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Your Angels are vitally interested that you understand the extreme importance of the role of belief in your life. They have addressed this idea before in several posts:

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Yet, today, they again made it clear to me just how important that little idea of belief is, for that which you believe will become present for you in your physical world. That which you do not believe will not manifest itself in your immediate physical world, even though it is present in the larger physical world. As is their habit, your Angels have a story to illustrate their advice.

An acquaintance of mine, Zelda, has an issue with abundance. She is unable to manifest it. In particular, she is unable to manifest green energy, which we know by its other name, money. In addition, she is unable, at present, to see how her beliefs contribute to this seeming inability to manifest abundance. Several years ago, she called to lament her lack of funds. Her Angels presented her with several suggestions, all of which would result in an increase in her funds. One of these suggestions involved claiming a balance of nearly $3,000 held by a local bank, in her name, in a “lost accounts” fund. She seemed excited by this prospect. I heard little of any progress in this direction but was not surprised, since she has honed procrastination to a fine art.

In a recent conversation with Zelda, she again lamented her low bank account. Inquiring about the “lost funds” held by the bank, she became very defensive and told me that she could not get the funds. The defensive/aggressive tone of her voice tipped me off to a deeper issue. With gentle probing by her Angels, we uncovered her major obstacle. In her own words, “I don’t believe that I can get that money. It doesn’t seem real to me.”

Aha! Now we are at the crux of the matter: she doesn’t believe; and acquisition does not seem real to her. In other words, while intellectually she can hear the words that $3,000 is waiting for her at a bank, emotionally that money might as well be on the Moon or in a movie or in the next galaxy over. She is not able to feel that this money belongs to her and that it will be sitting in her very own savings account in her lifetime. That explains why she has not pursued it, why she was put off so easily by any attempts to pursue it, why she is not pursuing it at the present time, and why she has no plans to pursue it. To her belief system, that money does not exist, so why bother to pursue it? Thus, this money is present in the physical realm, but not present in her immediate physical world.

My fervent hope is that all of you, dear readers, are shaking your heads in wonder and nodding them at the same time. Shaking your heads at the futility of her belief system, yet nodding knowingly because you know that changing her belief will result in manifestation of this $3,000 in her bank account. Many people say, “I’ll believe it when I see it”. Dr. Dyer knows that You’ll See It When You Believe It (see Reading). So how can Zelda help herself? She can become aware of her belief system (see November 15, 2010, It’s all about Awareness). Once she has become aware of this belief, she can choose to think differently. Once she thinks differently, she can choose to believe that this money is real, that it is hers, and then take steps to claim it, thus bringing it into her immediate physical reality.

Your Angels know that belief systems are often ingrained, ruts worn deep by many years and decades of consistent wrong thinking. Becoming aware of those belief systems is a huge accomplishment in itself. Once an ingrained belief is identified, you might have to just sit with it for a while—sometimes years—looking at it, understanding it, making peace with it, before you can move on to replacing it. With Zelda, to her eternal credit, she was able today to hear herself admit that she does not believe the money to be real. Once she realizes this important belief, she can begin to process it and choose to believe differently. She may continue to choose to believe the money is not real, but somehow, once a belief is exposed, it doesn’t have the same power over us that it had before we were aware of it.

Your Angels hope that you will take this little story to heart, make it your own, and start to become aware of your own belief systems which get in your way. What belief is holding you back? Do you believe yourself to be unlovable? Do you believe that you must suffer? Do you believe that you must be poor? Do you believe that life is hopeless, so why try? Ferret out those harmful beliefs. Know that your life is only as rich as your belief system, then trust that your Angels will show you the way to an abundance of riches, however you define them.

In many previous posts, your Angels have been giving you reasons to trust them and their divine guidance. They know you best and they have your best interests in mind. You cannot know this, though, unless you begin to trust them in the daily affairs of your life. Involving them in this way can lead you to interesting experiences, as I discovered within the past 18 hours. It started in this way:

