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While I like to have a theme in consecutive posts, a unique thought was dropped into my head while I was busy at work, which I would like to share with you, dear Readers. The thought was bundled in completeness, which I then had to pick apart in order to make sense of it. As I was bringing water to a patient who had had a hip replacement, the sudden knowing came to me that events occur in sudden shifts and jumps, rather than in orderly fashion. Rather like the quantum theory, for those of you schooled in chemistry: an electron is found in areas, but this electron does not make an orderly path which can be followed. Instead, it jumps from locale to locale without any evidence of how it made the trip. So, too, events and changes in our lives occur in sudden shifts and jumps, without an orderly path from the past through the present to the future.

As I marveled at and contemplated this piece of information imparted to me from Heaven, I waited for more to come. Sure enough, after I had digested this awesomely simply, yet profoundly moving thought, more came to me in pictures. While it is true that change happens in sudden shifts, these shifts are dependent on a persistence of effort that seemingly is without effect for long periods of time. Effort is maintained and after a critical point is reached, a shift occurs that profoundly changes one’s circumstances. Viewed from the outside, others would see this as instantaneous success in some area.

Picking these two ideas apart brought to mind the term “overnight success”, often applied to entertainers, singers, actors, and the like. Talking to those who have been called “overnight successes”, one learns that these people have put in many, many years of hard work, often in relative obscurity, until, one day, the shift occurs and they are noticed by the public, after which their lives are not the same. In other words, it takes ten years of persistence effort to become an overnight success.

Realizing the nuances of the two thoughts put into my head gave me to understand how important is the virtue of persistence in our lives, a virtue not highly regarded at present. Persistence is what keeps us doing the tasks and forming the attitudes from minute to minute that will result in the quantum shift. Persistence, then, is the life-blood of success in any endeavor. Keep doing what you’re doing, keep at it, keep on keeping on, even when things don’t seem to change. Keep at it and, at some point, suddenly everything shifts. How long this takes is unknown and seems to change from event to event. Some shifts happen more quickly; the larger the shift from a present position, usually the longer will be the dormant period. Even that is not set in stone, however, since belief and expectation will often expedite the process. The important point is to keep the faith and continue in your endeavors, no matter that you seem to be making no headway.

This may seem to be a rather dry posting, but I assure you, dear Readers, that it is of the utmost importance to you in your present circumstances. Perhaps some of you are stuck in what appears to be a rut. You have been working at change for so long, yet nothing seems to be different. Perhaps some of you think to give up in your endeavors because no reward seems to be forthcoming. Your Angels are assuring you that every moment spent in your new attitude, your new outlook, your new behavior is precious and will ultimately lead to that shift in your lives for which you have been waiting. Keep at it, keep the faith, and call on your guides and Angels when the going gets rough. After all, it was they who dropped these thoughts into my head, so I could share them with you, so you could continue with your excellent work. They also wish for you to know that information will also come to you if you stay open; and that this information does not always come only when you are meditating or somehow calm. For me, it came at the height of stress and in the most unusual circumstance, as I was handing water to a patient who was nattering on about some trivia. Stay open, stay focused, stay persistent, and you will reap untold rewards.