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An on-going theme of many of these posts has been that of dreaming and of dreaming big, i.e., dreaming out of your comfort zone (see Archives). I have written that your Angels have designated me as Supreme Guinea Pig in the dreaming big department as the pioneer who paves the way. Their idea is that if I, an ordinary mortal, am able to achieve the objects of my definite purposes in life (see Reading, Think and Grow Rich), then you, too, are able to achieve the same results, as you, too, tap into your divine nature.

In this journey, which began in the week of April 27, 2010, I have encountered many milestones and obstacles. An initial euphoria gave way to paralyzing fear, which lead to nail-biting doubt. Between my readers’ kind encouragement, which I acknowledge with sincere, heartfelt thanks, and my dogged persistence in following the guidelines laid down by Napoleon Hill (see reading, Think and Grow Rich), I have transcended euphoria, fear, and doubt and have entered a solid, steady driving pace, much like the long-distance runner who is in the race for the long haul.

In the midst of this smug self-congratulation, your Angels would like to point out that two of their insight flashes* contributed directly to my new-found steadfastness and aided greatly my subsequent feeling of calm acceptance.

One of these flashes contained the following message of supreme import: it does not matter what we dream because everything on this dimension is a dream (see also Reading, A Course in Miracles). For those of you who have read and studied A Course in Miracles, this statement comes as no surprise. For everyone else, this statement can seem revolutionary. Yet, even in New Age circles, it is understood that we—humans collectively—created the Universe in a dream as a joke, then forgot the joke. As an analogy, think back to some of your sleeping dreams which you create, at how vivid they can be and imbued with such detail. The sky is not just blue, but perhaps azure blue or cerulean blue, or even a hazy, pale blue; dotted with not just clouds, but with cumulous clouds or cirrus clouds. The sun feels hot. The water feels cool and wet. Riding on a rollercoaster gives the sensation of going up the track and the weightless feeling as it plummets can be enough to awaken you. As your sleeping dreams are complete to every last minuscule detail, so are your waking dreams: our own private universe, the one through which we move while we are awake.

As we feel no guilt, remorse, regret, or any other negative emotion while experiencing our sleeping dreams, we need have no qualms, then, either, about our waking dreams. Understanding that everything around us is a dream—which we have created—we can then experiment with other kinds of dreams. Just as a body builder often flexes muscles as a test of prowess and to push toward the next level, so extending the size and shape of our dreaming flexes our spiritual muscles and makes us stronger spiritually as, through dreaming, we come to recognize our divine nature.

The second insight flash has this message at its heart: everything in our immediate universe is the result of a past or current waking dream. Look around you to see what you have manifested for yourself: your abode, the articles in your abode—furniture, rugs, knick-knacks or lack of them, lamps, pictures, and so on—your occupation, your friends. Even more personally, your personality, your physical appearance, clothing, jewelry, hair-style, shoes, make-up or lack of it. As an exercise in awareness, take a look at all of the elements in your universe as being the result of someone’s waking dreams. What does this say about that person? If you were to take charge of the dreaming, what would you change? What would you keep?

Let your dreaming, therefore, be guiltless. As co-creator of the Universe with God, your divine nature will shape the future from a position of love to benefit you and all who enter your world. Play, my children, and so learn to embrace your divine nature.

*An “insight flash”, also called a “thought ball” by Robert Monroe (see Reading, Journeys out of the Body; Far Journeys) is a unique Angelic transmission of information containing sight, sound, smell, taste, feeling, and touch. I will describe this in more detail in a later post.

In yesterday’s post (August 8, 2010: Love Heals), your Angels presented the poignant story told by SS in which she was harassed by unruly young teens as she walked her dogs in the park. In a monumental spirit of love and forgiveness, SS moved past her ego, past her need to be right, past her desire for revenge, past her inclinations to criticize and judge, past her fear of repercussions in presenting candy as a peace offering, and into a spirit of love and forgiveness. Your Angels bring you an update on that story, again with SS’s permission. She writes


“Just came back from the park. Only one of the kids was there. I walked up to him with the candy and said it was a peace offering. We ended up walking the dogs and talking together for an hour. He wouldn’t shut up 🙂 .. I found out that he was recently diagnosed with ADHD, he also told me about how a helmet has saved his life three times, he showed me the fart app on his iPad, told me how he knows that he swears too much, how he and his friend have stopped vandalizing the park because it got old, he also politely let me fill the dogs waterbowl from the fountain before he took a drink. I couldn’t shake this kid if I tried 🙂 . I was SO happy to talk with him and find out that he is not the devil in disguise as I had assumed him to be. Love applied to any situation helps so much. I’m on such a high right now from the whole experience. Not too proud of the early stages, but so glad for listening to the angels and choosing peace as a solution.”