Having gone to bed at 2:30 am after a grueling day at work, I was in deep slumber when the phone rang at 3:00 am. It was my sister, commanding me to call one of our relatives in Hungary. She would not say why, just kept repeating, “Call Brian”. Grumbling, I groggily called Brian in Hungary (it was morning there). Cheerily he informed me that he wanted us to join him and his father for four days at Thanksgiving in New Orleans. He would pay our way entirely: airfare, lodging, car, meals. I looked at the phone in a stupor, with a sinking heart, realizing that I was scheduled to work for the three days after Thanksgiving and good luck trying to find someone to cover for those days. Negative thinking to the max. I said as much to Brian, apologetically, but with regret, thinking that this would never work. Something else took over my brain, though, something light and positive. It said, “I’m a little sleepy, Brian, so let me get back to you in the morning after I’ve had a chance to talk to my sister and look at my schedule.” Brian was not put off by this, just kept tempting me with how much fun we would have, that we would stay in the French Quarter, and so on. In other words, preaching to the converted. I hung up the phone and went back to bed, with visions of mufalatas, beignets, and chicory coffee dancing in my head.

After a fevered night’s sleep, with all of this temptation before me and seemingly no way to indulge it, I awoke and consulted with my sister. She had the feeling that things would go well and that my Angels would find coverage for me for those three days. After a few bad moments, I told my Angels that whatever they decided was all right with me, that my will was theirs and to make my will theirs. With that, I put the matter out of my mind and went to work.

There, the matter had so slipped my mind that it was off the radar. Somehow my mind returned to the subject, anyway. I offered extra work to many people, without success. On a whim, I called my sister to say that I would be available to go to New Orleans after all, if she would so inform Brian. She laughed; she shrieked; we celebrated on the phone, anticipating the fun we would have in New Orleans on an all-expenses paid trip. We both felt as if we were princesses in wonderland, with such good fortune before us. Keep in mind, though, that I still hadn’t found coverage for those three naughty little days after Thanksgiving. But, I was acting as if this mini-vacation would actually occur. Then, suddenly, one of the per diem nurses appeared before me. I offered her those days and she accepted! In a heartbeat, my desire to participate in this adventure was realized, going from earlier despair to ecstasy that someone would actually work for me. All because I trusted those crafty Angels. Now, I just have to decide what to pack…..

Let us examine this little story for all of those vital elements which made for success:

The offer came quickly and suddenly, out of the blue—this is a hallmark of the movement of the Holy Spirit. An opportunity will appear before you quickly, an offer you can accept because you are ready for success at every moment, because you are accustomed to trusting your Angels.

You recognize the opportunity because you have experience trusting your Angels and they have given you solid advice in the past.

You act as if the opportunity is truly yours, trusting that your Angels will work out the details. It was a real act of faith for me to instruct my sister to contact Brian with a “yea” when I had not yet found coverage. I decided, though, to trust my Angels. I acted as if I had those days off and, within the space of a few minutes, did, indeed, have those days off.

You move through the fear and doubt; you act in spite of it. Yes, I was the teensiest bit nervous that no one would work for me, but I acted in spite of that fear and my faith was rewarded.

Of course, this is the advanced trust in Angels. I have spent much time listening to them in the small things that seemed to make no sense: take your umbrella, even though it looks like no rain is coming your way; buy the green peppers, even though you think you don’t need them; turn down a different road than you normally go; drive to Wal-Mart even if you can’t come up with a reason; call your friend when you get the push to contact her, and so on. These little acts of trust on your part will put you in a position to be ready for instantaneous success when something really big comes along, such as an all-expense paid trip to New Orleans for a long weekend, or that dreamboat that you’ve been drooling over, or that new red Porsche with the turbo drive. Keep at it, my dear and faithful readers. Keep listening to your Angels, follow their advice, especially in the small things, so that you, too, will reap their rewards, those rewards that they have specifically selected for you.

Peeps, I am in awe and I must share. As these posts attest, your Angels come through me with information for you, while my Angels poke me with challenges. Many of my challenges concern people and events at my place of employment. Not long ago (September 3, 2010 Moving Through the Fear), we were notified by management that our hospital floor would close, resulting in the loss of 45 jobs. While still numb from shock, my Angels counseled me to “just sit tight”. I actually saw these words drift in from the northwest corner of my brain and actually heard the words whispered in my head as they drifted in. Then, the words vanished, leaving me with a sense of peace and contentment which was totally at odds with the events crashing all around me.

