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Most of us can easily become caught up in life’s busyiness and feel overwhelmed with all of the demands and projects that come our way. I was in just such a mind set a short time ago, feeling frustrated, incompetent, and inadequate. I came to work seething with evil thoughts and mad as a hornet at my Angels who keep piling on the expectations, without any visible aid or encouragement on their part. They don’t have to live here on this forsaken planet. All they have to do is give us orders, while they watch us struggle to carry them out, because they have no concept of how difficult life can be. I was ripped.

Grumbling discontentedly to myself, with a huge dose of self-pity, I happened to overhear part of a conversation in the corner. One of my co-workers, J, was expounding on his favorite subject: doing things little by little. As I heard the words “little by little”, I could feel my left ear “grow” toward the sound of his voice, which is certain indication that what he was saying was a message from Heaven. Stopping, then, to listen, I felt both of my ears perk up. Both ears involved has never before happened to me, confirming further that our Angels had a special message for us, which they were relaying through J. He was speaking the words that they were putting in his mouth, words which would help us in some way. Turning my full attention to his words, I eaves-dropped on his conversation.

J was explaining that most people get overwhelmed with their lives, with all of the things expected of them. Instead of tackling any project, they just give up. They vegetate in front of the tube, or escape in some other way, convinced that they do not have what it takes to get ahead.

“What people don’t understand is that they don’t have to do a project all at once. Just do a little every day and pretty soon, the thing is done.” J said that everyone has the same 24 hours in day, but it’s all in how you use those precious 24 hours.

Inspired by those words, and understanding their full significance both for me and for you, I went home after work and began picking away at a seemingly huge project. I finished it in about a week, working a few minutes each day. What had seemed like climbing Mt. Everest, translating 28 pages of esoteric Hungarian into idiomatic American English, was done in less time than I could have imagined. Amazing. As I was tackling this project little by little and was so excited to see it nearing completion, I called one of my friends to share my joy with her. Listening to me rhapsodize, she remembered a friend who has developed the habit of tackling a project little by little. His advice was not to look at the whole, huge project, but to tackle the edges, little by little. His motto you have read above, “Inch by inch, life’s a cinch”. Small steps, consistently maintained and with persistence, result in finished projects in an amazingly short period of time.

Your Angels have addressed this subject previously through several posts (Archives). Recommended reading is Robert Maurer’s little book, One Small Step Can Change Your Life. So why must we keep re-inventing the wheel? Is it perhaps because we’re all too human and can so easily lose touch with the larger picture when the going gets tough? Especially when life seems especially tough, we can remember to work smart so that inch by inch, life becomes a cinch.

Some of my persistence in listening to Angels is truly beginning to pay off in earthly terms. A few weeks ago, I had arranged for workers to come to re-do my patio and paint the side of my house. I would finance this endeavor through a line of credit with my bank. As I awoke on a Monday morning, I had the distinct message in my head, “call the bank and make certain that the line of credit is open so that you won’t bounce any checks”. This message was loud, clear, distinct, and totally without ambiguity. There was no “feeling”, no sense of a push in a direction, just a loud, clear message. My intention was to comply. Then, my reason talked me out of it, saying that even if I called the bank, why would they give me any such information over the telephone? Instead, I would drive to the bank in person the very next day and ascertain the status of my line of credit.

The next day came and so did the message, just as loudly, clearly, and distinctly as the day before. This time, I didn’t listen to my reason. I called the bank to find that, indeed, the line of credit had been mistakenly closed when I refinanced my mortgage. So, if I had written checks on this credit line, they would have been returned as “insufficient funds”—actually, there would have been no funds, just as the initial message had warned me.

Crunch time. I had workers who needed to be paid and I was without funds until a new line of credit could be opened, a process that could take up to a month, or more. The same Force that had been with me in warning me to call the bank, now was with me in setting in motion the steps for initiating a new line of credit. Calling a loan officer in a panic, I was sitting in her office within 1/2 hour, signing application papers. The loan was approved two days later. Not counting the week for the lawyer’s vacation, the final papers were before me within four days of the approval. Not in any of my former experiences has a process of this magnitude been finalized in so short a time period. The effort everyone expended to assure me this line of credit in the fastest time possible was so amazing that I could only shake my head and marvel.

