her/it to look our way. If we have had a Christian religious upbringing, we usually picture this outside presence as an old man with a white beard (in the image and likeness of an elderly Jewish rabbi), a little touchy, but amenable with enough flattery or bribery: “I’ll be good if you’ll only give me a new car”, you pray, or “I won’t pick on my brother for a year if you just help me pass this test”, and so on. The point is that we focus on a force outside ourselves who can grant us our wishes and desires.

As these images rolled through my mind, I realized in a flash that the purpose of prayer was not to persuade an external supernatural being to take on our cause, but to convince ourselves that we are capable of manifesting our wishes in our lives and giving ourselves permission to manifest our wishes. Since we constantly create our individual universes with every decision we make, we, not some powerful external source, are the ones who manifest (or not) our wishes and desires. Prayer, then, is a way of “softening up” our own innate lack of self-confidence in being able to manifest our wishes.

Have you ever noticed that you receive some things more quickly through prayer, other things seem to take longer, while some things do not manifest at all, no matter how much or how long you pray? Now, at last, we can understand just why these seeming blocks occur.

That which we believe we can achieve is manifested the most quickly, because at some level we know that we are able to manifest them without any difficulty whatsoever. As an example, I know (truly believe) that I can very quickly find items that I have lost, if they are “findable” (not discarded or destroyed). So, when I pray to my Angels to find that doomaflotchy that I lost yesterday, I already expect it to turn up, and it always turns up in amazing short order. Each time, though, I am amazed and thank my Angels profusely for returning it to me. Yet in truth, it was my own knowledge (belief) and expectation that resulted in finding the lost item. In believing and expecting, I kept myself open to the idea of finding the lost article and find it I did. If I had not believed or expected, the article would still be lost, no matter how long I prayed to my Angels, because I would have put myself into a state that did not allow receipt of the lost object. When we neither believe nor expect, no amount of prayer can penetrate that state of non-reception.

That which we have some trouble believing we can receive manifests more slowly, because now we must take time to convince ourselves that we are able to manifest, or that we are deserving of this particular manifestation. Sometimes we have real and long-standing areas in which we have blockages or complete lack of self-confidence, so it can take a very long time before we can believe in their manifestation in our lives. Sometimes we cannot even make ourselves believe that these wishes of ours will ever happen. It is then that prayer seems to become useless. It is not that “God” or the Universe has turned a deaf ear to us. It is that we simply do not or cannot believe that we can/should/will ever have this wish. At these times, prayer seems useless, or that “God” or the Universe has decided not to grant us our wish, when it is only our own fears or other blocks that are in the way of manifestation.

Every minute of every day we create our individual lives based on our beliefs and expectations. Now that you know the true purpose of prayer, use it to soften up your beliefs so that you can begin to manifest the abundance that is your birthright.

The Presence leaves these messages of hope for you:

You will see it when you believe it.
“Therefore I say to you, all things for which you pray and ask, believe that you have received them and they shall be granted to you” (Mark 12:24)
“Prayer changes things” Edgar Cayce

An on-going theme of many of these posts has been that of dreaming and of dreaming big, i.e., dreaming out of your comfort zone (see Archives). I have written that your Angels have designated me as Supreme Guinea Pig in the dreaming big department as the pioneer who paves the way. Their idea is that if I, an ordinary mortal, am able to achieve the objects of my definite purposes in life (see Reading, Think and Grow Rich), then you, too, are able to achieve the same results, as you, too, tap into your divine nature.

In this journey, which began in the week of April 27, 2010, I have encountered many milestones and obstacles. An initial euphoria gave way to paralyzing fear, which lead to nail-biting doubt. Between my readers’ kind encouragement, which I acknowledge with sincere, heartfelt thanks, and my dogged persistence in following the guidelines laid down by Napoleon Hill (see reading, Think and Grow Rich), I have transcended euphoria, fear, and doubt and have entered a solid, steady driving pace, much like the long-distance runner who is in the race for the long haul.

In the midst of this smug self-congratulation, your Angels would like to point out that two of their insight flashes* contributed directly to my new-found steadfastness and aided greatly my subsequent feeling of calm acceptance.

One of these flashes contained the following message of supreme import: it does not matter what we dream because everything on this dimension is a dream (see also Reading, A Course in Miracles). For those of you who have read and studied A Course in Miracles, this statement comes as no surprise. For everyone else, this statement can seem revolutionary. Yet, even in New Age circles, it is understood that we—humans collectively—created the Universe in a dream as a joke, then forgot the joke. As an analogy, think back to some of your sleeping dreams which you create, at how vivid they can be and imbued with such detail. The sky is not just blue, but perhaps azure blue or cerulean blue, or even a hazy, pale blue; dotted with not just clouds, but with cumulous clouds or cirrus clouds. The sun feels hot. The water feels cool and wet. Riding on a rollercoaster gives the sensation of going up the track and the weightless feeling as it plummets can be enough to awaken you. As your sleeping dreams are complete to every last minuscule detail, so are your waking dreams: our own private universe, the one through which we move while we are awake.

As we feel no guilt, remorse, regret, or any other negative emotion while experiencing our sleeping dreams, we need have no qualms, then, either, about our waking dreams. Understanding that everything around us is a dream—which we have created—we can then experiment with other kinds of dreams. Just as a body builder often flexes muscles as a test of prowess and to push toward the next level, so extending the size and shape of our dreaming flexes our spiritual muscles and makes us stronger spiritually as, through dreaming, we come to recognize our divine nature.

