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Yesterday’s post (February 27, 2011 Heaven knows best) gave us an excellent example of the experience of someone whose path had changed from her old job. It showed how her Angels had tried to alert her to her new position and what had happened when she made the decision not to accept their direction. Today’s post continues that same thought, again bringing home how much we can get in our own way when it comes to Angelic messages.

Another friend, Paula, like Daphne, had received a sweet, sweet job offer at another company. At her old company, which she frankly described as dysfunctional, Paula was well-regarded, but, as with many companies, had interpersonal and financial challenges. In this new company, Paula, as with Daphne, was offered more money—$100/week more; a kindly, fair, considerate supervisor; a congenial work environment; less stress. In addition, the person presenting the offer told her that Paula had been specifically chosen because of her maturity and experience, which would be an asset to the corporation.

Wouldn’t anyone accept such Heaven on earth? Not Paula. She interviewed, then went into intellectual mode, in a clear quandary as to her next step, apparently unable or unwilling to hear or accept her Angels’ crystal clear message. She talked with some of her friends and solicited their opinion. She said that she prayed and fasted, asking to be shown the path when it was glaringly apparent before her. In the end, after much tortured soul-searching, she declined Heaven’s offer.

In hearing of this, her Angels went into commando mode, setting me on her with a vengeance. I was pushed to call her and then they talked to her through me. Instead of listening, she threw words at me, seeming to have come to a conclusion that her Angels wished her to stay in her old position. They tried to explain through me that her work was done at her old job and new people were waiting for her to interact with them for their continued growth. This made no impression on her. I actually apologized for being so forceful, letting her know that these words were only coming through me and were not my own. For me, I fully realize that people’s lives are theirs to live and their decisions are theirs to make, without my interference. In every way, I tried to convince her that it was her very interested Angels who prompted me to contact her and who were now literally haranguing her.

Her Angels tried every tack they could to help her understand the importance of her decision. They spoke sweetly to her. They spoke sharply to her. They employed her own scriptural words with her. They sat quietly and listened while she rambled on, but they were unremitting in their insistence that she move to her new position. After nearly an hour, her solid veneer began to crack. She finally admitted the real reasons why she had declined the offer. First, she was afraid that she had been chosen for the position to serve as a mentor in an area in which she was not comfortable. She was afraid that she would be found wanting and so be judged harshly by her fellow employees. Secondly, she admitted to me and to herself that, exactly like Daphne, she was comfortable in her old job, despite the dysfunctionality, and did not want to start something new. She, like Daphne, looked only to her own wants and desires and did not consider that she has a larger role to play than to comfortably amble through life, collecting a paycheck and avoiding perceived unpleasantness.

With these admissions out in the open, for her to plainly see, speak, and feel, the Angels lightened up. They discussed with her the baselessnes of her fears. They sought to give her personal strength in speaking to her in phrases and images with which she was comfortable, telling her to “put on the armor of God”, to be invincible to the slights of others. Again they sought to appeal to her higher Self, pointing out to her the importance to the world of her accepting this new position. In the end, she was still not as convinced as was Daphne, but she was listening. Since this story has not yet been resolved, I only pray that Heaven does not bring out the stick, because it will be a complete shock to poor Paula.

Looking to what we can learn for our own lives from this example, we can clearly see that fear and the “comfort factor” are large factors in decision-making. We are afraid to trust our Angels to our future, thinking that if we do not control it and cannot see down the road, the future will not go well. We are uncomfortable with not knowing, when all is on a “need to know” basis. Our Angels will keep us safe and let us know all we need to know as we need to know it.

Also very much to the point, it is all too easy to become comfortable with our routines, no matter how deleterious and stultifying to our personal growth. Ignoring our Angels’ clearly transmitted messages, we look to our own petty wants and desires, allowing vast riches in all areas to pass us by. If we could only look up from our tiny opinions for a brief second and attempt to look at a bigger picture, we would clearly see that Heaven’s wishes are exactly our wishes. If we could look just a little farther up the road, we would see that the one we are on either comes to a complete dead-end in a filthy garbage heap or drops off sheerly into depths of despair and hopelessness. If we could pry our fingers off our own personal opinions and listen to a wiser voice, we would agree wholeheartedly that our present course is complete and a new road awaits us.