Obviously, this entire little drama had been meant to occur, along with everyone’s cooperation. At every step I could hear the Angels’ directions, see their hand, and feel the beat of their wings, as they orchestrated each person’s role and behavior. While each of us in the drama had a part to play, it was our choice whether to expedite the process or to retard it. It was also our choice in how we would play our parts: choosing anger or choosing gratitude. Thankfully, each of us chose to behave graciously. Even the workers waited patiently while this entire process unfolded.

To this day, the purpose of this entire episode escapes me, even as I understand that it needed to occur. I am only thankful that, each and every day, I practice listening to my Angels. Perhaps that is why this message was so beautifully clear and in such beautiful English, totally without ambiguity. Your Angels encourage you, too, to continue practicing listening to your intuition, no matter how small and inconsequential the thoughts may seem. It’s all practice for your very own crunch time. ­čÖé

In my travels around the globe, many occasions are presented to me to talk about Angels and the guidance they provide to each of us at every minute of our lives in this earthly dimension. Many people acknowledge being in contact with their own Guides and Angels. Others, however, ask me how to be certain that any particular message is coming from guidance, rather than from their own hopes, dreams, and desires. The experience of my friend, Daphne, serves to illustrate one method used by Angels to increase our awareness, convincing us not only of the clarity of their message but also of its genuineness.

Daphne had been employed at a particular job for the past 12 years. The work was physically taxing, the wages were average, and the working environment challenging. Despite her many complaints throughout the years, Daphne was fairly content in her position. Not long ago, a woman of her acquaintance sought her out to offer her a job that sounded like a dream: Daphne would be able to use her mental skills, including her skill with personal interactions; she would receive a substantial raise; the working environment, while challenging, would offer her support both for her talents and for her personality. This was an “intuition-friendly” situation, where the owner both understood and appreciated the gift of intuition.

As Daphne told me of this offer, Heaven’s scent was clearly all over it. Daphne, herself, however, was not so certain. She hemmed. She hawed. She avoided. Weeks went by. The offer was presented again, this time with an interview with the owner and other high-ranking personnel. They offered her an even sweeter deal. Again, to my senses, the message was crystal clear: leave your old job, take this new one, because you have reaped all the rewards your old work environment has to offer and now must continue your destiny elsewhere. Daphne was not so certain. She told me that she really didn’t mind her old job (although she had complained to me over many years about various aspects of it, not the least of which was the stultifying work environment) and that she wasn’t all that sure about this new job. Leaving her to make her own decisions, I refrained from asking her whether she needed to have her head examined, ignoring this obvious gift from Heaven.

A few days later, Daphne called me to tell me that the Universe has a sense of humor. She told me that she had reported to work on Monday to find that her workload had increased by 1/3. That meant that she had much heavier physical work than usual, not trivial at her age. By Tuesday, her workload had increased by another 1/3, making her even more tired. By Wednesday, she had twice as much to do as usual, with very heavy lifting involved. Quietly I asked her whether she now understood her Angels’ message. She laughed and said she understood very well and was somewhat amazed at how the Universe had so effectively communicated with her. As of this writing, her plans are to accept the offered new position and continue with her destiny in a more congenial environment, with higher pay, and new opportunities to expand her skills.

What can we learn from this example? For one, Heaven is insistent. When it’s time to move on, it’s time to move on. No procrastination, no whining about how comfortable you are in your position, no oozing around the issue by non-action. Daphne was going to just avoid making a decision about this new position and thereby allow it to by-pass her. She allowed weeks to go by without contacting persons involved in the offer. Heaven came after her again in the form of an interview with the owner, no less! and even sweeter deals. Even with this, Daphne had no plans to move. Heaven had used the carrot on Daphne, now it was time to use the stick. Increasing her workload brought home squarely to her what she could expect in the future from her old job. Luckily for her, Daphne was finally willing to accede to Heaven’s wishes and made the decision to leave her old job. From hard, personal experience, one does not want to be on the receiving end of Heaven’s stick.

