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Many of us have heard the old saying, “I’ll believe it when I see it”. Not many know that things are really the other way around: you’ll see it when you believe it. This happens because thoughts are things. That bears repeating in caps: THOUGHTS ARE THINGS. What you believe you manifest; what you cannot believe will not come into your life. So, you will see what you believe. This was brought home to me not long ago after a purchase I made had gone awry.

Having moved recently to a much smaller dwelling, I found there was not enough room for my books. The thought occurred to me that I could buy an ornamental bookcase or cabinet to store my books that could be decorative as well as functional. Amazingly, I found a beautiful antique cabinet that would fit the bill. After careful measuring, looking, thinking, planning, and visualizing, I took the plunge and bought it. It was delivered to my house along with the key, and I turned the key to open the door. The key did not work. It would not unlock the cabinet. There I was, with a beautiful antique wooden cabinet that had just become useless. I cannot even begin to describe my emotions.

Finally taking control, I called the antique store, whose personnel had not been very friendly or helpful up until now. Nevertheless, one of the co-owners agreed to come to my house to unlock the door. She came quickly, and I stayed out of her way, as she tried repeatedly without success to unlock the door. Still staying out of her way, I began washing the dishes, taking my attention away from that blasted locked door. As my mind wandered, I recalled in times past how I had pictured something occurring and then having that thing actually happen in real life very soon after I began picturing it. So, I started picturing the door being open and how happy both of us would be as we viewed the open door. Within five minutes, she had the door open, when for the past 1/2 hour she had had no success whatsoever. We jumped around, shouted, whooped, and congratulated each other. I thanked her profusely for her help and vowed never to lock that door again.

Since THOUGHTS ARE THINGS, why wouldn’t everyone begin picturing abundance and happiness? Why not indeed? Keep your sunny side up, see, feel, and breathe your aspirations, then expect them to happen. You won’t even be able to recognize your life.

“Everybody falls. It’s all in how you get back up.” These were the words of a beautiful, sweet-natured young woman, just 34 years old, who had been injured several years ago while snow-boarding. Interestingly, she had already been snow-boarding with friends earlier that day on a different mountain, in a different state, and was on her way home. They decided to stop for one last run on one last mountain. She knew that she should not do it; that she was tired, but she allowed herself to be persuaded. Heedless to her intuition—her internal warning center—she snowboarded anyway, and broke her neck. Now, multiple surgeries later, she was my patient for several days.

In caring for her, I was struck by her patience, perseverance, and tolerance for pain and annoyance that all comes with having surgery and being stuck in the hospital. She patiently endured all that we had to do to her and really only asked for help when she needed it, cooperating with her care for her greater benefit.

When it came time for her to be discharged, I found to my surprise that the Angels had arranged for me to take her to the lobby in a wheelchair, while her husband went ahead to get the car. While waiting in the lobby, I was moved to comment on her patience with her situation and the graciousness with which she was coping with her current lot in life. She told me that it hadn’t been easy, but she has learned to take one day at a time.

“And,” she said, “everybody falls. It’s all in how you get up.”

Her words gave me chills and I realized that I was in the presence of someone who had much to offer us with her simple words. It is, indeed, true that everybody falls. All of us have had bigger or larger problems with which to cope, some of them devastating. Life does it to everybody, no matter how rich, poor, well, ill, beautiful or fugly, fat or thin. What really contributes to our growth is how we get back up. Do we whine and cry, shaking our fist at an uncaring Universe, feeling very picked-on and abandoned? (this one is my personal favorite) Do we, like this young woman, do what we need to do, giving gratitude for what we have and taking one day at a time? (I’m working toward this…) Do we blame anyone and everyone for our misfortune, conveniently forgetting that we create everything and everyone around us?

