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Many of us have heard the old saying, “I’ll believe it when I see it”. Not many know that things are really the other way around: you’ll see it when you believe it. This happens because thoughts are things. That bears repeating in caps: THOUGHTS ARE THINGS. What you believe you manifest; what you cannot believe will not come into your life. So, you will see what you believe. This was brought home to me not long ago after a purchase I made had gone awry.

Having moved recently to a much smaller dwelling, I found there was not enough room for my books. The thought occurred to me that I could buy an ornamental bookcase or cabinet to store my books that could be decorative as well as functional. Amazingly, I found a beautiful antique cabinet that would fit the bill. After careful measuring, looking, thinking, planning, and visualizing, I took the plunge and bought it. It was delivered to my house along with the key, and I turned the key to open the door. The key did not work. It would not unlock the cabinet. There I was, with a beautiful antique wooden cabinet that had just become useless. I cannot even begin to describe my emotions.

Finally taking control, I called the antique store, whose personnel had not been very friendly or helpful up until now. Nevertheless, one of the co-owners agreed to come to my house to unlock the door. She came quickly, and I stayed out of her way, as she tried repeatedly without success to unlock the door. Still staying out of her way, I began washing the dishes, taking my attention away from that blasted locked door. As my mind wandered, I recalled in times past how I had pictured something occurring and then having that thing actually happen in real life very soon after I began picturing it. So, I started picturing the door being open and how happy both of us would be as we viewed the open door. Within five minutes, she had the door open, when for the past 1/2 hour she had had no success whatsoever. We jumped around, shouted, whooped, and congratulated each other. I thanked her profusely for her help and vowed never to lock that door again.

Since THOUGHTS ARE THINGS, why wouldn’t everyone begin picturing abundance and happiness? Why not indeed? Keep your sunny side up, see, feel, and breathe your aspirations, then expect them to happen. You won’t even be able to recognize your life.

While I like to have a theme in consecutive posts, a unique thought was dropped into my head while I was busy at work, which I would like to share with you, dear Readers. The thought was bundled in completeness, which I then had to pick apart in order to make sense of it. As I was bringing water to a patient who had had a hip replacement, the sudden knowing came to me that events occur in sudden shifts and jumps, rather than in orderly fashion. Rather like the quantum theory, for those of you schooled in chemistry: an electron is found in areas, but this electron does not make an orderly path which can be followed. Instead, it jumps from locale to locale without any evidence of how it made the trip. So, too, events and changes in our lives occur in sudden shifts and jumps, without an orderly path from the past through the present to the future.

As I marveled at and contemplated this piece of information imparted to me from Heaven, I waited for more to come. Sure enough, after I had digested this awesomely simply, yet profoundly moving thought, more came to me in pictures. While it is true that change happens in sudden shifts, these shifts are dependent on a persistence of effort that seemingly is without effect for long periods of time. Effort is maintained and after a critical point is reached, a shift occurs that profoundly changes one’s circumstances. Viewed from the outside, others would see this as instantaneous success in some area.

Picking these two ideas apart brought to mind the term “overnight success”, often applied to entertainers, singers, actors, and the like. Talking to those who have been called “overnight successes”, one learns that these people have put in many, many years of hard work, often in relative obscurity, until, one day, the shift occurs and they are noticed by the public, after which their lives are not the same. In other words, it takes ten years of persistence effort to become an overnight success.

Realizing the nuances of the two thoughts put into my head gave me to understand how important is the virtue of persistence in our lives, a virtue not highly regarded at present. Persistence is what keeps us doing the tasks and forming the attitudes from minute to minute that will result in the quantum shift. Persistence, then, is the life-blood of success in any endeavor. Keep doing what you’re doing, keep at it, keep on keeping on, even when things don’t seem to change. Keep at it and, at some point, suddenly everything shifts. How long this takes is unknown and seems to change from event to event. Some shifts happen more quickly; the larger the shift from a present position, usually the longer will be the dormant period. Even that is not set in stone, however, since belief and expectation will often expedite the process. The important point is to keep the faith and continue in your endeavors, no matter that you seem to be making no headway.

This may seem to be a rather dry posting, but I assure you, dear Readers, that it is of the utmost importance to you in your present circumstances. Perhaps some of you are stuck in what appears to be a rut. You have been working at change for so long, yet nothing seems to be different. Perhaps some of you think to give up in your endeavors because no reward seems to be forthcoming. Your Angels are assuring you that every moment spent in your new attitude, your new outlook, your new behavior is precious and will ultimately lead to that shift in your lives for which you have been waiting. Keep at it, keep the faith, and call on your guides and Angels when the going gets rough. After all, it was they who dropped these thoughts into my head, so I could share them with you, so you could continue with your excellent work. They also wish for you to know that information will also come to you if you stay open; and that this information does not always come only when you are meditating or somehow calm. For me, it came at the height of stress and in the most unusual circumstance, as I was handing water to a patient who was nattering on about some trivia. Stay open, stay focused, stay persistent, and you will reap untold rewards.