We can marvel at Heaven’s creativity in this example, as well. Daphne’s destiny has ended at her old job. She has a new one coming up. It is imperative that she arrive at her destiny soon. To this end, her Angels present this new job offer through a close personal friend. Even by then, I could smell Heaven, but Daphne chooses to be uncertain because she is comfortable with her routine, despite her many dissatisfactions with it. Too many times we become comfortable with our old routines and are reluctant to move from them. Importantly, not many of us are convinced that Heaven does, indeed, have plans for us that go above and beyond merely paying the mortgage and vegging out in front of the tube. Our expertise is required in a new environment both for our continued learning as well as for that of the people with whom we will interact. All of Heaven is waiting for us to make the decision to accept our new life. This is important stuff, people, and you are vital to the awakening of world consciousness, no matter how small your circle. So, Heaven presented a deal to Daphne: a new job. Then, when she did not respond, the deal became sweeter. With no response still, Heaven increased the attraction. With no response still from Daphne, Heaven now became serious, presenting her with an ever-increasing work load. The next step might have seen Daphne fired, out the door, on trumped-up charges that accomplished what a sweet deal had not.

From my personal experience, this progression is fairly typical of Angel messages. A gentle nudge is felt, seen, heard, sensed. Sweet promises are made. Sweeter promises are shown. Since Heaven does not wait forever for some of us foot-draggers, it has no compunctions about using a nice, heavy stick on us, showing us just exactly what is in store for us unless we pay heed to Heaven’s call. Let us be smart, my dear Readers. Let us practice constant awareness and vigilant attention so that we can play our part wholeheartedly in living our lives to the full in the richness intended for us by our Angels.

In looking over the posts channeled by your Angels over the past year, I am struck by how many of these posts concern the subject of attitude and belief. The overall message is: that which you believe manifests in your life. To examine your belief system, look about you at your environment, for it is there that you see the fruits of your creation. To change your fruits, change your beliefs (see Archives).

In regard to belief, many of my loyal readers know that I am still struggling with changing my attitudes and beliefs in certain areas, with spotty success. Just last Monday, on 1/11/11, my own Angels sent me a very positive message, which I wish to share with you. As always with my Angels, their message has a large element of teaching and learning connected with it, making it of general interest.

On that day, 1/11/11, I had driven to a particular department store to return some fleece sheets given me as a Christmas present by my sister, Sue. These sheets had been labeled “Full”, but when I put them on the bed, found them to be “Queen”. Too big for the bed and for my pillows, they were nevertheless so warm and cozy that I was not readily willing to part with them. After some discussion with Sue, she persuaded me to return them, saying that she would send me the correct size. So, on that Monday, I rode to the store with the intention of returning those comfy fleece sheets.

The store offered me the choice of an exchange or store credit. Surprised that they had fleece sheets (I had looked for them the year before and could not find them), on a whim I asked where they were located. “On a kiosk near the Men’s Department”, said the clerk. Taking my store credit with me, I strolled through the store on my way to an exit. Although I had no plans to pick up the “Full” sheets, curiosity got the best of me and I began looking for the Men’s Dept. and the kiosk on which the alleged sheets allegedly were displayed. Found the Men’s Dept. Found the kiosk. Found the fleece sheets. Found the “Full” sized sheets. Found the packaging to be smaller than the “Queen” size and considered picking up a set, but didn’t because my sister had said that she would send me replacements.

Turning my back on the sheets, I began walking toward the exit, which was in a direct line with the sheet kiosk. In no special hurry, I meandered past a rack full of hanging stuff, some long, some short, some fluffy, some smooth—all so nondescript that nothing caught my attention except the sheer quantity of it. For some unknown reason, I stopped at the sight of all this stuff, none of which had the slightest interest for me, yet which held me fast. Almost in a trance, I walked around the rack to the other side. I could not have told you why I did so, since that, too was filled with quantities of hanging stuff. In this trance, I walked slowly to nearly the midpoint of the display, my gaze at about 3-4 feet above the floor. At this position, my gaze found a huge, wooden plaque, approximately 18 inches wide by at least 6 inches tall, made of rough, brown wood. Slowly my eyes moved upward to encounter the phrase, “You Can Achieve It”. Jolted, I continued my gaze upward and found the phrase, “If You Believe It”.

I stared, dumbfounded. The phrase, “You Can Achieve It” was in direct answer to my unspoken question of whether I could achieve my stated goal, which I had just the day before given up. I had actually mentally said good-bye to the man who seemed my ideal mate, thinking that he would never be attracted to or interested in me. Now here was my Angels’ message straight from Heaven, written in English, in huge white letters on a huge, brown, ugly, wooden plaque, so big that I couldn’t possibly miss it.