In this bubble of peace and contentment, I blithely skated through each day at work, while all around me my co-workers agonized, worried, fretted, and speculated. When they asked me of my plans, I told them that I was not worried and related to them my very specific Angel message. I encouraged them, too, to listen to their Angels, but they just looked at me like I had lobsters crawling out of my ears and returned to fretting and rumor-mongering. It must have been very annoying for them to see me being so calm, but I could not help it. I absolutely knew that all would be well. The message “just sit tight” not only conveyed a sense of security for the present, but a sense of security for the future. The message contained, as well, the directive to keep my options open, keep my mind open, to be ready for future updates and to roll with these updates. In other words, no planning whatsoever: just stay cool and trust in what will come. This attitude of passive receptiveness, as I call it, is a necessary learned state of mind in dealing with Angelic messages, since it allows for the maximum number of probabilities to unfold from the immediate “now”. Planning, worrying, fretting, and the like hurts you in two ways: 1) by limiting the number of probabilities that you will recognize before you; and 2) by actually collapsing potential important probabilities, thereby limiting your optimal response, perhaps even inhibiting it (September 2, 2010 Collapsing Probabilities).

Having learned by very hard experience the value of listening to my Angels and listening to them with this open-minded, non-critical, non-judgmental receptiveness, I rolled with each day as it came. When the date for closing the unit was changed, it came as no surprise, I just rolled with it, as directed. My poor co-workers wore themselves into a frazzle with worry. As each administrative deadline passed with no movement toward finding us alternative employment within the hospital, as promised, my co-workers became increasingly agitated. Morale was low, although patient care continued to be excellent. With everybody around me stressed to within an inch of their lives, I felt like Alfred E. Neuman of Mad Magazine, who grins his little gap-toothed grin and says, “what? me, worry?” As directed, I “just sat tight”, knowing that action would occur when the time was right.

Soon, but later than was comfortable for my co-workers, action did occur, and, true to their word, my Angels found me the perfect job. Today, as the unit officially closes, I am gone from this job and start my new job on a new floor on Monday. My Angels’ directive to “just sit tight” was right on the mark. By following it, I saved myself an ulcer and bags under my eyes from worry and lack of sleep.

Another area in which my Angels were correct was in a prophetic dream that I had over a year ago. In this dream, one of my co-workers appeared to me to tell me that he would be leaving. This dream was one of those “snap your fingers it’s there; snap them again and it’s gone”. From this, I knew that the dream was prophetic, even when the reason for it was unclear. Upon awakening, I had the distinct impression that “leaving” meant he would be leaving the hospital system for parts unknown. I debated telling him about this dream, not wanting to prejudice his choices, but then told him anyway, since he was the subject. Interestingly, he thought “leaving” meant leaving his wife, but it still felt as if he would be leaving his job. With prophetic dreams, though, I never know exactly when they will come true, so I just watched and waited. Then yesterday, nearly a year to the day I had this dream, this co-workers let it be known that with the closing of the unit, he would be leaving the hospital system and would seek employment elsewhere.

So, my Angels were correct about this dream, as well, although, as I have said, I am at a loss to understand why I would have dreamed so vividly about this co-worker and why I needed to know this information about him nearly a year in advance. Perhaps it was so that I could share it with you, dear readers, and keep you appraised of the gifts that come with opening up to your intuition. Keep at it. Listen to guidance. Follow it. The rewards will take your breath away.

Your Guides and Angels sincerely desire for you to have the very best in life, and to accomplish that, they are always ready and available with aid to help you on your journey. Although they are vitally interested in you and in your journey, they do not force themselves on you, only make themselves available. Thus, your free will to ignore them and their divinely inspired aid is kept intact.

Aware as your Angles are of your free will, they still encourage you to listen to guidance. So why listen? What’s in it for you, anyway (see also May 10, 2010 Rewards of Listening to Guidance)? On one level, you can know that you are following the best advice possible, tailored specifically for you by your very own Guides and Angels, who can see a much bigger picture that you could possibly see. Because this advice is so specific for you, in the long run you will always see how things worked out for the best for you, even if it seems like a disaster at the time. If that reasoning seems dry, then try this: listening to guidance is fun! Yes, you read correctly: it’s fun! Here’s how the fun works: you hear a voice; get a strong feeling; feel an urge; see a sign; get a physical push. You take heed; you pay attention. You follow the directions and do, think, act in accordance with these directions. Something terrific happens and you stand in awe of both the process and the result. The feeling that comes over you—truly shock and awe—is indescribable. You feel like you can fly. Once you get into the habit of this, following guidance becomes a game, a fun, thrilling exciting game, rather than a contest of wills. If you will indulge me a moment, I would like to share with you my own latest thrill and awe in connection with Angelic guidance.