This brought tears to my eyes, Peeps. I could just feel the love spreading like ripples on a pond (see also June 4, 2010) as both SS and the boy responded positively to each other. She had bravely opened herself to love and love gave all it had, right back at her. Reveling in the beauty of this story, let us look closely at all of the positive energy that flowed within each participant, as well as between them.

SS showed remarkable courage in approaching the teen, since her past experience with him had been negative and nothing in his behavior indicated that a new encounter would not be more of the same. So strong, though, was her faith in the Angelic message which told her that she could turn this situation into one positive for all parties, that, in that faith, she approached the teen with a peace offering. In credit to him, he accepted her offer of peace and opened up to the love she was presenting. As he shared with her his personality and thoughts, and especially the fart app on his iPad (how cute is that, showing her his most prized treasure, a fart app!), he radiated love to her, too, increasing love by millions-fold. In this exchange, SS grew, as well. Opening herself to love, she found the teen to be a polite, thoughtful, considerate young man, allowing her to water her dogs before he drank. Instead of the juvenile delinquent heading for the penitentiary which SS imagined him to be, she found a lonely, bored, polite, teachable, reachable young man who ached for and responded to love.

SS’s kindness toward him may be new and unusual for him. Perhaps his family is not accepting of him or are too busy, or too tired, or too exasperated to interact with him. One does wonder why these boys are out, wandering aimlessly, and causing trouble just to amuse themselves. One is tempted to conclude that no one at home cares much about them or their whereabouts. For this boy, then, an adult who listens to him and appreciates his personality may be a totally new experience. In listening to her Angels and in staying true to guidance, SS is now in the fortunate and enviable position of having changed this boy’s outlook. Perhaps he had had many negative experiences in his life. Before him, now, was a young woman who presented him with candy, listened to him, and laughed with him, showering him with a world of love even though he had been so impolite to her. You can bet that he will be telling this story to his friends, who then will tell their friends, and all will benefit from this exchange.

Speaking of benefits, the love generated by this interaction between SS and the boys has spread all the way from Illinois, where it took place, to Massachusetts, where I live. SS writes that she is currently on a “high” from this experience. I, too, am on a “high” just from reading it. As your Angels present this beautiful story to you on the Internet, perhaps you, too, will be inspired and this “high” will spread like ripples on a pond, encouraging and enabling us all to be at our best, even, as SS says, helping us “to live in love during the hard times”.

One of my faithful readers, SS, continues to be a source of inspiration as she allows guidance into her life. With her express permission, I present some of her thoughts, as well as a story which she recently sent me.

She writes, “I find it’s easier to pinpoint others’ problems than to see mine. When I am caught up in a drama, I can spend a lot of time thinking of how WRONG the other person is and how I am vindicated in my being “right”. Fortunately this happens much less than it used to and I am learning to turn the other cheek. It’s a hard lesson to learn and to some degree I think we have to relearn it every time some new drama comes up in our lives. It’s remembering to live in love during the hard times. That is tough 🙁 :(”

She continues, “Little silly story… Every afternoon I take the dogs to the park for a walk. This summer there have been two young teenagers there causing damage to the park. I have spoken to them a few times about picking up the garbage cans they knock over. Of course I’m the big dork to them 🙂 .. I do admit to holding anger at them inside of me. I would work on sending them love, but the next time I would see them they would be causing trouble again.

“Well, last week they took to shouting the “N” word at me as I was driving away. I turned the truck around, got out, grabbed my cell phone, and called the police. They took off running. I was SO mad that they would be shouting such an ugly word AT ME!!!(hello ego).

“The officer showed up and I told her what happened. Please keep in mind that this is a small little country town. She went to find the kids and talk to them. I left the park not knowing what the end result was. Well, I told that story quite a few times and felt vindicated in my calling the police. I was RIGHT and they were horrible little BRATS!!! I plotted ways to get even with them (I know, I know, don’t judge me)… Then I would focus on sending them love. Back and forth, back and forth. The problem was that I continued to see them at the park. They were not doing anything now, but I would get into the mindset of waiting to be attacked verbally.

