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Last week the Angels sent a blithe spirit my way who had such wonders to tell that I must share them with you. Some of them may sound unusual, but I am only the typist, writing what my Angels dictate, sometimes through the words of our fellow human beings.

As always, this encounter began innocuously enough. Having had lunch with a good friend, let us call her Joan, we went to her house to retrieve a book. Her mother, Louise, was visiting. We were introduced, and, within a few sentences, the conversation turned to the extraordinary. Louise began by hesitantly hinting that she had experienced two unusual occurrences in her life. That was all I needed. With gentle encouragement, she told us of the following:

As a younger woman, she was driving along a road in Connecticut, in broad daylight. As she drove, she happened to look toward her left, at a large, open field. Still driving, she suddenly became aware of a saucer-shaped object descending toward the ground, gently drifting. She said that it made no sound, just drifted down gently, touched down, then just as gently, drifted up and away. The craft was approximately 20 feet in diameter, silver, rounded, with flashing lights near the top. There was absolutely no sound. Other drivers on that same highway also saw the craft, but no one stopped; all continued on their way, as did Louise. She never doubted that she was awake and in full possession of her senses. For quite a while, Louise scanned the newspaper to see whether anyone had reported this sighting. She also wondered whether she might meet some of the other travelers on that highway to speak to them about this unusual sighting. After telling me this story, she looked at me to see whether or not I thought she was crazy. I assured her that I look for UFOs nightly and we all laughed.

At a later time in her life, Louise’s mother lay dying. Louise was at her side at the moment of departure. Louise turned her head slightly, looking away from her mother, and just then, she saw a silvery substance drift out of her mother’s body and dissolve gently into the air. Turning to look at her mother squarely, Louise saw nothing out of the ordinary, aside from her mother’s body. This memory had remained with her for all of this time. As she told me the story, she said in wonder, “I saw my mother’s spirit leave her body!”

After Louise told us of these wonders—seeming grateful that we did not think her demented, she haltingly mentioned that she had yet one more incredible tale to tell. Finding approval on our faces, she told us that at one point in her life, she needed to have a spinal tap while in the hospital. The doctor prepared her back, then inserted the needle into her spinal cavity. Immediately, she found herself floating above her body, watching the people below her beginning to realize that there was a problem. Quickly reacting, they began CPR, and Louise saw them pushing on her chest. She, herself, knew that she was fine and wondered what all the fuss was about. Watching them work on her body, she began to feel a tug, a pull, away from the hospital scene. Looking up, she saw in the distance a tunnel, the edges of which were coming closer. She watched this tunnel growing larger, coming closer, and feeling the tug growing stronger. Suddenly she decided that she was not ready to go just yet and poof! she found herself back in her body, this time wracked with pain. Such pain! She said it took a long time for the pain to go away.

Questioning her closely about her decision to stay behind, Louise said that she just felt that she was not ready to leave, that she still had business connected with her body, so the decision to stay was quite natural. As to a Spiritual Being, which some people report encountering, Louise said she did not see one, although she did see a light that was beginning to gleam in the tunnel as it came closer to her.

As she told us this last and final occurrence, she seemed satisfied with having given out this important information that she had been carrying within herself for all of these years. She was calm, composed, serene. As for me, I was aghast. Here was a person I had only just met, sharing with me vitally important information that corroborates nearly everything that I have read and researched for over 40 years: UFOs, the existence of the Spirit, and a classic NDE, all in the space of 20 minutes. Despite skepticism and cynicism in some people, everyday wonders like these told by Louise actually happen and actually are true. There is a life and existence beyond the one we have in our bodies and it behooves us to keep our eyes, ears, and, particularly our minds, open. Peeps, you never know from whence your education will come or how your Angels will present it, so stay open to those everyday wonders.