Luckily, the situation is not hopeless. We can train ourselves to rise above ourselves by diligent effort. Our Angels are always available for help and guidance as they speak to us directly or through others. Practice listening to a voice other than your own. Practice following those little hunches and gut feelings that seem so trivial and inconsequential. Practice getting out of your way by saying, “Your will be done; make my will yours”, then acting as if you actually believed this statement. Practice every day at every opportunity so that you may find your true path to the Light.

In my travels around the globe, many occasions are presented to me to talk about Angels and the guidance they provide to each of us at every minute of our lives in this earthly dimension. Many people acknowledge being in contact with their own Guides and Angels. Others, however, ask me how to be certain that any particular message is coming from guidance, rather than from their own hopes, dreams, and desires. The experience of my friend, Daphne, serves to illustrate one method used by Angels to increase our awareness, convincing us not only of the clarity of their message but also of its genuineness.

Daphne had been employed at a particular job for the past 12 years. The work was physically taxing, the wages were average, and the working environment challenging. Despite her many complaints throughout the years, Daphne was fairly content in her position. Not long ago, a woman of her acquaintance sought her out to offer her a job that sounded like a dream: Daphne would be able to use her mental skills, including her skill with personal interactions; she would receive a substantial raise; the working environment, while challenging, would offer her support both for her talents and for her personality. This was an “intuition-friendly” situation, where the owner both understood and appreciated the gift of intuition.

As Daphne told me of this offer, Heaven’s scent was clearly all over it. Daphne, herself, however, was not so certain. She hemmed. She hawed. She avoided. Weeks went by. The offer was presented again, this time with an interview with the owner and other high-ranking personnel. They offered her an even sweeter deal. Again, to my senses, the message was crystal clear: leave your old job, take this new one, because you have reaped all the rewards your old work environment has to offer and now must continue your destiny elsewhere. Daphne was not so certain. She told me that she really didn’t mind her old job (although she had complained to me over many years about various aspects of it, not the least of which was the stultifying work environment) and that she wasn’t all that sure about this new job. Leaving her to make her own decisions, I refrained from asking her whether she needed to have her head examined, ignoring this obvious gift from Heaven.

A few days later, Daphne called me to tell me that the Universe has a sense of humor. She told me that she had reported to work on Monday to find that her workload had increased by 1/3. That meant that she had much heavier physical work than usual, not trivial at her age. By Tuesday, her workload had increased by another 1/3, making her even more tired. By Wednesday, she had twice as much to do as usual, with very heavy lifting involved. Quietly I asked her whether she now understood her Angels’ message. She laughed and said she understood very well and was somewhat amazed at how the Universe had so effectively communicated with her. As of this writing, her plans are to accept the offered new position and continue with her destiny in a more congenial environment, with higher pay, and new opportunities to expand her skills.

What can we learn from this example? For one, Heaven is insistent. When it’s time to move on, it’s time to move on. No procrastination, no whining about how comfortable you are in your position, no oozing around the issue by non-action. Daphne was going to just avoid making a decision about this new position and thereby allow it to by-pass her. She allowed weeks to go by without contacting persons involved in the offer. Heaven came after her again in the form of an interview with the owner, no less! and even sweeter deals. Even with this, Daphne had no plans to move. Heaven had used the carrot on Daphne, now it was time to use the stick. Increasing her workload brought home squarely to her what she could expect in the future from her old job. Luckily for her, Daphne was finally willing to accede to Heaven’s wishes and made the decision to leave her old job. From hard, personal experience, one does not want to be on the receiving end of Heaven’s stick.