“Finally yesterday, while I was out walking at the park (they weren’t there), the thought came out of the blue that I WAS THE ADULT and I had a chance to turn this into a positive experience for all of us. I would bring a peace offering of candy bars to them and explain that I hold no ill will against them. Could we start over and just be friends again. As this was rolling over in my mind, I happened to glance down and saw a candy wrapper. Okay, Universe, thank you for the answer.

“This morning while walking the dogs at the same park (I walk them in the morning and afternoon), I saw the same police officer that went after them. She told me that she did catch up to them and had a good talk with them. She told them that they would be banned from the park if any more calls came in on them. This explains why they haven’t been doing anything negative at the park…

“I haven’t given them the candy bars yet. I will try this afternoon. It would be nice to walk at the park and not feel negative energy and give off negative energy. I’m holding high intentions of love and acceptance on all our parts. Hopefully there isn’t anything wrong with giving 13 – 14 year olds a chocolate bar? You just hear stories these days and don’t want ANYTHING you do to be misconstrued. AUGH!”

This beautiful story has many elements which your Angels encourage all to cultivate. First and foremost is an awareness. SS has an encounter with others in which she recognizes negative elements in herself. Her awareness has so many facets that it is worth listing each one: She is
aware of being caught up in drama,
aware of that sense of being “right” while the other person’s point of view is “wrong”;
aware of the need to move past these elements;
aware of anger and its futility and the need to transmute that anger to love;
aware of how negativity can engage her ego;
aware of judging and being judged;
aware of expecting negativity in her walks in the park;
aware of the healing need for peace in the midst of drama;
aware of guidance in suggesting ways and means to a positive outcome for everyone, complete with physical example (candy wrapper); and, most of all,
aware of the difficulty of remembering to live in love during the hard times.

This highly developed awareness has allowed SS to remove herself and her ego from the immediate drama to such a degree that she was able to receive the thought from her Angels that she is the adult in this drama and she can bring about a peaceful and satisfying resolution. In other words, no one outside herself needs to change in order for her to be happy; this will occur when she changes her thoughts from annoyance to peace (see Reading, A Course in Miracles). Had she been less aware, she would have not heard her Angels sending her the ideas (out of the “blue”, as she writes) that will bring resolution to this drama. Being caught up, she would also not have seen the candy wrapper, or, having seen it, might have become angry all over again at that person who was littering in the park. As she has developed awareness and thus the ability to begin to distance herself from drama, she received the Angelic message and correctly interpreted the presence of the candy wrapper as confirmation that she had correctly interpreted her Angels’ message. Does that not take your breath away? In the midst of strife and annoyance, SS was able, through cultivated awareness, to hear and see Angelic aid. This brings tears to my eyes. We are all capable of this, Peeps. Just keep on listening and practicing.

Yesterday’s post (July 27, 2010) addressed the roadblocks that can (and do) come between you and your big dreams. Fear, lack of self-confidence, doubt, anxiety, embarrassment all take a toll on that steady, steadfast desire to rise above your common thoughts. I would like to share with you one of my first lessons in having faith in the face of no apparent results, although at the time I did not realize that this was, indeed, a lesson.

In January of 1994 I left New Hampshire and Dartmouth Medical School for another post-doctoral position at Washingon University in St. Louis, MO. The winter was really cold and the snow heavy. I had had to postpone the start of my journey just because of an especially severe snowstorm that had closed many roads in the frozen Northeast. Packed into my car were my plants and my two cats, George and Rutherford. Among the plants was my fig tree (ficus prunella), which I had had since living in Georgia in 1987. This fig tree was a hot-house flower of the truest kind. If it had been sitting in one spot in the living room and it was moved an inch—in either direction—it would lose its leaves. While in NH, I had desired to take it outside so it could get some fresh air and sunshine, but was reluctant to do so because of its propensity for losing its leaves. Having asked a variegated philodendron to grow me leaves as big as my hand (which it did), I hit upon the idea of telling my fig tree my plans and so perhaps enlisting its cooperation. So, quietly, in my mind, I talked to the fig tree. I told it that I had plans to move it outside into the fresh air and sunshine and that I would really appreciate it if it would keep its leaves. I told it how beautiful it was and how it would enjoy its new position under the carport. With that (seek with expection), I moved the tree and hoped for the best. Peeps, it never lost a single leaf! I was aghast. When it was time to move it back into the house (New Hampshire winters are brutal), I again told it of my plans and then thanked it for not losing any leaves. Once again, it cooperated. After that, I was able to move it back and forth between the carport and it kept its leaves intact.