“Little darlin’, it’s been a long, cold, lonely winter. Little darlin’ it feels like years since it’s been clear. Here comes the sun (doo doo doo doo); here comes the sun, what I say. It’s all right.” (from “Here Comes the Sun”, sung by the Beatles). It has, indeed, been a long, cold, lonely winter up here in the frozen tundra of New England and we are finally digging ourselves out. Crocuses are in full bloom, smiling at the sun, while busy and resourceful little bees sip their nectar for future honey pots; tulips peek out of the warm earth, stretching upward in anticipation of glowing red in the full light of day; peepers cheep in the wetlands, singing, “Pick me!! Pick me!!” I, too, have thawed and am bursting with unusual thoughts, occurrences, and revelations after a long, frozen, dry spell. Welcome back, dear Readers, and Happy Spring to you!

One of the most unusual experiences I have had in a long list of many strange and unusual experiences has to do with crystals. If this had not happened to me, I would have been hard pressed to accept it as a reality. Happen it did. I present my experience to you to read it, ponder it, examine it, test it, and perhaps to provide me with an explanation of what exactly occurred. Let us turn, then, to the story:

Some short time ago, a woman of my acquaintance, Lola, spoke to me glowingly of her crystal work, mentioning that she uses crystals in her capacity as a healer. Specifically, she spoke of Lemurian crystals, discussed extensively by a remarkable woman from the UK, one, Diana Cooper, who has written several books on this subject (see Links). According to Ms. Cooper, Lemurian crystals are 10 times more powerful than Reiki in the ability to heal, and were used by the Lemurians (in a civilization that pre-dated Atlantis) to heal the earth. These crystals are now available from mines in Brazil and can again be used for healing. As Lola waxed eloquent on this subject, adding that certain crystals spread heat through her palms when placed in her hand, I listened with an open but admittedly skeptical mind, since I had had no prior experience with any form of crystal work.

After a few minutes of explanation, Lola produced two small, flat boxes. She opened one to reveal a singularly unimpressive quartz crystal. Obviously rough-hewn, it measured approximately 3.5-4 inches in height, about 1.5-2 inches in width in the rough shape of an obelisk. Several of the faces were smooth, but much of the crystal was bubbly and coarse, much as it must have looked while still in the earth. The smooth faces stretched upward, coming to a rough point. Lola dropped it into my open left palm and immediately I experienced……………nothing. No warmth, no tingle, no gasp, no nothing.

Looking rather dumbly at this hunk of rock in my hand, I was suddenly inspired to pass my right palm over the top of the crystal, cupping it between my two hands, but without toughing my right palm to the crystal. As I did this, I felt a deep, low, electromagnet hum: WAHMP……WAHMP……WAHMP, repeated rhythmically, like the hum of a small, but mighty electric motor. I took my right palm away. The hum stopped. I returned my right hand; the deep-throated hum returned. In great surprise, I turned to Lola and asked her whether she had heard and felt this deep, electric throbbing. She said, “no”, that she had felt heat, but heard no hum. It felt to me as if there was a huge voltage across this crystal which had turned to current flow as I completed the circuit when my palms faced each other with the crystal between. Interestingly, there was no electric shock, just the very deep, electric hum. Taking the crystal from my palm, Lola chattered some more about crystals, how each one is tuned to the individual and that to pick one requires touching or being near to it, to observe one’s reaction. For her, since she feels heat, it is necessary to touch the crystal. Others can feel vibrations, or, in my case, an odd, electric throbbing.

My gaze turned to the second little box on the desk. Although up to this point, crystals had only been pretty colored rocks to me, now I was on fire to see this newest crystal. I couldn’t in politeness ask Lola to take it out and put it into my palm, but she was already removing the cover, as if in accord with my silent, unspoken request. This crystal was infinitely more interesting to me than the first, although I could not have given a rational reason for my heightened interest. Smaller than the first, it measured approximately 2.5-3 inches in height and, perhaps, 1/2 inch in diameter. It, too, was in the shape of an obelisk, but with more than 4 faces, all coming to a point. On one of the smooth faces, tiny horizontal marks, as if etched with a fine pin point or laser, lined the surface, nearly from top to bottom. It was these marks that drew my gaze. I knew from somewhere that these marks were information stored in this crystal, though how and why information would be on the crystal was a question that I could not answer. I held up my palm and Lola laid the crystal on it. As I turned away from her, toward my left, I immediately saw in my mind’s eye the curvature of the earth, close to the ground. In this incredible span of ground, approximately 1/8th of the circumference of the earth, I saw several of these crystals stuck into the ground—much like our high-voltage towers, angled so that their peaks pointed toward each other. Above the peaks, electromagnetic signals, or signals of this type of frequency, were being broadcast between the crystals, connecting them into a cohesive whole, sending some type of information.