I stared at this wooden plaque, taking the message in, first reading it top to bottom and then bottom to top. Slowly, slowly, as my reasoning faculties returned, I became aware that my Angels were sending me the most powerful message to date that they had ever sent. They were going to a lot of trouble to tell me that yes, indeed, I am able to achieve my desire for my ideal mate and yes, they have every intention of sending me my heart’s desire. There is a hold-up, however, and that hold-up is me. Specifically, the hold-up is my inability to believe that he would be interested in coming into my life. They were telling me that I am able to achieve my desire: the first words I encountered were “You Can Achieve It”—in direct answer to my continuing question of whether my desire was even possible. They were also telling me that in order to achieve my desire, I must do my part, which is to believe that this can come into my life.

My Angels were deadly serious. They are willing to send him to me; they are waiting to send him to me; they are wanting to send him to me, but they cannot, because I have been unable to muster sufficient belief that this dream can actually happen to me. [Remember that sufficient belief is that amount of belief which is the size of a grain of mustard (see June 6, 2010 Belief: the missing link)]. All of this realization washed over me in a profound spirit of conviction. I realized that my Angels were my friends and truly desire to aid me, but they can only go so far. It now becomes my responsibility to fulfill my part of the bargain, which is to believe with my whole heart, body, and soul. Interestingly, I had no goosebumps, no shivers, no thrills, just a deep, solid knowing the content and extent of their message. Playtime’s over, boys and girls, time to get serious.

In some shock that my dream will actually materialize, I spent the next day mulling over the Angel message and digging out from the two feet of snow that Mother Nature had so generously dumped on us. On 1/13/11, on my way to work, I examined closely the idea of belief and how I had been skirting this issue, giving lip-service to it, but not really believing that I could have my ideal mate. I examined closely my attitudes and beliefs. What were my sticking points? What did I not believe? What could I believe? In what form could I believe it? What would it take for me to believe it? How could I actually convince myself to believe it?

With Angelic guidance, I was able to sort through my hopes, fears, and terrors, trying to find a way to believe that someone could find me attractive. I decided that I could believe that I can be cute. Not glamorous, but cute. Perky and cute. I can believe that I am able to be charming. I can believe that I have a delightful and unpredictable sense of humor. I can believe that this combination of cuteness and charm and humor can be used by the Holy Spirit to provide an attractive aura around me, which my future ideal mate will find irresistible. And in thinking along these line, I realized that I have a high IQte. This last had me laughing out loud, which brought me to the next realization: someone with a high IQte is approachable, which is in itself attractive.

After this intense soul-searching and honest appraisal of my strengths, I am able to believe wholeheartedly that they, along with the magic of the Holy Spirit, will bring my ideal mate into my life. This was hard work, having to face my terrors, but how could I turn my back on my willing Angels? How could I turn away their generous gift of an ideal mate, which they are ready to hand to me if I will only do my part? Am I so lazy that I will use the excuse of “it’s too hard”, or “it’s too scary”, or “I’m not worth it”, or other such nonsense? Hardly. I’ll rise to the occasion if it’s the last thing I do, especially for the promise of my ideal mate.

I sincerely hope that you can find strength, hope, and comfort in this little example of Angelic aid and guidance. Perhaps you, too, have some secret desire that you wish fulfilled but believe that you cannot achieve because of specious reasons (and they are all specious). Decide on your dream. Search out those blocks to your belief. Find ways to believe, ways that ring true for you that will allow this dream into your life. Your Angels are more than willing to meet you halfway.

In the last post (January 3, 2011 time enough), your Angels explored the concept of time in the human struggle to meet all of the demands placed on us by both earthly and other dimensional responsibilities. In that post, your Angels showed how viewing time differently can result in more efficient living. They now present a corollary to the time question, for those of us who feel to be overburdened with work.

Our goal-oriented society expects rewards and accolades for achieving a goal. The folk saying goes, “it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game”. That saying really means, “winning is everything; losing is nothing; and no one cares how you play the game”. We are trained since childhood to reach for goals: that grade of “A” on the report card; being picked for the team; getting into the college of our choice; making a respectable salary; buying our dream house; having the most friends on Facebook, and so on. We strive, strive, strive to attain that which we do not have in the hopes of greater happiness and contentment. Achieving all of our dreams can be an awful lot of work and we can feel unduly burdened by some of the difficulties which we encounter on our way to our dreams.

