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All of us come into this world with intuition, also known as “gut feelings”, “ESP”, “sixth sense”. This sense is normal and natural to us, keeping us in touch with our Source, the place from whence we came and to whence we will go after we shed our physical covering. Despite the completely natural nature of this sense, over time, and with careful education through shame, blame, ridicule, fear, and superstition, most of us either lose this wonderful, innate connection with our Source or become fearful and distrustful of it. While this usual course of events is sad and wasteful, it is understandable if we consider this physical plane as the playground of the Ego, a misperception that has its own agenda (see Reading, “A Course in Miracles”). However, the Ego is an illusion, while our intuition is not and we would do well to return to our roots. This post gives specific, practical instructions in claiming our own talents and gifts, those precious blessings with which we are endowed and, even more than that, are our birthright. This means that not only do these gifts belong to us, but they are us. We can deny what we are, but what is the point of that? Let us claim our birthright and walk tall as children of Heaven.

The first step in reclaiming our intuition, which is really our identity, is to develop our spirituality. This development has nothing to do with the shoulds/don’ts/bads that we might have learned in church. We need give nothing up; we need not pretend to be holy; we need make no sacrifices. To develop our spirituality, we begin with the Recipe for Happiness (see also post, May 7, 2010):

1. Every day, sit, in a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed, for exactly one minute, 60 seconds, no more, no less.
2. Keep your back straight, hands on your knees, palms up (to receive Heaven’s blessings).
3. Empty your mind of all thought and sit in the silence; do not follow your thoughts.
4. Do this faithfully every day until 60 seconds begins to seem like a short time. Then, you are ready to sit for two minutes. When two minutes becomes a short time, move to three minutes, and so on, to a maximum of twenty minutes.
5. Take your time, there is no rush. Do not move ahead until you are ready. Drop back, if you have moved too soon.
6. Remember, take your time. There is no rush. This is the place and now is the time.
The next post will address trust: how to regain our trust in our own sacred intuition. Happy practicing!