Turning to Lola in awe, I tried to describe my vision to her, “I don’t know how to say this, but these crystals were connected and they were sending information in the form of some kind of energy that radiated from their tops”. Without batting an eyelash, Lola told me that, yes, indeed, these crystals had been planted in the earth by the Lemurians and the crystals had communicated between themselves for some purpose, purportedly to heal the planet. As she said this, goose bumps coursed all up and down my body, until I was almost resonating with them. I also knew that the crystal had much more to tell me, but that it would be impolite to go further with this discussion at this time. Reluctantly, I returned the small crystal to Lola and asked her whether the crystal had spoken to her, as well. She said that she would need to meditate on it, but to date, it had not shown her anything like what I had seen.

Then and there, I knew that my next and first stop would be at a crystal shop close by, where, interestingly enough, they sell Lemurian crystals. I can see the color and the number. They must all have the horizontal markings. I can see, too, that once one crystal is in my possession, I will be connected to all of the crystals on the planet and who knows what ancient information they will reveal.

That is my unusual experience. From regarding crystals as pretty, innocent, pointy hunks of rock, I am now aflame to storm that crystal shop and see what kinds of reactions I might receive from them. If any of you have had crystal experience or can recommend reading on this subject, please share it with us. It might contribute to the change in world consciousness which is currently proceeding at an every faster pace.

Yesterday’s post (February 27, 2011 Heaven knows best) gave us an excellent example of the experience of someone whose path had changed from her old job. It showed how her Angels had tried to alert her to her new position and what had happened when she made the decision not to accept their direction. Today’s post continues that same thought, again bringing home how much we can get in our own way when it comes to Angelic messages.

Another friend, Paula, like Daphne, had received a sweet, sweet job offer at another company. At her old company, which she frankly described as dysfunctional, Paula was well-regarded, but, as with many companies, had interpersonal and financial challenges. In this new company, Paula, as with Daphne, was offered more money—$100/week more; a kindly, fair, considerate supervisor; a congenial work environment; less stress. In addition, the person presenting the offer told her that Paula had been specifically chosen because of her maturity and experience, which would be an asset to the corporation.

Wouldn’t anyone accept such Heaven on earth? Not Paula. She interviewed, then went into intellectual mode, in a clear quandary as to her next step, apparently unable or unwilling to hear or accept her Angels’ crystal clear message. She talked with some of her friends and solicited their opinion. She said that she prayed and fasted, asking to be shown the path when it was glaringly apparent before her. In the end, after much tortured soul-searching, she declined Heaven’s offer.

In hearing of this, her Angels went into commando mode, setting me on her with a vengeance. I was pushed to call her and then they talked to her through me. Instead of listening, she threw words at me, seeming to have come to a conclusion that her Angels wished her to stay in her old position. They tried to explain through me that her work was done at her old job and new people were waiting for her to interact with them for their continued growth. This made no impression on her. I actually apologized for being so forceful, letting her know that these words were only coming through me and were not my own. For me, I fully realize that people’s lives are theirs to live and their decisions are theirs to make, without my interference. In every way, I tried to convince her that it was her very interested Angels who prompted me to contact her and who were now literally haranguing her.

Her Angels tried every tack they could to help her understand the importance of her decision. They spoke sweetly to her. They spoke sharply to her. They employed her own scriptural words with her. They sat quietly and listened while she rambled on, but they were unremitting in their insistence that she move to her new position. After nearly an hour, her solid veneer began to crack. She finally admitted the real reasons why she had declined the offer. First, she was afraid that she had been chosen for the position to serve as a mentor in an area in which she was not comfortable. She was afraid that she would be found wanting and so be judged harshly by her fellow employees. Secondly, she admitted to me and to herself that, exactly like Daphne, she was comfortable in her old job, despite the dysfunctionality, and did not want to start something new. She, like Daphne, looked only to her own wants and desires and did not consider that she has a larger role to play than to comfortably amble through life, collecting a paycheck and avoiding perceived unpleasantness.