We can marvel at Heaven’s creativity in this example, as well. Daphne’s destiny has ended at her old job. She has a new one coming up. It is imperative that she arrive at her destiny soon. To this end, her Angels present this new job offer through a close personal friend. Even by then, I could smell Heaven, but Daphne chooses to be uncertain because she is comfortable with her routine, despite her many dissatisfactions with it. Too many times we become comfortable with our old routines and are reluctant to move from them. Importantly, not many of us are convinced that Heaven does, indeed, have plans for us that go above and beyond merely paying the mortgage and vegging out in front of the tube. Our expertise is required in a new environment both for our continued learning as well as for that of the people with whom we will interact. All of Heaven is waiting for us to make the decision to accept our new life. This is important stuff, people, and you are vital to the awakening of world consciousness, no matter how small your circle. So, Heaven presented a deal to Daphne: a new job. Then, when she did not respond, the deal became sweeter. With no response still, Heaven increased the attraction. With no response still from Daphne, Heaven now became serious, presenting her with an ever-increasing work load. The next step might have seen Daphne fired, out the door, on trumped-up charges that accomplished what a sweet deal had not.

From my personal experience, this progression is fairly typical of Angel messages. A gentle nudge is felt, seen, heard, sensed. Sweet promises are made. Sweeter promises are shown. Since Heaven does not wait forever for some of us foot-draggers, it has no compunctions about using a nice, heavy stick on us, showing us just exactly what is in store for us unless we pay heed to Heaven’s call. Let us be smart, my dear Readers. Let us practice constant awareness and vigilant attention so that we can play our part wholeheartedly in living our lives to the full in the richness intended for us by our Angels.

Not long ago, I was ranting and raving to my Angels about how few resources I seem to have at my disposal, given the monumental tasks they have laid out for me. In particular, I seem to be extremely short on time. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time to do everything that needs to be done on a regular basis, not to mention taking time for the many unexpected things that come up from day to day.

While it is tempting to elaborate about my many burdens, each of you, doubtless, has just as many demands—if not more—for your time, as well. All philosophy aside for a moment, I confess to feeling quite put out with all that is expected of me. Yes, I am whining, and sometimes I actually rant and rave. “There is no time!” I wail to entities who exist in a dimension devoid of time. “I need more time!” I cry to timeless beings.

After one particularly large stormcloud of negativity, my Angels quietly showed me where to find so much time that there is seemingly time to burn. It lies in the little areas of time between time and it lies in understanding that much of what we need to accomplish takes less time than it takes to whine about it. Let us take washing dishes as an example. The sink is full of dirty dishes and the plants are gasping for water. You absolutely must leave for work in 20 minutes. It seems that the choices are either wash the dishes or water the plants. It turns out that this is not an either/or question. There is actually time for both things, with a little efficiency and some quick action. Washing the dishes takes, at most, 15 minutes. Watering the plants takes, at most, 10 minutes. Neither task takes hours. In fact, you can run the water for the dishes while you are watering the plants, so that the entire affair probably will take, at most, 15 minutes. Voila! The kitchen is clean, the plants succulent, and you are a happy camper, with 5 minutes to spare.

The most striking example I can present to you, though, of actually having more time than seemingly is present, is a particular Saturday morning after my rant session about having no time. I had returned home at 1:00 a.m. and had gone to bed quickly. Arising at 9:30 a.m., I washed, dried my hair, dressed, did my morning devotions, and was out the door by 11:00 a.m. I picked up the mail, drove 8 miles to town, paid my mortgage, and shopped for Christmas baking and cooking, returning home by 12:30 p.m. With all of this under my belt, I still had an entire hour before I had to leave for work. In that hour, I had a leisurely breakfast, complete with a restorative cup of coffee and dessert. Now I still had 30 minutes! It almost seemed as if time had become dilated after my hearty rant! In that time, I straightened up in the kitchen and picked up some of the inevitable clutter that occurs with a busy household. I left the house at 1:30 p.m., having accomplished more in a short period of time than I thought possible.

Since then, I am acutely aware of how much time we can waste. Perhaps we waste it by dreading a particular task. I remember dreading a task for six straight months. Then, one day, I decided to tackle it. The entire task was finished in less than three days. I had wasted 6 good months dreading a task which I accomplished in its entirety in less than three days. Mind-boggling! Perhaps we waste time by thinking that we have no time. If you find yourself in this situation, notice how long it takes you to do the dishes, for example, or the laundry, or anything else, provided that you do the task without interruptions. If a task is, indeed, multi-faceted and extremely large, allocate 15 minutes a day to it. Faithfully devote 15 minutes each day. Set the microwave timer. Stay at it until the 15 minutes is up. Do this every day. Before you know it, your office will be cleaned up and so will your basement.