Being in a great hurry to leave before the next snowstorm, I stuffed cats and plants into my hatchback, neglecting to let the little fig tree know of my plans, and took off for MO. Somewhere between New York and Missouri, the tree lost every blessed leaf. Well, I couldn’t worry about it because I had two unhappy cats on my hands. Reaching MO safely, I hauled the fig tree into my new apartment and placed it in the corner where it stood, all twigs and wood. Spring was advancing, but no leaves were to be seen. I thought that it might have died because I had had no heat at all in the car and the temperatures were in the teens. Asking my Angels, an inspiration came to me. They told me to mentally bathe it in white light, every day. So again, I started out gung-ho. I was going to singlehandedly save that tree from extinction by bathing it in white light. The days came and the days went. No leaves. I began to doubt my sanity. I began to think that I was just wasting my precious time and what was the use anyway? So, sporadically, I gave the fig tree light. Sometimes my Angels drifted the thought to me “just keep going, it will be all right”. Sad to say, my skepticism kept me from putting myself wholeheartedly into the project, so I did not really believe my Angels. Frankly, I gave the fig tree sporadic hits of white light mainly out of guilt, because I really believed that I was wasting my precious time on a lost cause.

That little bit of effort must have made a difference, because several months later (months, mind you, not days….talk about delayed rewards), a tiny shoot broke forth from the trunk! I was aghast. I called my sister in Illinois, I took a picture of the little bud, I danced around the apartment in joy, thanking the little tree. Of course, now that I could see some reward, I bathed that little tree in oceans of white light. Soon enough, it had leafed out such that it was even fuller than before I had left New Hampshire. Faith and some small effort had brought forth abundant leaves.

My angels now use the image of the fig tree to encourage me to continue with my endeavors in regard to one of my Definite Purposes in life, a la Napoleon Hill. Approximately 30 days into my dreaming big, I developed a bad case of the willies. Again, it seemed that I was wasting my time trying to believe in an unbelievable cause and why waste my precious time? I asked them, please, give me an answer as to whether I should continue with this particular dream. In answer, they flashed the image of fig tree in my mind, an incident that had happened 16 years ago, and which I haven’t thought about since then. Instantly, I understood that my assignment is to supply energy to my dream through faith and steadfast effort, that I was not wasting my time, but that I was to keep going in this vein.

So, dear readers, keep at it. You are literally hauling yourselves up by your own bootstraps through faith and persistence. Keep at it, as you are changing your very DNA, one thought at a time. Huge beliefs bring huge rewards. Keep at it, even without obvious reward, because all of the work is going on underneath the surface where we are unaware of it with our conscious minds. To dream big means that big things will happen. Sometimes big obstacles need to be moved out of the way before big things can happen. I had to bathe my little tree in white light for months before a shoot broke forth. In all that time, all of the white light that I sent the tree was organizing energy to create a shoot. Because I couldn’t see this energy at work, I thought that nothing was occurring when in reality, everything was occurring to create those leaves. Keep at it. Drop by drop does the trick; every day a rooster-step closer to your goals.

As your Angels have been telling you all along, all of us come into this world with our intuition intact. Through shame, blame, guilt, and monstrous misunderstanding, most of us lose touch with our intuition and/or mistrust it. Imagine, this most sacred part of each and every one of us, this unimaginably sacred part of us, is set up to ridicule and punishment. That shows us how upside-down is this crazy world. Not to worry, your Angels have you under their wing and will lead you back to yourself, with a teensy bit of cooperation from you.

Today your Angels ask you to focus on a most important aspect of regaining faith and trust in your intuition; PRACTICE! Methods of practicing are many; some are enumerated below:

With your mindfulness and being totally present here and now, follow the simple suggestions that you receive from non-logical sources. For example, with the sun shining, you may get a strong urge to take your umbrella with you. Your logical mind will rebel. Take your umbrella anyway. Remember, we are trying to quiet your logical mind—the part that gets it wrong all the time—and are awakening your intuitive mind—the part that gets it right all the time.

When you get an urge to follow, do it. Call that person who pops into your mind; take that alternate route to the grocery store; buy those mushrooms that want to come home with you, even if you think that you don’t need them.

Keep talking to your Angels and notice how many ways they do as you ask. Focus on the here and now to observe just how many of your requests are filled and how quickly.

Keep listening to your Angels and then do as they suggest. They see from a much larger perspective than we do, so their suggestions are much more valuable than those we can think up.

Seek out people of like mind, who are also awakening their intuitions so that you can practice together.

These few suggestions for practicing in trusting your intuition will go a long way toward your goal. Happy practicing!