With these admissions out in the open, for her to plainly see, speak, and feel, the Angels lightened up. They discussed with her the baselessnes of her fears. They sought to give her personal strength in speaking to her in phrases and images with which she was comfortable, telling her to “put on the armor of God”, to be invincible to the slights of others. Again they sought to appeal to her higher Self, pointing out to her the importance to the world of her accepting this new position. In the end, she was still not as convinced as was Daphne, but she was listening. Since this story has not yet been resolved, I only pray that Heaven does not bring out the stick, because it will be a complete shock to poor Paula.

Looking to what we can learn for our own lives from this example, we can clearly see that fear and the “comfort factor” are large factors in decision-making. We are afraid to trust our Angels to our future, thinking that if we do not control it and cannot see down the road, the future will not go well. We are uncomfortable with not knowing, when all is on a “need to know” basis. Our Angels will keep us safe and let us know all we need to know as we need to know it.

Also very much to the point, it is all too easy to become comfortable with our routines, no matter how deleterious and stultifying to our personal growth. Ignoring our Angels’ clearly transmitted messages, we look to our own petty wants and desires, allowing vast riches in all areas to pass us by. If we could only look up from our tiny opinions for a brief second and attempt to look at a bigger picture, we would clearly see that Heaven’s wishes are exactly our wishes. If we could look just a little farther up the road, we would see that the one we are on either comes to a complete dead-end in a filthy garbage heap or drops off sheerly into depths of despair and hopelessness. If we could pry our fingers off our own personal opinions and listen to a wiser voice, we would agree wholeheartedly that our present course is complete and a new road awaits us.

Luckily, the situation is not hopeless. We can train ourselves to rise above ourselves by diligent effort. Our Angels are always available for help and guidance as they speak to us directly or through others. Practice listening to a voice other than your own. Practice following those little hunches and gut feelings that seem so trivial and inconsequential. Practice getting out of your way by saying, “Your will be done; make my will yours”, then acting as if you actually believed this statement. Practice every day at every opportunity so that you may find your true path to the Light.

In looking over the posts channeled by your Angels over the past year, I am struck by how many of these posts concern the subject of attitude and belief. The overall message is: that which you believe manifests in your life. To examine your belief system, look about you at your environment, for it is there that you see the fruits of your creation. To change your fruits, change your beliefs (see Archives).

In regard to belief, many of my loyal readers know that I am still struggling with changing my attitudes and beliefs in certain areas, with spotty success. Just last Monday, on 1/11/11, my own Angels sent me a very positive message, which I wish to share with you. As always with my Angels, their message has a large element of teaching and learning connected with it, making it of general interest.

On that day, 1/11/11, I had driven to a particular department store to return some fleece sheets given me as a Christmas present by my sister, Sue. These sheets had been labeled “Full”, but when I put them on the bed, found them to be “Queen”. Too big for the bed and for my pillows, they were nevertheless so warm and cozy that I was not readily willing to part with them. After some discussion with Sue, she persuaded me to return them, saying that she would send me the correct size. So, on that Monday, I rode to the store with the intention of returning those comfy fleece sheets.

The store offered me the choice of an exchange or store credit. Surprised that they had fleece sheets (I had looked for them the year before and could not find them), on a whim I asked where they were located. “On a kiosk near the Men’s Department”, said the clerk. Taking my store credit with me, I strolled through the store on my way to an exit. Although I had no plans to pick up the “Full” sheets, curiosity got the best of me and I began looking for the Men’s Dept. and the kiosk on which the alleged sheets allegedly were displayed. Found the Men’s Dept. Found the kiosk. Found the fleece sheets. Found the “Full” sized sheets. Found the packaging to be smaller than the “Queen” size and considered picking up a set, but didn’t because my sister had said that she would send me replacements.