After multiple surgeries, this young woman has had plenty of opportunities for getting back up graciously and it truly shows. She radiated a sweet kindness that is not often seen with people who have been in constant pain. Perhaps this is what Edgar Cayce had in mind as an effect when he counseled us to be patient and persevering, and, above all, long-suffering. Since Life gives us plenty of opportunities to be long-suffering, we may as well make the best of it. This, in turn, will bring out the best in us and, surprisingly, in those around us. Getting back up with dignity and graciousness is what it’s all about. I hope to remember that the next time I’m face-down in some situation. ­čÖé

Hot off the press, your Angels wish me to share information with you and they are not allowing me to do anything else until their communication has been posted for your benefit. My sister, Martha, called me unexpectedly this afternoon to chat and mentioned that she was reading psychic John Edward’s book, Crossing Over (see Links). As she was speaking, a picture formed in my mind: the picture of a beautiful butterfly, flitting, flitting, flitting. Instantly I knew that her Angels had a message for her, but would she wish to hear it?

Apologetically I said, “Marth, I have a message for you. Don’t shoot the messenger, okay?” She quieted and waited for the message. Her Angels showed me the beautiful butterfly, a monarch with a thick, black body and sculpted, delicate antennae, flitting from flower to flower in a beautiful garden, sipping a little here, sipping a little there. Then, I saw it landing, “lighting”, the Angels called it, with its body still, wings moving rhythmically up and down, sipping. Her Angels were instructing her to “light”, as when an insect stops and is still.

Intrigued, Martha wondered aloud on which particular spot she should alight. The answer came that she was not to alight on a specific spot, per se. Rather, her Angels were instructing her to cease being so busy in her everyday life, flying from one activity to another, from one thought to another, flit, flit, flit, without heed for direction or quality of experience. When she seemed unsure, still, of their message, her Angels showed me the beautiful butterfly from above, alight on a flower, its outstretched wings moving rhythmically up and down, sipping long and deeply. Their words were, “when you alight for a time, you drink from the nectar of wisdom”. She was very quiet and at last said, “oh, I like that”. Interestingly, her Angels chose the visual image of the butterfly specifically for her, and then used specific language, “…alighting for a time”; “…drinking from the nectar of wisdom”. They chose these pictures and words to connect with her specifically. Her Angels spoke to her, through me, in a way that would reach deep inside her, resonate with her core, and result in her taking this Angelic message seriously.

Martha’s Angels poked, prodded, and pried me to immediately post this entire visual, feeling, and verbal message, since so much information is contained herein for everyone. How many of us just gallop through life, racing from one activity to another, from one thought to another, craving excitement, craving change for its own sake, running as if a thousand devils were chasing us? Just like that beautiful butterfly, we flit, flit, flit; sip a little here, sip a little there, barely tasting the rich nectar before us as we search with our eyes for the next flower. How much Angelic guidance is passing us by now as we catapult ourselves toward the next instant? And how much richer would our lives be if we were to stop, slow down, savor each present moment and wring all we can from it? Like the butterfly, let us alight, then, dear readers, and sip deeply from the nectar of wisdom.

Your Guides and Angels sincerely desire for you to have the very best in life, and to accomplish that, they are always ready and available with aid to help you on your journey. Although they are vitally interested in you and in your journey, they do not force themselves on you, only make themselves available. Thus, your free will to ignore them and their divinely inspired aid is kept intact.

Aware as your Angles are of your free will, they still encourage you to listen to guidance. So why listen? What’s in it for you, anyway (see also May 10, 2010 Rewards of Listening to Guidance)? On one level, you can know that you are following the best advice possible, tailored specifically for you by your very own Guides and Angels, who can see a much bigger picture that you could possibly see. Because this advice is so specific for you, in the long run you will always see how things worked out for the best for you, even if it seems like a disaster at the time. If that reasoning seems dry, then try this: listening to guidance is fun! Yes, you read correctly: it’s fun! Here’s how the fun works: you hear a voice; get a strong feeling; feel an urge; see a sign; get a physical push. You take heed; you pay attention. You follow the directions and do, think, act in accordance with these directions. Something terrific happens and you stand in awe of both the process and the result. The feeling that comes over you—truly shock and awe—is indescribable. You feel like you can fly. Once you get into the habit of this, following guidance becomes a game, a fun, thrilling exciting game, rather than a contest of wills. If you will indulge me a moment, I would like to share with you my own latest thrill and awe in connection with Angelic guidance.

