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Many of us have heard the old saying, “I’ll believe it when I see it”. Not many know that things are really the other way around: you’ll see it when you believe it. This happens because thoughts are things. That bears repeating in caps: THOUGHTS ARE THINGS. What you believe you manifest; what you cannot believe will not come into your life. So, you will see what you believe. This was brought home to me not long ago after a purchase I made had gone awry.

Having moved recently to a much smaller dwelling, I found there was not enough room for my books. The thought occurred to me that I could buy an ornamental bookcase or cabinet to store my books that could be decorative as well as functional. Amazingly, I found a beautiful antique cabinet that would fit the bill. After careful measuring, looking, thinking, planning, and visualizing, I took the plunge and bought it. It was delivered to my house along with the key, and I turned the key to open the door. The key did not work. It would not unlock the cabinet. There I was, with a beautiful antique wooden cabinet that had just become useless. I cannot even begin to describe my emotions.

Finally taking control, I called the antique store, whose personnel had not been very friendly or helpful up until now. Nevertheless, one of the co-owners agreed to come to my house to unlock the door. She came quickly, and I stayed out of her way, as she tried repeatedly without success to unlock the door. Still staying out of her way, I began washing the dishes, taking my attention away from that blasted locked door. As my mind wandered, I recalled in times past how I had pictured something occurring and then having that thing actually happen in real life very soon after I began picturing it. So, I started picturing the door being open and how happy both of us would be as we viewed the open door. Within five minutes, she had the door open, when for the past 1/2 hour she had had no success whatsoever. We jumped around, shouted, whooped, and congratulated each other. I thanked her profusely for her help and vowed never to lock that door again.

Since THOUGHTS ARE THINGS, why wouldn’t everyone begin picturing abundance and happiness? Why not indeed? Keep your sunny side up, see, feel, and breathe your aspirations, then expect them to happen. You won’t even be able to recognize your life.

In my post of May 7, 2012 (Vision Board), I wrote about the abundance placed before me by my Angels in the form of a brand-new BMW. When taking possession of this amazing vehicle, the salesman took some time to acquaint me with many of its features. One feature is the connection of the vehicle with one’s cell phone through a Bluetooth interface. He punched buttons in the car, chose settings on my iPhone and voila! hands-free cell phone connection.

Delighted with this technological marvel, I soon learned to enjoy and appreciate the many conveniences of being able to speak to someone without having to dial up (a real no-no when driving), hold a little box to my ear, and punching buttons. This feature quickly became a favorite.

Then one day, soon after my return from a road-trip to North Carolina, the feature died. Suddenly, the car did not recognize my cell phone anymore. What could have happened? I called the salesman who had been so helpful earlier to find that his information was not helpful for the present. He said that the problem was most likely with Apple, that something might have been downloaded onto my iPhone that caused a glitch. In fact, he said, I was the third one to report such a finding in the last week. This disturbed me. If Apple had downloaded new software or updated something in the phone, I had no prayer of reconnecting my phone and my car. Yet how could Apple have done such a thing when I had not been on the internet with my phone, except for resetting some passwords? I tabled the subject on my mental shelf of “needs further information”–a place in which my questions have stewed and percolated for as long as 30 years before receiving answers. Interestingly, although I was disappointed in the salesman’s reply, my mind was open, thinking that some solution would come from somewhere. In the meantime, I went about my business, a little sad that my car and my cell phone were no longer on speaking terms.

Time comes and goes. It is now several weeks later. I wake up one morning with the fleeting residual of a dream so tenuous, it was almost just an impression. The impression with which I awoke was that everything was just fine with both my car and my cell phone, it required just one touch to set everything aright. Bemused, I wondered how things would turn out, since I had no clue how to go about acting on this obvious message from the Other World.

As it happened, I found time to visit my BMW dealership on another matter, involving the controls on my radio. While in the car, I told the salesman about my phone no longer being connected to my car, as it had been earlier. Absorbed, he took the phone from my hand saying, “Well, let’s just see what’s going on. There’s no Bluetooth icon showing. Let’s look.” Finding the correct window on the phone, he slid the Bluetooth function with just one touch and voila! the car again recognized my phone. Open-mouthed, I looked at him in amazement and did not tell him of the message floated through my mind, tenuous as a willow-the-wisp, and only barely perceptible. I just thanked him profusely and remembered the keystrokes to turn the Bluetooth function on and off.