Turning my back on the sheets, I began walking toward the exit, which was in a direct line with the sheet kiosk. In no special hurry, I meandered past a rack full of hanging stuff, some long, some short, some fluffy, some smooth—all so nondescript that nothing caught my attention except the sheer quantity of it. For some unknown reason, I stopped at the sight of all this stuff, none of which had the slightest interest for me, yet which held me fast. Almost in a trance, I walked around the rack to the other side. I could not have told you why I did so, since that, too was filled with quantities of hanging stuff. In this trance, I walked slowly to nearly the midpoint of the display, my gaze at about 3-4 feet above the floor. At this position, my gaze found a huge, wooden plaque, approximately 18 inches wide by at least 6 inches tall, made of rough, brown wood. Slowly my eyes moved upward to encounter the phrase, “You Can Achieve It”. Jolted, I continued my gaze upward and found the phrase, “If You Believe It”.

I stared, dumbfounded. The phrase, “You Can Achieve It” was in direct answer to my unspoken question of whether I could achieve my stated goal, which I had just the day before given up. I had actually mentally said good-bye to the man who seemed my ideal mate, thinking that he would never be attracted to or interested in me. Now here was my Angels’ message straight from Heaven, written in English, in huge white letters on a huge, brown, ugly, wooden plaque, so big that I couldn’t possibly miss it.

I stared at this wooden plaque, taking the message in, first reading it top to bottom and then bottom to top. Slowly, slowly, as my reasoning faculties returned, I became aware that my Angels were sending me the most powerful message to date that they had ever sent. They were going to a lot of trouble to tell me that yes, indeed, I am able to achieve my desire for my ideal mate and yes, they have every intention of sending me my heart’s desire. There is a hold-up, however, and that hold-up is me. Specifically, the hold-up is my inability to believe that he would be interested in coming into my life. They were telling me that I am able to achieve my desire: the first words I encountered were “You Can Achieve It”—in direct answer to my continuing question of whether my desire was even possible. They were also telling me that in order to achieve my desire, I must do my part, which is to believe that this can come into my life.

My Angels were deadly serious. They are willing to send him to me; they are waiting to send him to me; they are wanting to send him to me, but they cannot, because I have been unable to muster sufficient belief that this dream can actually happen to me. [Remember that sufficient belief is that amount of belief which is the size of a grain of mustard (see June 6, 2010 Belief: the missing link)]. All of this realization washed over me in a profound spirit of conviction. I realized that my Angels were my friends and truly desire to aid me, but they can only go so far. It now becomes my responsibility to fulfill my part of the bargain, which is to believe with my whole heart, body, and soul. Interestingly, I had no goosebumps, no shivers, no thrills, just a deep, solid knowing the content and extent of their message. Playtime’s over, boys and girls, time to get serious.

In some shock that my dream will actually materialize, I spent the next day mulling over the Angel message and digging out from the two feet of snow that Mother Nature had so generously dumped on us. On 1/13/11, on my way to work, I examined closely the idea of belief and how I had been skirting this issue, giving lip-service to it, but not really believing that I could have my ideal mate. I examined closely my attitudes and beliefs. What were my sticking points? What did I not believe? What could I believe? In what form could I believe it? What would it take for me to believe it? How could I actually convince myself to believe it?

With Angelic guidance, I was able to sort through my hopes, fears, and terrors, trying to find a way to believe that someone could find me attractive. I decided that I could believe that I can be cute. Not glamorous, but cute. Perky and cute. I can believe that I am able to be charming. I can believe that I have a delightful and unpredictable sense of humor. I can believe that this combination of cuteness and charm and humor can be used by the Holy Spirit to provide an attractive aura around me, which my future ideal mate will find irresistible. And in thinking along these line, I realized that I have a high IQte. This last had me laughing out loud, which brought me to the next realization: someone with a high IQte is approachable, which is in itself attractive.

After this intense soul-searching and honest appraisal of my strengths, I am able to believe wholeheartedly that they, along with the magic of the Holy Spirit, will bring my ideal mate into my life. This was hard work, having to face my terrors, but how could I turn my back on my willing Angels? How could I turn away their generous gift of an ideal mate, which they are ready to hand to me if I will only do my part? Am I so lazy that I will use the excuse of “it’s too hard”, or “it’s too scary”, or “I’m not worth it”, or other such nonsense? Hardly. I’ll rise to the occasion if it’s the last thing I do, especially for the promise of my ideal mate.