Your Angels respectfully suggest that, as with time, viewing differently the work we do daily can ease that overburdened feeling, thus erasing any concomitant resentment. From our earthly societal point of view, the finished product of our work, our goal, is the entire point of work. From the spiritual dimension, however, the process of work, rather than the finished product, is of utmost importance. It is as we strive toward our goal, problem-solving, working in cooperation with others, finding ways to cooperate with these others, coming up with creative solutions to our roadblocks, backing up and then forging ahead again, that we grow in grace, wisdom, and experience. I remember well one excellent example of striving advocated by Edgar Cayce, also called the Sleeping Prophet, which I did not understand at the time, but which has stayed with me. Now, understanding that not the goal but the process is important, I am able, finally, to understand the message he was sending to his questioner.

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) had been brought up in the South in a conservative Christian home. He had a modest, simple upbringing and was himself a modest, simple man until one day he fell asleep and began diagnosing people’s medical conditions. He advised specific cures, and with these cures, healed disease states usually given up as hopeless by the current medical professionals. After many years of giving only medical information, he began to give what he called “Life Readings” which truly rocked his and his subjects’ worlds. In one of these cases, a woman had come to him complaining that her husband and children just couldn’t seem to get along. She requested help in bringing harmony and love to her warring family. Edgar Cayce gave her no such help. All he told her was that yes, he sees that she has been striving to bring love and harmony into the family, that yes, she has had little to no success thus far, but that she was absolutely doing the right thing. He encouraged her to continue to do as she had done, striving as before to bring peace to the home. He had no further advice for her and ended the session. After reading that I was left with a feeling of abandonment. She had asked for a solution to her problem, a way to reach her goal, and all he told her was to keep doing what she had been doing. With my goal-oriented, American-influenced efficiency, this seemed like no answer at all. What does he mean, keep doing what she has been doing? What she has been doing has not been working (she has not reached her goal) and it seems like she has been wasting her time because she has not reached her goal (efficiency, people, above all, efficiency, because time is money!).

Now, understanding that it is in the process of work that we grow toward our maximum potential, it is clear that Edgar Cayce was encouraging her to use this process to bring the love, peace, and harmony to her family that she so dearly desired. Through creative thinking; through striving to work out interpersonal differences; through kindness, patience, and long-suffering; through small steps made at small intervals, she could reach her goal, but she had to give up the idea of the goal being paramount. Next, she had to give up the idea that somehow she was a failure at creating harmony because she had not reached her goal. Indeed, never once had Cayce chastened her, berating her for failing at her stated goal of bringing peace and harmony to the family life. Instead, he fairly nearly congratulated her on her efforts thus far, encouraging her to continue them, because she was on the right track.

Just as with this example, we can learn to shift our awareness away from our goals and center it on the process we are employing. We can also remind ourselves that in the Spirit dimension, time is not money, since in the Spirit dimension neither time nor money exist. It’s OK that hubby has not taken out the garbage for 10 years straight without you having had to remind him. You are learning to be creative in your requests, you are engaging him in positive, responsible behaviors, and you are learning to keep your temper, thus growing in patience, kindness, and long-suffering. It’s not your concern that he will rot in Hell because he’s a wastrel who won’t pull his share of the load. You are doing the right thing, continuing to grow in awareness and spiritual power.

So, let us not seek to lighten our load by wishing for an early retirement or to win the Mega Millions, or even to attract a sugar daddy. Give thanks that you are still young and strong and that you have this wonderful opportunity before you to grow in love. Orison Swett Marden has a wonderful outlook on the subject of striving, and I quote from his book, He Can Who Thinks He Can:

“We are so constituted that we make our greatest efforts and do our best work while struggling to attain that for which the heart longs. It is practically impossible for most people to make their utmost exertions without imperative necessity for it. It is the constant necessity to improve our condition that has urged us onward and developed the stamina and sterling character of the whole race. History abounds in stories of failures… who started with wealth; and, on the other, it is illuminated with examples of those who owe everything to the spur of necessity.” p. 238

“We did not always see, at the time, that what we got incidentally on the way up from poverty was infinitely better and more precious than the thing we were aiming for—a living, a competence; that the development of a strong man/woman in the mighty struggle with necessity was a thousand times more valuable than the living, the money, or the property gained.” pp. 242-243