1. How do you do what you do?

I listen to the silence. In that silence will come words, pictures, impressions, feelings, a sense of pressure or urgency, a push to contact someone. We all have this gift and can develop it through daily meditation or other daily spiritual practice.

2. How can I be sure of the information source? Maybe it’s the devil talking.

If you think it’s the devil talking, you need a different website. Your own intuition will let you know whether or not the source of information is helpful and genuine or whether it is ego-driven. As you listen to the information given to you, inspect it and see/feel/hear the truth in it. You are always free to disregard any information given you. Your Angels would like you to remember, however, that it was they who led you to this website and it is they who deem this information very important to your well-being, so they encourage you to trust them.

3. How can I trust this information?

All of us have intuition. We might have let our intuition lapse, but all of us are much more aware of our bodies and our circumstances than we may consciously admit. Many times I have given people information only to have them say, “I knew that.” You will know that the information given you is correct because you will agree with it. You will suddenly be aware that you knew this all along and somebody is only confirming what you have already known.

4. What is medical intuition?

This phrase was coined by the great medical intuitive herself, Carolyn Myss. It refers to the ability to use intuition to ascertain conditions of the body which can contribute to ill health. Many medical intuitives are not formally trained in medicine or psychology, yet are able to tell, for instance, that Aunt Tilly has gallstones (which would then be confirmed by a doctor’s visit). Another well-respected medical intuitive in his day was Edgar Cayce, who also identified ill health and gave suggestions to achieve wellness.

5. Should I keep taking my medicine?

Medical intuitives are not trained in medicine. As with other alternative forms of healing, e.g. acupuncture, naturopathy, chiropractic, you are encouraged to involve your medical doctor in all treatments.