Some time ago, I was in dark despair over the future of these little posts. I wrote on September 20, 1020 (Little Drops of Water) that my work seemed to be done in a vacuum with no purpose in the living, breathing world. As I thought these dark thoughts, drifting in from the northwest corner of my brain comes the clear transmission to just keep at it, just keep plugging away because the Angelic messages are really important, to pay no attention to my seeming lack of readership because the world will catch up with me one day and find these messages to be timely. That mollified me somewhat and I followed their advice, kept on writing, with the knowledge that someone, somewhere, sometime would benefit from these Angelic messages. Now I find that, to date, no fewer than 453 people in 17 countries around the world have tuned in to this humble website, to read these important Angelic messages. I was in total awe at how correct my Angels were in their advice to me. After this, how can I ignore my Angels when they are so correct?

The hard part for us is to believe these communications from our Angels when all around us things look contrary to what they might be telling us. It is at these times that your previous experience with their counsel and your hard-won faith in their advice will pull you through. Your fear lessens; your confidence in them and in yourself increases; you become unflappable in straitened circumstances because you know your Angels are helping you get through the rough times. Just keep at it, one small step at a time. Then you’ll be ready for the great, big goodies your Angels have to offer you.

Your Angels have addressed ways and means of opening and keeping open the channel of communication from your end (May 7, 2010, Recipe for Happiness; June 21, 2010, Reclaiming Your Intuition, Part 1; June 24, 2010, Reclaiming Your Intuition, Part 2). In today’s post, they address one mental habit, negative self-talk, that actually interferes with communication.

Negative self-talk is one of the most destructive states of mind in terms of hindering Angelic communication. Negative self-talk is usually the voice in our head of a critical parent or some other authority figure. It tells us that we are no good; that we won’t amount to anything, that we’re so fat, stupid, and ugly that we might as well give up on ourselves right now; it laughs at us for trying to improve ourselves; it sneers at us for daring to dream—a real Debbie Downer. While your thoughts are pre-occupied with this voice and with the subsequent depression that inevitably follows, it is nearly impossible for Angelic transmission to cut through the sludge. Only intense grief and overwhelming fear can compete with negative self-talk in blocking guidance (see Reading, M. Newton, Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls).

Yes, the bad news is that negative self-talk cuts off Angelic transmission right at the knees. The good news is that, as negative self-talk is learned behavior, negative self-talk can be unlearned. How does one unlearn negative self-talk?

First of all, become aware that you are indulging in negative self-talk. Awareness will not come all at once, and awareness can wax and wane as we alternately detach from our negative self-talk and then become reconnected with the drama of it all. Practice watching your thoughts, like an outside observer. Set the intention for yourself that you have the ability to be apart from your thoughts. This intention calls forth your guides and Angels to assist you in staying apart from your unwanted thoughts. At periods throughout the day, monitor your thoughts. Notice what you tell yourself and at what time of the day. For instance, several years ago, I noticed that I was always depressed in the morning after a shower. Careful examination of my thoughts revealed that while in the shower, I blamed myself for my parents’ unhappy marriage—that somehow I was the cause of it all and were I not here, they would have had a happy marriage. Ridiculous thoughts, yes, but so powerful in their ability to get in your way.

Once you have become aware of your negative thoughts and negative self-talk, you have choices. You can watch this drama and think to yourself, “that’s ridiculous! Of course I’m not fat, stupid, and ugly”, then turn away mentally from those thoughts. You can replace them with something else, perhaps an affirmation of your worth and lovability. You can say “Stop!” and turn from them to the task at hand. For me, once I noticed the kind of thoughts I had when I stepped into the shower, I deliberately replaced them to good effect.

Very importantly, to stop negative self-talk effectively, be very gentle with yourself. After all, your critical voice will be more than happy to tell you why you won’t succeed, so you don’t want to imitate that noisy know-it-all. Work with small steps (see Reading, R. Maurer, One Small Step Can Change Your Life). Just becoming aware of your thoughts may take a long time and lots of practice. Stay with it. You’re essentially learning a new way of looking at the world and that takes time. You have time and you have resources. Once you are aware, it will take time to do something about those old thoughts. Stay with it. It’s all new and strange and you have to get used to things. Above all, don’t beat yourself up. Negative self-talk is just a bad habit and that habit will be changed over time with gently, consistent effort. Your reward will be freedom from annoying negativity and an opening of communication channels so that your Angelic guidance can come through.