Whatever your particular dilemma with time, your Angels assure you that you have time enough, if you are clever in looking for it. Some keys to productive time management are avoidance of procrastination, consistent effort, remaining with a task until it is completed, and rest periods to reward yourself for having persisted in your efforts.

Both your Angels and I wish you the best for the coming year. May it be productive, now that you have a new handle on Time.

Continued from December 23, 2010 “Martha’s guardian Angels, part 4”

In this final installment of Martha’s guardian Angels, we shall examine in detail the inferences and implications for our budding awareness in this interesting story, learning ways and means of identifying Heaven’s signs to us and how we can get out of our own way to use these signs for our benefit.

As your Angels continue to exhort you, awareness is key in our dealings with the other dimension. Being aware is the single most important characteristic you can cultivate which will allow you to interact successfully with your own Angels. What were Martha’s challenges in terms of awareness?

A. Initially, it was necessary for her to be aware of the guardian Angels’ formation around her and JB. At the outset of walking in the correct direction toward the restaurant, the formation did not change, so Martha needed to be only peripherally aware of it. Reaching the correct address, #209, Martha received the message from her Head Guardian Angel, Michael, which translated to, “hey, hey, hey, heads up!” This she ignored, being convinced that the correct address was #609. In all of my dealings with guidance, the message has always been right and whenever I have ignored it, I have always been wrong. We do, however, have free will and it can be our choice to ignore guidance. From sad experience, we ignore guidance at our peril and to our detriment, because the Angels are always right.

B. On going past the correct address, Martha becomes aware of difficulty in progressing. People begin jostling her and JB, and her Angels move in closer. Her awareness of difficulty in progressing through the crowd is commendable, but now her concentration slips. She is aware of the Angels moving closer, but pays no heed. At this point, had she been fully aware and paying attention, she would have realized that her Angels were sending her a very clear message through all of this difficulty. Had she been able to give up on the idea that she knew the correct address, she could have stopped and called SD to verify the correct address, thus saving herself and JB a good deal of stress and worry, not to mention preventing them both from being jostled, pushed, and shoved to no good purpose.

C. Moving further away from the correct address and encountering a dangerous policeman, Martha again feels her guardian Angels moving even closer, so close as to be almost inside of her. Still she takes no steps to rectify her incorrect information, other than to move away from the policeman, still in an incorrect direction. Again she is peripherally aware of something wrong, but is so focused on her goal that she ignores all guidance. It is at this juncture that tragedy can occur. She is totally focused on her own will, she ignores totally all guidance which is nearly screaming in her ear that something is dreadfully wrong, yet she doggedly persists on pursuing her own ideas. How many of us have found ourselves in this no-win situation? Like drugged automatons, we march through life, ignorantly and arrogantly pursuing our own current good ideas, totally against guidance, sometimes with tragic results. Far easier to learn awareness and a little humility so that we can start to bring success and happiness into our lives, courtesy of our Angels.

D. Continuing in that same incorrect direction, i.e., away from the correct address, the crowd continues to jostle, bump, push, shove, and otherwise get in her and JB’s way. Angels are close, signaling danger. Martha ignores all of this, convinced that she is correct in her assessment of the situation. Again, intense concentration on a particular idea, attitude, outlook, or point of view can and will blind us to the correct path before us. Because it is not our path, the path we have chosen for ourselves, we often ignore health, wealth, and bliss that could be ours.

E. They finally find #609; learn that it is the wrong address. Heading back the way they came, Martha again becomes aware of the relaxed attitude of the Angels. She also becomes aware of how easily the crowd parts for her and JB, allowing them to reach their correct goal quickly. No longer distracted by fixation on a fruitless idea and with her awareness of the correct path heightened, she and JB quickly return to the restaurant that they had passed so long ago.

The message for us, dear Readers, is to continue to be aware of our thoughts, ideas, attitudes, and outlooks. Keep them pointed in the right direction, i.e., toward Angelic guidance. Examine some of those attitudes and ideas. Must we have it all our way? Could we relax our death-grip on our own desires and at least give our Angels the courtesy of listening to what they have to say? It’s not really a power struggle between us and them. What they want for us is really what we want for ourselves. Sit with that idea, allow it to percolate into your consciousness, and see what wondrous gifts are in store for you as you allow Angelic guidance to light your way.