I sincerely hope that you can find strength, hope, and comfort in this little example of Angelic aid and guidance. Perhaps you, too, have some secret desire that you wish fulfilled but believe that you cannot achieve because of specious reasons (and they are all specious). Decide on your dream. Search out those blocks to your belief. Find ways to believe, ways that ring true for you that will allow this dream into your life. Your Angels are more than willing to meet you halfway.

Not long ago, I was ranting and raving to my Angels about how few resources I seem to have at my disposal, given the monumental tasks they have laid out for me. In particular, I seem to be extremely short on time. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time to do everything that needs to be done on a regular basis, not to mention taking time for the many unexpected things that come up from day to day.

While it is tempting to elaborate about my many burdens, each of you, doubtless, has just as many demands—if not more—for your time, as well. All philosophy aside for a moment, I confess to feeling quite put out with all that is expected of me. Yes, I am whining, and sometimes I actually rant and rave. “There is no time!” I wail to entities who exist in a dimension devoid of time. “I need more time!” I cry to timeless beings.

After one particularly large stormcloud of negativity, my Angels quietly showed me where to find so much time that there is seemingly time to burn. It lies in the little areas of time between time and it lies in understanding that much of what we need to accomplish takes less time than it takes to whine about it. Let us take washing dishes as an example. The sink is full of dirty dishes and the plants are gasping for water. You absolutely must leave for work in 20 minutes. It seems that the choices are either wash the dishes or water the plants. It turns out that this is not an either/or question. There is actually time for both things, with a little efficiency and some quick action. Washing the dishes takes, at most, 15 minutes. Watering the plants takes, at most, 10 minutes. Neither task takes hours. In fact, you can run the water for the dishes while you are watering the plants, so that the entire affair probably will take, at most, 15 minutes. Voila! The kitchen is clean, the plants succulent, and you are a happy camper, with 5 minutes to spare.

The most striking example I can present to you, though, of actually having more time than seemingly is present, is a particular Saturday morning after my rant session about having no time. I had returned home at 1:00 a.m. and had gone to bed quickly. Arising at 9:30 a.m., I washed, dried my hair, dressed, did my morning devotions, and was out the door by 11:00 a.m. I picked up the mail, drove 8 miles to town, paid my mortgage, and shopped for Christmas baking and cooking, returning home by 12:30 p.m. With all of this under my belt, I still had an entire hour before I had to leave for work. In that hour, I had a leisurely breakfast, complete with a restorative cup of coffee and dessert. Now I still had 30 minutes! It almost seemed as if time had become dilated after my hearty rant! In that time, I straightened up in the kitchen and picked up some of the inevitable clutter that occurs with a busy household. I left the house at 1:30 p.m., having accomplished more in a short period of time than I thought possible.

Since then, I am acutely aware of how much time we can waste. Perhaps we waste it by dreading a particular task. I remember dreading a task for six straight months. Then, one day, I decided to tackle it. The entire task was finished in less than three days. I had wasted 6 good months dreading a task which I accomplished in its entirety in less than three days. Mind-boggling! Perhaps we waste time by thinking that we have no time. If you find yourself in this situation, notice how long it takes you to do the dishes, for example, or the laundry, or anything else, provided that you do the task without interruptions. If a task is, indeed, multi-faceted and extremely large, allocate 15 minutes a day to it. Faithfully devote 15 minutes each day. Set the microwave timer. Stay at it until the 15 minutes is up. Do this every day. Before you know it, your office will be cleaned up and so will your basement.

Whatever your particular dilemma with time, your Angels assure you that you have time enough, if you are clever in looking for it. Some keys to productive time management are avoidance of procrastination, consistent effort, remaining with a task until it is completed, and rest periods to reward yourself for having persisted in your efforts.

Both your Angels and I wish you the best for the coming year. May it be productive, now that you have a new handle on Time.