Dear Readers, I wish I could tell you how and why I receive these messages, some of which seem so trivial, nay, banal. In the scheme of things, why would my Angels, who, in my humble opinion, have much more pressing matters to attend to, go to the trouble of floating a whisper of a thought through my mind in a dream, tagging it with the assurance that all would be solved in the mystery of the iPhone not being recognized by the car? Why would this particular message be more important than ideas for ending world hunger, for example? Thus far, I have no answers to any of these questions. For now, I continue to practice my spirituality and stay open to any and all messages from the Other Side, messages that seem to come infrequently, always in a timely manner, and always with the solution to my current insolvable problem and/or thorny situation. As always, your Angels urge you, also, to practice your own spirituality by staying open; avoiding critical thinking; acting on your intuition, gut feelings, and hunches; and listening at every opportunity so that you, too can reap the rewards of abundance, peace, and prosperity. Heaven is at your service, just one touch away.

After having successfully caught and relocated two little grey mice in the past few years, I was feeling quite smug that my Angels had been so good as to help me catch them without the use of traps. I also thought that I had finally rid the house of them. Wrong. One evening I was typing at the computer when I heard the tell-tale rusting of little feetsies in the kitchen. It was either an extremely large roach or a mouse. I was hoping for the latter. Sneaking up on it, I saw that it was, indeed, a mouse and, of course, I was not swift enough to catch it. How can those little things move so quickly on their tiny little feet?

We played cat and mouse for several weeks until one Saturday not long ago. I was writing at the dining room table when I heard the rustle in the kitchen. Creeping stealthily, I grabbed a small plastic bowl and went for the mouse. This time I knew that the mouse was mine. There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that that mouse was headed for the woods ten miles away. I just needed to catch it. Very quickly, it showed itself and I swiftly plopped the plastic bowl over it. Luckily for the mouse, somehow the bowl had caught the edge of a small shelf, giving the mouse just enough room to escape from under the bowl. I was flabbergasted. As the mouse busied itself in running away from me, I looked at it seriously and told it, “You don’t understand. You’re MINE!” With that, I once again plopped the bowl down and this, time, definitely caught the little furry creature. From that moment, it was but five more before we were on our way to my favorite mouse relocation headquarters, a densely wooded area exactly ten miles from my house—far enough away that the mouse would not find its way back home, even without a blind-fold.

So what is significant about this event? It is that definite knowing that something was going to occur. In all of my dealings with this mouse, this was the first and only time that I knew this mouse would be gone from my house. That was why I was so surprised when I did not succeed in catching it the first time. That was why I actually had a conversation with the mouse, letting it know who was boss. That mouse actually looked at me when I was talking to it, giving me just enough time to plop the bowl over it. This knowing comes directly from the Angels and becomes more and more a part of your life as you become more tuned to the other world.

Some of my persistence in listening to Angels is truly beginning to pay off in earthly terms. A few weeks ago, I had arranged for workers to come to re-do my patio and paint the side of my house. I would finance this endeavor through a line of credit with my bank. As I awoke on a Monday morning, I had the distinct message in my head, “call the bank and make certain that the line of credit is open so that you won’t bounce any checks”. This message was loud, clear, distinct, and totally without ambiguity. There was no “feeling”, no sense of a push in a direction, just a loud, clear message. My intention was to comply. Then, my reason talked me out of it, saying that even if I called the bank, why would they give me any such information over the telephone? Instead, I would drive to the bank in person the very next day and ascertain the status of my line of credit.

The next day came and so did the message, just as loudly, clearly, and distinctly as the day before. This time, I didn’t listen to my reason. I called the bank to find that, indeed, the line of credit had been mistakenly closed when I refinanced my mortgage. So, if I had written checks on this credit line, they would have been returned as “insufficient funds”—actually, there would have been no funds, just as the initial message had warned me.

Crunch time. I had workers who needed to be paid and I was without funds until a new line of credit could be opened, a process that could take up to a month, or more. The same Force that had been with me in warning me to call the bank, now was with me in setting in motion the steps for initiating a new line of credit. Calling a loan officer in a panic, I was sitting in her office within 1/2 hour, signing application papers. The loan was approved two days later. Not counting the week for the lawyer’s vacation, the final papers were before me within four days of the approval. Not in any of my former experiences has a process of this magnitude been finalized in so short a time period. The effort everyone expended to assure me this line of credit in the fastest time possible was so amazing that I could only shake my head and marvel.