Continued from December 22, 2010 “Martha’s guardian Angels, Part 3”

In analyzing the movements of Martha’s guardian Angels during her adventure with JB in New Orleans, we find her Angels initially on alert, aiding her and JB in navigating the streets during the Bayou Blowout, when those streets were choked with revelers. As Martha and JB head down Bourbon Street toward #209 (the correct address), her Angels are arrayed loosely around them. Michael, the main Angel, is near her right shoulder as usual. Of the three others, one is placed ahead of her, while the remaining two are to the side and a little to the rear. Martha describes this formation as much like a wedge, with the leading Angel parting the way, while the others protect her from the side and rear.

(These Angels bear describing. All of them are tall, big, burly, muscled beings, who present a male essence. Michael, the chief Angel, has shown himself to me, as well, and what a hunk! He is bathed in golden light, has a bronzed, well-muscled body, and blonde hair to his shoulders. He has blue/green eyes. He wears a leather thong for a sweatband, and a little off-white skirt affair edged in gleaming gold. He has on brown leather sandals that criss-cross up his powerful calves, much like the representations of Greek gods. He exudes power, stamina, security, and over-whelming male attractiveness. As I write, I find it hard to breathe. This is Martha’s main guardian Angel. The other three are also tall, well-built and well-muscled male essences. Their skin is more olive, while their hair, also long, is dark-brown. Interestingly, I saw these Angels in my mind just in this way, so that as Martha was describing them, I was not surprised. Neither one of us could breathe when we saw Michael and felt his radiance. Who knew??)

So, Martha’s guardian Angels are in their usual formation around her, at their usual distance. Thus, she is aware of their presence, but feels no sense of danger. As she and JB move through the crowd, they feel no jostling, nor does anyone get in their way, despite the crowded condition of the street. Then, Martha becomes confused. Instead of heading for #209, somehow #609 becomes fixed in her mind. The accompanying overwhelming thought that presses on her is her feeling of being responsible for delivering JB safely to the restaurant in a timely manner. With these strong thoughts, she makes a bee-line for the incorrect address.

As she passes the correct address, Martha begins finding the going very difficult. She reports crowds pressing in on her; people in the way; being jostled and pushed and shoved. JB is so annoyed as to begin roundly cursing the crowd in Hungarian. With her peripheral senses, Martha feels her Angels moving in closer to her. Usually this is a sign for her that she needs now to pay attention and re-evaluate her position. Given her intense concentration in reaching her goal, though, Martha notices, but pays no heed.

Once in the 400 block (heading for the 600 block), Martha asks directions of a policeman who seems to be very dangerous from some other dimensional point of view, because suddenly her Angels move right in close. She says that were they any closer, the Angels would have been inside the two of them. Perhaps that is why she feels as if she were in a bubble, as if everything around her is surreal, because her Angels are so close that their frequency is interfering with her ability to correctly guage three dimensional space and time.

As Martha and JB move away from the policeman, her Angels move a little further away from them, a couple of steps ahead, giving them some room. She and JB reach the 600 block to find that no #609 exists; they find the quiet restaurant into which no sounds of the raucous outside noises penetrate. Her Angels move even further away, signaling safety. Martha ascertains the correct street address of her destination. She and JB leave the quiet restaurant to make their way back up the crowded street. Now, with the two of them headed in the correct direction, Martha’s Angels move into their usual position. She and JB find the going unbelievable easy. While before, heading in the wrong direction, everyone was in their way, now people move aside, turn aside, avoid pushing/shoving. The Angels are out, three steps away, clearing a path for our adventurers as they make their way to the correct destination, moving bodies out of the path with their highly vibrating frequency.

In our final installment of Martha’s guardian Angels, we shall examine in detail the inferences and implications for our budding awareness in this interesting story. We shall learn ways and means of identifying Heaven’s signs to us and how we can get out of our own way to use these signs for our benefit.

(Continued in “Martha’s guardian Angels, part 5”)