The second insight flash has this message at its heart: everything in our immediate universe is the result of a past or current waking dream. Look around you to see what you have manifested for yourself: your abode, the articles in your abode—furniture, rugs, knick-knacks or lack of them, lamps, pictures, and so on—your occupation, your friends. Even more personally, your personality, your physical appearance, clothing, jewelry, hair-style, shoes, make-up or lack of it. As an exercise in awareness, take a look at all of the elements in your universe as being the result of someone’s waking dreams. What does this say about that person? If you were to take charge of the dreaming, what would you change? What would you keep?

Let your dreaming, therefore, be guiltless. As co-creator of the Universe with God, your divine nature will shape the future from a position of love to benefit you and all who enter your world. Play, my children, and so learn to embrace your divine nature.

*An “insight flash”, also called a “thought ball” by Robert Monroe (see Reading, Journeys out of the Body; Far Journeys) is a unique Angelic transmission of information containing sight, sound, smell, taste, feeling, and touch. I will describe this in more detail in a later post.

Several weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to reconnect with a bolstering spirit from the past, Dr. Cindy. In our conversation, in which we attempted to catch up on 20 year’s worth of living in a few minutes, I mentioned that she had Angels around her. Evidently caught by surprise, she shared her opinion that she was not significant enough to warrant even one Angel, never mind a phalanx. Quickly, I assured her that she was more than worthy and the conversation turned to other topics. Her genuine surprise to learn of her worthiness and her initial doubt touched a cord in me, alerting me to the many, many people who might feel all alone and unworthy of Divine guidance because they feel themselves to be “not good enough”. Their Angels, and especially Dr. Cindy’s, write this post to discourse on our true nature and assure us of the vastness of the Heavenly Host at our disposal. According to (see Links): “Ever wonder how many angels you have? All of them. They insisted.” The Universe

Our true nature is Light. For those to whom the Bible speaks, it is even written in Genesis (1:26) that we are made in the image and likeness of God, which is Light. We are Light beings living in a physical body. Our intimate interconnection with our current body is an asset as it helps us nurture and nourish it for its use in our mission. This interconnection becomes a liability when we forget our true natures and start to act as if we were our bodies. Usually we do not experience conscious disconnection from our bodies, except under extreme stress.

I was fortunate enough to undergo a conscious disconnection from my body during a near-death experience in June of 1991. While I was apparently unresponsive, someone tried to ascertain my level of consciousness. He grabbed me roughly on the left shoulder, calling my name. He put his finger at the left side of my mouth and pulled down. He opened my left eye. During all of this, I was floating just above my physical body, sensing these movements and wondering, bewildered and irritated, why this man was bothering with all of this nonsense. My thought was, “what’s the matter with him? Can’t he see that I’m all right?” It was as if I had been sitting in a corner and this man had rushed upon my jacket lying on the couch and began poking at it, calling my name, and attempting to resuscitate me by working on my jacket instead of dealing with me in the corner.

Unfortunately, my journey Home was interrupted by the EMS ambulance crew. I was taken to the hospital, poked, prodded, and pried some more and rehydrated, with orders to drink a gallon of fluid a day for several days. The rehydration process was gradual, as was my return to my body. After truly returning, though, I was really aware how disconnected I had been. Since then, I have not consciously left my body, but am really aware that we are only living in a shell.

So, we are Light beings living in a physical shell. As we are all that point of Light, so each and every cell in our bodies has within it a tiny point of Light (see Reading, Ponder on This), around which it organizes itself and its activities. It is this tiny point of Light that gives each cell life and without which it is inert and lifeless. When I first entered nursing and witnessed the death of a patient, I pondered on what the difference might be between a “live” body and a “dead” one. At the time, my conjecture was electricity. I now know that it is the presence of Light. Once Light is removed, the shell becomes inert, as it is the Light which is the animating force.

Once we understand that we are all Light, no more and no less than any member of Heaven, we can dispense with all the nonsense we might have been taught about our unworthiness. It simply does not exist. There is no original sin, no secret stain on our souls that makes us distasteful to a supreme creative deity. These, then, just become children’s tales told to us to frighten us so that we might conform to some agenda on the part of those who desire to acquire our power for themselves and for their own purposes. As Light beings, our cohorts are no more and no less than the powerful agents of Heaven, the Angels. And being of the same stuff, they desire that we ask them for help as they place themselves at our disposal. We are worthy and more; they desire to help us with all of their being. Just ask (or in my case, demand).

To aid in your remembering your true identity, I give you a prayer from Satya Sai Baba, which, if repeated daily, will do wonders for your understanding of yourself as a Being of Light:

I am God! I am God! I am not different from God!
I am the eternal undifferentiated Absolute!
Grief and anxiety cannot affect me.
I am always content. Fear cannot enter me.
I am Satchidananda. I am pure Existence, Knowledge, and Bliss.
I am Omnipotent! I am all-powerful; nothing is impossible for me!
I am Omniscient! I am all-knowing.
There is nothing which is not known to me.
I am Omnipresent! I am present everywhere. I pervade this Universe!
I am Krishna! I am Christ! I am Buddha!
I am Sai! I am Sai! I am Sai!
I am God! I am God! I am God!

P.S. Confession: when I first said this prayer, I was certain that a lightning bolt would fell me on the spot. As that lightning bolt was not forthcoming, I developed courage and continued with the prayer, repeating it every day. Just saying it brought immeasurable understanding and knowing of the essence of the Universe. Keep at it. Your Angels want you to remember who you are!