Obviously, this entire little drama had been meant to occur, along with everyone’s cooperation. At every step I could hear the Angels’ directions, see their hand, and feel the beat of their wings, as they orchestrated each person’s role and behavior. While each of us in the drama had a part to play, it was our choice whether to expedite the process or to retard it. It was also our choice in how we would play our parts: choosing anger or choosing gratitude. Thankfully, each of us chose to behave graciously. Even the workers waited patiently while this entire process unfolded.

To this day, the purpose of this entire episode escapes me, even as I understand that it needed to occur. I am only thankful that, each and every day, I practice listening to my Angels. Perhaps that is why this message was so beautifully clear and in such beautiful English, totally without ambiguity. Your Angels encourage you, too, to continue practicing listening to your intuition, no matter how small and inconsequential the thoughts may seem. It’s all practice for your very own crunch time. 🙂

Last week the Angels sent a blithe spirit my way who had such wonders to tell that I must share them with you. Some of them may sound unusual, but I am only the typist, writing what my Angels dictate, sometimes through the words of our fellow human beings.

As always, this encounter began innocuously enough. Having had lunch with a good friend, let us call her Joan, we went to her house to retrieve a book. Her mother, Louise, was visiting. We were introduced, and, within a few sentences, the conversation turned to the extraordinary. Louise began by hesitantly hinting that she had experienced two unusual occurrences in her life. That was all I needed. With gentle encouragement, she told us of the following:

As a younger woman, she was driving along a road in Connecticut, in broad daylight. As she drove, she happened to look toward her left, at a large, open field. Still driving, she suddenly became aware of a saucer-shaped object descending toward the ground, gently drifting. She said that it made no sound, just drifted down gently, touched down, then just as gently, drifted up and away. The craft was approximately 20 feet in diameter, silver, rounded, with flashing lights near the top. There was absolutely no sound. Other drivers on that same highway also saw the craft, but no one stopped; all continued on their way, as did Louise. She never doubted that she was awake and in full possession of her senses. For quite a while, Louise scanned the newspaper to see whether anyone had reported this sighting. She also wondered whether she might meet some of the other travelers on that highway to speak to them about this unusual sighting. After telling me this story, she looked at me to see whether or not I thought she was crazy. I assured her that I look for UFOs nightly and we all laughed.

At a later time in her life, Louise’s mother lay dying. Louise was at her side at the moment of departure. Louise turned her head slightly, looking away from her mother, and just then, she saw a silvery substance drift out of her mother’s body and dissolve gently into the air. Turning to look at her mother squarely, Louise saw nothing out of the ordinary, aside from her mother’s body. This memory had remained with her for all of this time. As she told me the story, she said in wonder, “I saw my mother’s spirit leave her body!”

After Louise told us of these wonders—seeming grateful that we did not think her demented, she haltingly mentioned that she had yet one more incredible tale to tell. Finding approval on our faces, she told us that at one point in her life, she needed to have a spinal tap while in the hospital. The doctor prepared her back, then inserted the needle into her spinal cavity. Immediately, she found herself floating above her body, watching the people below her beginning to realize that there was a problem. Quickly reacting, they began CPR, and Louise saw them pushing on her chest. She, herself, knew that she was fine and wondered what all the fuss was about. Watching them work on her body, she began to feel a tug, a pull, away from the hospital scene. Looking up, she saw in the distance a tunnel, the edges of which were coming closer. She watched this tunnel growing larger, coming closer, and feeling the tug growing stronger. Suddenly she decided that she was not ready to go just yet and poof! she found herself back in her body, this time wracked with pain. Such pain! She said it took a long time for the pain to go away.

Questioning her closely about her decision to stay behind, Louise said that she just felt that she was not ready to leave, that she still had business connected with her body, so the decision to stay was quite natural. As to a Spiritual Being, which some people report encountering, Louise said she did not see one, although she did see a light that was beginning to gleam in the tunnel as it came closer to her.

As she told us this last and final occurrence, she seemed satisfied with having given out this important information that she had been carrying within herself for all of these years. She was calm, composed, serene. As for me, I was aghast. Here was a person I had only just met, sharing with me vitally important information that corroborates nearly everything that I have read and researched for over 40 years: UFOs, the existence of the Spirit, and a classic NDE, all in the space of 20 minutes. Despite skepticism and cynicism in some people, everyday wonders like these told by Louise actually happen and actually are true. There is a life and existence beyond the one we have in our bodies and it behooves us to keep our eyes, ears, and, particularly our minds, open. Peeps, you never know from whence your education will come or how your Angels will present it, so stay open to those everyday wonders.