After having successfully caught and relocated two little grey mice in the past few years, I was feeling quite smug that my Angels had been so good as to help me catch them without the use of traps. I also thought that I had finally rid the house of them. Wrong. One evening I was typing at the computer when I heard the tell-tale rusting of little feetsies in the kitchen. It was either an extremely large roach or a mouse. I was hoping for the latter. Sneaking up on it, I saw that it was, indeed, a mouse and, of course, I was not swift enough to catch it. How can those little things move so quickly on their tiny little feet?

We played cat and mouse for several weeks until one Saturday not long ago. I was writing at the dining room table when I heard the rustle in the kitchen. Creeping stealthily, I grabbed a small plastic bowl and went for the mouse. This time I knew that the mouse was mine. There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that that mouse was headed for the woods ten miles away. I just needed to catch it. Very quickly, it showed itself and I swiftly plopped the plastic bowl over it. Luckily for the mouse, somehow the bowl had caught the edge of a small shelf, giving the mouse just enough room to escape from under the bowl. I was flabbergasted. As the mouse busied itself in running away from me, I looked at it seriously and told it, “You don’t understand. You’re MINE!” With that, I once again plopped the bowl down and this, time, definitely caught the little furry creature. From that moment, it was but five more before we were on our way to my favorite mouse relocation headquarters, a densely wooded area exactly ten miles from my house—far enough away that the mouse would not find its way back home, even without a blind-fold.

So what is significant about this event? It is that definite knowing that something was going to occur. In all of my dealings with this mouse, this was the first and only time that I knew this mouse would be gone from my house. That was why I was so surprised when I did not succeed in catching it the first time. That was why I actually had a conversation with the mouse, letting it know who was boss. That mouse actually looked at me when I was talking to it, giving me just enough time to plop the bowl over it. This knowing comes directly from the Angels and becomes more and more a part of your life as you become more tuned to the other world.

My Angels have given me important information in the form of an allegory, which needs to be shared with all of you who might be suffering in areas that don’t seem to change. Not to bore you with the details of my sometimes pathetic life, I will only say that it has two amazingly stuck places. Think miles of tangled string. Think boulders that won’t budge. Think frustration to the max. Since learning about Ho o’ponopono (see Links, Dr. Hew Len) last October (2010), I have faithfully been practicing this mantra to no apparent avail, thus far. Yet, the message from Heaven was clear: persist in this direction for positive resolution of those stuck places. How was the allegory presented? Read on, dear Readers. This might speak to you as well.

Last August, I purchased a pendulum-driven banjo clock that chimes on the half-hour and on the hour. It has two places to wind it, one for the clock and one for the chimes. The chimes winder is finicky and requires some care in order for it to work. Not long ago, I would the chimes up too tightly and it wouldn’t chime at all. Usually when this is the case, the clock must be taken to a repair shop because a spring wound too tight will not unwind by itself—it just stays wound. Not having a clock repair shop even remotely close by, I decided to apply to Angelic aid, instructing my Angels to fix the chimes. Surprisingly (?!), the chimes worked for a few hours, then again stopped. I had the impression that I should let the clock wind down over a week, then rewind only the clock portion, not even inserting the key into the chimes winder. This I did, and noticed that the chimes worked again for a short while. Emboldened, I gingerly tried the chimes winder and got it too tight again. Drats. You would think that I would learn. But noooooooo.

Again I instructed my Angels to fix the chimes. Again, the clock chimed for a few hours, after which it stopped chiming. Again, I let the clock run down all the way, then rewound it, this time not touching the chimes winder at all. The chimes did not work at all, no way, no how.

Even though it seemed that I was having no success with this clock at all, I nevertheless had a totally positive feeling that at some point in time, the chimes would again work. With this expectation (see also June 5, 2010 Seek with Expectation), I decided that this week I would again just wind up the clock, leave the chimes winder alone, and once again instruct my Angels to fix the chimes so that they will work. I did as I had planned. In the process of winding the clock, the chimes began to fitfully sound, bonging out 11 o’clock. I was in shock. These chimes hadn’t sounded in more than a week, and to my knowledge, they were still wound too tightly. They have been bonging for two days so far, unwinding themselves to the point where they will be fully operational very soon.