Some time ago, I was in dark despair over the future of these little posts. I wrote on September 20, 1020 (Little Drops of Water) that my work seemed to be done in a vacuum with no purpose in the living, breathing world. As I thought these dark thoughts, drifting in from the northwest corner of my brain comes the clear transmission to just keep at it, just keep plugging away because the Angelic messages are really important, to pay no attention to my seeming lack of readership because the world will catch up with me one day and find these messages to be timely. That mollified me somewhat and I followed their advice, kept on writing, with the knowledge that someone, somewhere, sometime would benefit from these Angelic messages. Now I find that, to date, no fewer than 453 people in 17 countries around the world have tuned in to this humble website, to read these important Angelic messages. I was in total awe at how correct my Angels were in their advice to me. After this, how can I ignore my Angels when they are so correct?

The hard part for us is to believe these communications from our Angels when all around us things look contrary to what they might be telling us. It is at these times that your previous experience with their counsel and your hard-won faith in their advice will pull you through. Your fear lessens; your confidence in them and in yourself increases; you become unflappable in straitened circumstances because you know your Angels are helping you get through the rough times. Just keep at it, one small step at a time. Then you’ll be ready for the great, big goodies your Angels have to offer you.

Yesterday’s post (September 8, 2010, Living the Dream) presented the idea that everything we see in and around us is the result of our dreaming. Your Angels then suggested an interesting exercise in awareness: to look at your own environment dispassionately; to actually see what you have manifested for yourselves in your dreaming. They asked, “what does this say about that person? If you were to take charge of the dreaming, what would you change? What would you keep?”

One of my faithful readers did, indeed, look critically at the environment which she created and decided that it was an absolute mess. Your Angels found this outlook humorous and the comment to be tongue-in-cheek. As with any humor, though, some truth may be found in it. While “absolute mess” is a rather harsh way to describe the situation, no doubt the reader, as many others, could benefit from re-thinking some parts of her dream. Perhaps overwhelmed by what one sees, though, one could be tempted to give up immediately, deciding that re-thinking this particular dream would be too much work. Fear of changing the dream could result, too, as judgment is made that so many past choices had proved wrong.

It is at this time that the concept of the eternal now becomes so valuable. We are continuously only ever in the present moment, and that present moment stretches endlessly before us. Therefore, the present is all that need concern us. We change the present and thereby change the future. If re-dreaming seems like too much work, remember that you brought each of those knick-knacks into your home, one piece at a time. You can re-dream them out of your life one piece at a time, as well. That settles the question of re-dreaming being too much work. Clean up your environment one dream at a time. Take your time. You have all the time you need, as the present stretches endlessly before you (see Reading, One Small Step Can Change Your Life).

An eternal now also lays to rest any fear of making a wrong choice in dreaming. Here, in this dimension, you are at play in the fields of the Lord. You are learning of your ability to create. Children sometimes make horrible messes of sculptures or paintings or drawings or figurines. If they do, they trash them and start anew. No one worries about the lumpy bird or the weirdly carved bullfrog and no one decides that those misshapen figures were wrong choices. They learn from the last one so that the next one will be better. So it is with your re-dreaming. You have accepted your environment up to now. Becoming aware, you have decided to re-think it. You can laugh at some of your childish wants, like those jeweled cat’s-eye glasses that were just the latest thing back in the ’70’s or the avocado flocked wallpaper that you just couldn’t live without. Without need to criticize yourself, you can gently, lovingly lay the past to rest and repaper your walls. Quickly.

As you look about you at your environment, inside and out, your Angels encourage you to be gentle with yourselves. Accept your past dreaming as that of a person unaware. Your past choices were neither right nor wrong, they just were. Most of them were probably pretty good, for your not knowing your elbow from a hole in the ground. Now you are becoming aware in your dreaming. And from the present, in your newly aware state of dreaming, you choices will again be just right. As one of my faithful readers has so eloquently written, “the eternal now is the promise of a fresh start every instant”. No doubt, you will use it for your benefit, with the loving aid of your Angels.