Living through this, I realized that my Angels were giving me information about those two huge stuck areas in my life. The message I got was that those places would slowly unravel and smooth out with patience, persistence, and the expectation of a positive outcome. Beyond having the expectation that they will be ironed out, I must also stop visiting them (i.e., stop fiddling with the chimes winder), stop looking and listening to see whether they are fixed yet, and occupy myself with seemingly unrelated matters (i.e., wind the clock only). These seemingly unrelated matters are somehow connected with the stuck places and will allow them to be resolved. The message is really clear that by following these instructions, my stuck places will be history—possibly in the near future. Now comes my challenge: practicing not visiting them, moving away from them toward seemingly unrelated matters—which, nevertheless, will bring about resolution of the stuck places. Sure, I’ll do it. I have nothing to lose except the tangled mess of these two areas. I’ll let you know how things work out.

Your Angels have had me on another assignment for some time, which explains my recent absence from these posts. They have given me leave, for the moment, to share with you another tidbit from their realm. This concerns the finding of lost articles. How many of us have lost keys, wallets, earrings, cell phones, glasses, and so on, then have spent valuable time searching for them, sometimes to no avail? Your Angels ask you, why do the hard work by yourselves? Why not ask for Heavenly aid, which is always at your fingertips, for the mere asking? They encourage you to seek their assistance, much as my Hungarian friend Béla did in the following three hand-picked-by-Angels examples. You may remember Béla from his earlier brush with Erzsébet:

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A few days ago, Béla called to chat. It seemed that his lawn sprinkler had stopped working. Feeling adventurous, he took the sprinkler apart, noted all the parts, then put it back together. When he tried it out, it didn’t work. Blessed with mechanical ability, Béla realized that an important gasket was missing, without which the sprinkler was dead in the water, so to speak. Fuming, he trooped out to the lawn to find it. He searched everywhere in the grass near to where the sprinkler had been, but found nothing. He searched the garage where he had disassembled and reassembled the sprinkler. Nothing. Becoming increasingly frustrated, he suddenly remembered Erzsébet. “Erzsébet, find that #&%@ gasket for me!” he said demurely. He felt a “zone” around him. He walked over to the reassembled but nonoperational sprinkler in a kind of trance. He picked it up. He turned it around. There, stuck to the side of the shaft was the missing gasket. Aghast, he chuckled aloud and thanked her for her assistance. Had he not found this gasket, it would have meant a trip to the hardware store and much time and energy in disassembly and again reassembly. Asking for help, he found that non-findable gasket within a few, extremely short minutes.

Flushed with success and basking in my encouragement, Béla related two instances in which his departed father, Béla, Sr., had directly helped him find important missing items. The first instance involved a key that was nowhere to be found. Béla, Sr. had been a carpenter and as such, had a completely stocked workshop. Being so stocked, articles were sometimes hard to find. Béla, Jr. needed a key that his father had kept down in the workshop, but where to look? There were benches, drawers, countertops, boxes, chests, barrels, toolboxes—the list of possibilities for the location of the key was endless. Somewhat exasperated, Béla said loudly, “Papa, where is the key??” Immediately, something turned him around 180 degrees so that he was now facing a small drawer in the shop. Again in a trance, he opened the drawer and there, inside, on the left was the key. Not given to rumination, Béla took the key and used it for its purpose.

Another time, Béla misplaced his glasses. He looked high. He looked low. He back-tracked. He searched. He hunted. Nothing. Exasperated, he hollered, “Papa, where are my glasses?!” Something turned him around and pushed him into the blue bedroom of his house and over to the middle bookshelf. There, on the shelf, were his glasses. Béla was in shock. As he told me the story, he said that he, himself, would never have thought to look there, since he had forgotten that he had been in the room earlier and had placed the glasses on the shelf.

Once again, these are seemingly extremely small examples of Angel power, yet how powerful they are. Items are lost. Items cannot be found. A cry for help is sent. Help is immediately given and the item is located. How cool is that? My own personal favorite request for aid is, “If it is findable, thank you for bringing it to me.” Never once has this failed me, if the item was findable. I used it to try to locate my lost cat, once, but she had been called to Heaven, so she was not findable on this earth. Consequently, my Angels could not bring her to me physically. But they allowed her to come to me and to purr in the middle of my chest while I was asleep. She purred so loudly and with such vigor that it felt almost like a million bumble-bees humming in my chest. The purr was so intense it was almost painful. In this way, though, my Angels both brought her to me and gave me reassurance that she was safe and happy. Happy? She was ecstatic and was overjoyed to share this with me.

Your Angels encourage you to talk to them, ask them, enlist them for aid. They understand that we all have come here with difficult assignments and even understand how trying our lives can be. They desire to be of assistance. Ask them for help. Request their aid. And listen to their soft, sweet murmurs of advice. They are on your side.